Saturday, December 25, 2004

Spiderman Sucks

Tempered Mental - honestly
Project AK - prtotyp funk
Project AK - bring it back 2 back

I just finished the The Incredibles DVD I just bought. It was fucking ill!

The characters remind me of R2D2 and C3P0, why? Because R2D2 is a fucking sliding cylinder while C3P0 can't move a shit on his face, yet, you won't realize all that, because they have more character than human actors in most movies. Just like the Incredibles were just fucking colours moving.

This movie to me, is perfect, some people said it was boring, what the fuck? I don't get that, one of my friends said it was TWO THUMBS UP, he was right 100%. I was totally in awe because the only time I've watched good movies like this recently were like, throwback titles. This is a masterpiece, earlier viewing got me totally impressed with the animation, yes, they're not actually realistic, everything was clearly cartoonish yet I won't have it any other way, everything seemed so smooth and beautiful.

Having said that, you don't expect good storylines, good characters, etc etc to follow, since we've been fed with too many bullshit like the new Star Wars trilogy (And countless other craps), well, you'll be dissapointed, everything was so good. Brad Bird has worked with Disney (Who he ran away from cause they started to suck milk or in his words "Were like master chefs cooking hot dogs") and The Simpsons, so obviously he had the capabilities to get everything spot on, especially the family theme. I liked the laidback drama atmosphere throughout the build-up to the actions, I liked the dialogues, they were witty and entertaining. And uh, I'm not a fan of action but well, only mindless action, this movie is filled with brilliantly setup action, each with its cause, each with a sense of desperation since you really felt for the characters.

Well, a great movie, really. Hmm, I know I'm late, but I'm always late, plus, I don't go to the cinemas much so I just wait for the crystal clear DVD from your friendly neighbourhood piratemen. Oh btw, I think this is the best comic revival movie I've seen so far.

Okay, next I'm desperate for some Chow Sing Chee, Kung Fu Hustle comin' up.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Friendster Update

Popular searches in my network :

  1. aku membuka colinya

  2. wholesale hip hop clothing

  3. celah peha

  4. main ngan kakak

  5. coliku

  6. clubbing clothes

  7. new hair styles

  8. sorong tarik

  9. Siti Nurhaliza ramli MS


Yeah I know, I have many perverts in my friendster network. But, for the love of windows98, fuck is up with "clubbing clothes"?! Who the fuck searches the internet for what to wear to go clubbing? Isn't it just too simple, just wear something very small and dark (For the ladies cause if someone who searched for this is male, he doesn't deserve to live). Not that I go clubbing, but oh well, I like to pass by the spots to cleanse my eyes, usually I don't notice the clothes cause I'm focusing on the more delightful parts, but if I do it's usually something dark and hardly visible.

But still, the idea of someone logging on to the internet and seaching for "clubbing clothes", it's just too ridicilous, too fucking funny. Wakhrahkgakhghka. What a dumbass. Hahaha, and for the icing on the cake, the idiot probably couldn't find something satisfactory so he thought searching for "CLUBBING CLOTHES" (All caps) would return better results. Warkhakhgkahgkahgkahgkahkgahkghka. What a dumbfucking dumbass.

Oh and don't get me started on the "wholesale hip hop clothing". What a fucking disaster. Search for BE ELEMENTZ and you will find all the clothing that you need to be that fucking clown in the Royal London Circus. It's bad enough they try to enforce themselves as one of the elements of hip hop, then they had to do the inevitable, design ugly clothes, no it's really ugly, frankly, there are a lot of street/hip hop wear that look stupid, but this is the pinnacle, one of the great mysteries of the universe, how could you do shit like that and get away with it? Seriousfuckingly, I don't fucking get it. You can be the most commercial, cliche, pop, capitalist or whateverthefuck you wanna be, it won't piss people like me off as much if you just fucking do it well. If they're gonna sell all this shit off outside of Malaysia, I hope they use the name of a fictional country, cause I can't bear that shit being from Malaysia. Oh well, it's all in the name of "hip hop".

Joe's Girls

Musiq Soulchild - aimewitue
Neri Per Casso - le ragazze

Props due to Joe Flizzow for organizing the bukit kiara concert. Not that I went. But because of that lots of fino girls were at hartamas, since it's nearby, and after the concert for sure that's where they'll linger. What's an ugly nerd to do but stare and admire. Props.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Naruto's OC

^ Arghhhhh *slurp*slurp*

Just finished watching the OC season 2 episode 5. It's kinda like a teaser, trying to take away the two main cast from the two new okay babes, I mean no way man, Ryan has just escaped from the pretentious slut that is Marissa and you expect him to go back to her over a not bad nerdy girl. I don't like Marissa, I don't understand her significance, all she does is do those pity-me faces, she looks fucking strange, and she's a slut, for the whole fucking first season all she does is fucking flirt, not that I'm against people flirting but when you have no sense of fucking judgement, it's fucking annoying. Fuck her.

But her mom, Julie, is the fucking muthafucking mamacita, she's fucking hot, so is the Cohen mom and her sister, fucking [ fino ], lots of MILFs in here. Actually the adult casts are the better ones in this allthough it's not focused on them. Peter Galagher is a very good actor, he's the best character in here, as the Cohen dad, he's funny as fuck. Ryan has slowly transformed into a nerd in this new season, that's pretty good, he looks more comfortable in this position since I'm sure he's a nerd in real life. And now he looks less like Eminem in 8 mile, more facial expressions.

I can't really stand Cowen, he's just a second choice funny guy, he gets overshadowed by his dad, but oh well, that's why that's his dad, he hasn't graduated to grandmaster smooth yet, plus he's a fucking geek who talks too much, but he's okay, I guess, he gets the girl who looks kinda nice but had a fucking freak haircut, now she's suddenly changed and looks much nicer, man, dykes have ugly haircuts. His last GF, she looks nicer and nicer everytime I look at her. Oh well. Fuck it, the mamas are still first class. Julie. Droooooool.

Then there are the new guys, the fucking gardener who's too unlucky to fall in love with Marissa. And then there's some guy who looks and talks like Ben Aflleck, that's okay, cause I don't hate Ben, the only movies I only remember he was in were the good ones like Dogma, or Chasing Amy or Good Will Hunting, good for him, I don't watch his "safe" movies.

In Naruto there's a lot of characters so most of the time the story does stray away from Naruto, I mean how long can you stand the annoying and extremely loud Naruto, hahaha, I liked Naruto's stories, they're pretty sad, but you know, gotta take a break for a while. However, Sasuke and Sakura are two very boring fucks, I'm just not feeling the both of 'em.

I wrote that ^ without warning didn't I?! Whatever, let's get on.

It's only appropriate that I'm digging the two characters that I can relate to most, the lazy fuck and the fat ass. Shikamaru has had his moment and it was really nice, how he revealed his true potential and eventually be the only one to be promoted to Chuunin status, he's the leader of the pack, and he's a fucking good one, they wouldn't be nowhere without him.

Now it's time for his best friend Chouji, it's fucking sad man, no he's shown his true potential, he's strong as fuck. Yeah, I know pills and all, but it was only for the chakra, the techniques were pretty cowabunga. Been a while since the series got me into it, thanks to the over focusing on sasuke-sakura and those dull-ass filler episodes where even Naruto lost his soul. Can't wait for the next fucking episode, and I hope it's not a sad one.

Oh well I take T.V series too seriously, and I don't even watch them on T.V, it's just too fucking funny.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


KASI LAYAN - Cunninlynguist feat. Tonedeff - love ain't

JIN sucks.

BTW, now why is it that phone calls always arrive on my celly only whenever I take a shit, seriously, or is it me at fault? Did my shit-times coincide with the Local Generic Time (LGT) for making calls? Urkhhhh. But I do have to admit I take long shits, sometimes taking a shit can get very inspirational, I get some of my best lyrics when I'm taking a shit, seriously.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Con Neck Air

Okay, kalau air cond baru lepas servis, pastuh kau baru balik daripada sesuatu yang memenatkan, jangan sesekali bukak air cond pastuh baring baring atas katil tanpa berbaju sebab kau akan secara tak sengaja tertidur pastuh bangun macam ada orang tuang ais cube selori atas badan kau. Urgkhhhhhh. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Worst Come To Worst My Peoples Come First


TI - bring 'em out
Dilated Peoples - worst comes to worst
Dilated Peoples - right and exact (I fucking love this beat, Alchemist Rules!)
Dead Prez - it's bigger than hip hop

Oh and ^ is the theme from Dave Chapelle show. Can't believe someone hosting a popular mainstream show would use Dead Prez' beat as the theme, hahaha, especially when Dead Prez is banned from performing in NY for burning an american flag once (If I'm not mistaken).

I love that show BTW, other than being so fucking funny (As opposed to the dumbass Tom Green and Will Ferrel SNL), Dave is also a true and true New Yorker with mad love for Hip Hop, you can see he's tight with people like Mos Def and The Wu Tang, he gets them in sketches, plus he chooses his weekly guess musical artist very carefully, he's not too bent on milking the commercial bullshit, it's as if he just wants the music he loves on his show (Most cases if not all).

Ohoo. Saw this rapper TI's video on MTV, not bad eh, best dirty south emcee I've heard since Ludacris. Most dirty south emcees are crap (Nelly, Chingy, J-kwon (is he? well if he isn't south then he's crap anyway)). Hahaha. So it's nice to hear some who bring justice to the hype crunk shit dirty south producers like to blast out. And it's nice to see emcees like Ludacris and T.I focus more on their flow then trying to overemphasize their fucking accent thurrrrrr. Accent is the way they talk not catch phrases used to make you sound like an idiot.

Anyway, I've officially abandoned the fucking GTA because of that mutha of all dumbshit idea pilot license bullshit, anyone know a cheat hit me up, it's stupid to me because I can't do that shit, you know, I can stand racing missions, I can stand doing it over and over again to a certain extent, but flying a fucking airplane? What for? Humans haven't learned to fly so I have nobody to run over, fucks. Talk about racing, I'm playin' NFS Underground 2 and stuck with it right now, that's a surprise, I've never really got into racing games, well except when I was 6-7 when I played this old Test Drive game, but that was understandable since that was the only decent game I had on the old fucking school pc which used the big B drive as its fucking OS. Oh yes, I've never really focused on a racing game cause I hate racing, I hate it hate it hate it, I hate pressure, but maybe the airplane bullshit on GTA made me realize that it's not bad after all, plus GTA forces you to drive a lot so I've got the hang of it. I think the Nissan SX2 (Whatever it's name is) is a very good car in the game, I could use for the whole game if I wanted too despite all the new cars (This is one you get among the first batch), then I stumbled upon Audi TT which slightly better anyway, oh well, until I get the big ones. But people say those two cars are good enough for the whole game. I'm playing on medium though, most people start with easy, finish the whole game, then try hard. Well, whatever.

I watched The Terminal. It's very good, ignore the loopholes in the plot. It's sad and funny. Tom Hanks is very good, well we all know that, but yes, he is. He can carry a whole movie with his character, he had to play someone from an unknown country, couldn't speak english well, likes to mumble in bulgarian language, and to think some actors only have to play idiots who ride harleys and date bimbos. You know I have a lot to write, but I've usually either written it on my mind or talked about it to somebody else, the sort of stuff you just have to release, and by the time I get here, I either don't bother writing about it anymore, or completely forgot. No that's not an excuse, I mean it's not JUST an excuse, it's a very good one. Have a nice day. Peace.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Tribute to Man Utd's new Signings

KASI LAYAN :- Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes - i miss you (Dedicated to Cantona).

It's been a rocky season but the recent revival has been a relief, whatever it is at least Sir AF has been totally on point with the signings this time around. Well it's december, and there might be more signings during the January transfer window (Unlikely though), here are this season's signings so far, and why they're good.

Alan Smith (AM/FW RC) (My most recent fav Man Utd player)

I enjoyed watching him play with Leeds, if I had to choose a fav player at Leeds it would be him, now he's here, I'm just too fucking happy, I know a lot of Man Utd fans have been skeptical, but it took only one match for the turnover. Now everyone loves him, he's a cult figure. He doesn't have the best technical abilities or the most beautiful skills, but he's a warrior, he gives 110% every match (This is a very common phrase to describe him). Plus he's a fucking thug, I-don't-give-a-fuck-who-you-are, you know what, even if it was Schmeichel fucking him up he ain't gonna be pulling punches. He's a fucking warrior.

Gabriel Heinze (D L/C)

Another warrior-type figure. Another player, who came in with skeptics all over him. It's all because of his devotion to his country, he came here late, but kept same devotion, that DL position is officially his from his first match, didn't take long just like Smith. He's a very strong player, always wins headers and a natural defender, he guards the half with impulse at times.

Wayne Rooney (AM/FW RLC)

No skeptics for this one, we all know what he's capable off, I must say he's quite a bargain, he's only 19, and after Euro, his club was really playing up his price. He brings a new dimension to the attack, he's like the continuity to Ronaldo, adding to the squad flair and skills, he's a also an excellent finisher, just look at his goals, cool as fuck, has been unlucky not to score more, always tries his best. Needs to learn from Smith on how to be a smooth thug.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New Jock Swang

Portishead - strangers
Ralph Tresvant - sensitivity
Green Jelly - three little pigs

Oh I've been downloadin' some 90's memory lane shit. Anyone remember GREEN JELLY? Yes that mysterious band, you never knew who they were, they don't come out the radio that much, but nearly all of your friends have their album. I still don't know who these fucks were. Their music were mostly fun lyrics sung in the most parodying metal ways, but they were pretty good.

Urgkh, and uh, never thought I'd see the day rappers rhyme using the word "HAAA", what the fuck is that, too desperate to rhyme, must-rhyme must-rhyme must rap, if not how can we ride the fucking hip hop bandwagon to sound cool and fucking get this on the radio. Fucking assholes. Ruffedge is a bad excuse for NEW JACK SWING disguised as HIP HOP. I have no problem with new jack swing, you know what to expect with that, I can excuse the fucked up rapping cause it's new jack swing, and rnb fuck can't rap in the first place anyway, it's just to be there, but then you when you try to ride the HIP HOP bandwagon, I don't give a fuck, I'll expect either tight ass boom-bap beats or lyricism, instead I get crap like ruffedge, the kind of crap I'll never let out of the country, if some foreigner from NY who breathes and bleeds hip hop ever listen to it I'll say it's the latest bullshit from some other country just to save Malaysia's ass.

I'm just pissed off some muthafuckin' drivers don't know how to fucking use the fucking signal. Then that faggoty dj on xfresh starts talking, fuck, whoever invented the CD PLAYER, KU-muthafucking-DOS. Respect! Peace.

Monday, November 29, 2004


I always listen to Xfresh. Sure they play bullshit most of the time. There's so many good local music, yet they prefer to fill in a lot of gaps with shit like Ruffedge. Urgkh. And what's with that Misha Omar song, that's classic, one of the most annoying songs ever, and it's not because of Misha, she's fineeeee mafaka, it's because of that walkie-talkie dude going "aight" "whatever" "okay" "bla bla bla" at the background, he's fucking whack, what is this? Another attempt to fucking milk the hip hop breast?! Yes, very typical, put 8 bars of mindless rap, and your song is finally "hip" or "in".

And what's with all the bullshit just-there-to-be-there malay rap bullshit, it's just another revival of an old era, looks like the commercial scene in Malaysia hasn't progressed since what?! Fucking 1992?!

I hope AhliFiqir gets their play and fucking make everyone realize how we've been fed with too many bullshit. Remember how Indon bands did that to us, yet we still haven't learned enough.

Okay back to xfresh fm. WHY THE FUCK, does the male deejays have to sound like faggots? No, I'm serious, they sound like faggots, or at least they try to be. Last time I checked, a DJ is not a CHEF or a fucking HAIRDRESSER, what's with the fucking faggot ways?! Is it because you're conversing in BM?! I don't fucking think so, mat rempits talk in BM, what's the fucking problem? Can't these DEEJAYS just fucking sound fucking NORMAL?! It's pissing me off. What's with the fucking gay gestures and all that. Urgkh, or is it that Djs nowadays HAVE to sound like faggots to get the job?! If y'all don't believe me, tune in to, hear it for yourselves.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

San Andrea Corr

Yeah I just got GTA : San Andreas a few weeks ago. It's fucking good muthafuckah, of course I'll have to get used to the so-not-in-control ps2 gamepad, but oh well, at least you pc fucks have to wait till spring 2005. Yes, sleepless nights of course, during the fasting month, I just stayed up playing it until sahur, after that will play for a little bit more then off to sleep. Of course now I've slowed down, maybe because of the FUCKING STUPID AIRPLANE BULLSHIT. I hate any mission involving stupid airplanes, especially toy ones, who the fuck finishes those sort of missions anyway, assholes I would've guessed, it pissed me off down to my fucking bacterias, fucking airplanes. How the fuck does one control one, fuck it. Okay, I'll be back with reviews of old new shit I've been watching.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Just In Case We Fuck It Up And I Don't Write No More

Wahoo. Tonight is a derby match Man Utd and Man City. I must say that one of the reasons I don't blog is because of defeat. Hahaha. Yes it's true, whenever shit happenes to my team, I won't visit and till the next match, it's sad, it's sad, I'll even have bad moods sometimes, it's kinda like PMS, yeah, footie is the male specimen's PMS.

Mm. And Naruto 107 is out and the Naruto series is finally picking up after a few (Quite a lot too) stupid filler episodes that has nothing to do with anything, if it does though, it seriously sucked, it's kinda like jump fiestas, it should be separated so I won't have to have anything to do with it. Yes, finally picking up and I'm finally back to enjoying watching Naruto, Shikamaru has been promoted to Chuunin, he's one of the best character in this anime, and now he has the fucking Chuunin vest, looks cool as fuck, plus he is after all Naruto's best friend (Not really, but he should be), I mean they're always chillin' together, they look comfortable together since they're both pretty much the same - underdogs, Shikamaru is maybe the only guy who doesn't look down (Actually he doesn't care) on Naruto, and plus, they're both the corotest back in their class with 0 marks in paper exams, Naruto is an idiot, Shikamaru is a lazy fuck, but they impressed most in the end. "You're yourself, and I'm myself". And I'm impressed by this Shikamaru cartoon character, who doesn't give a fuck about people (Or anything at all), who doesn't judge or compare people and don't like to. Never would have thought cause at first, he seemed like the dullest character, he never smiles, never fails to say "how troublesome", acts like any other boring guy, infact I hated him, this guy shouldn't be here, he's always complaining with this fucked up I-don't-give-a-fuck look on his face. Oh well. Then shit happened to test him, and yeah, gotta see it to know it.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Streamyx Necessities

For the benefit of your system. Here's a few things you could call condoms for the PC.

Mozilla Firefox - Good anti-spyware browser
Antivir - A good antivirus, free, and easy on the resources
ZoneAlarm - A free firewall for your system
Adaware - Spyware scan-and-destroy
Spybot - Spyware scan-and-destroy

To download, simply go to and search for it.

These are a few softwares that you need to keep your PC cool, smooth and all that. They're all free, and they're easy on the resources. You see when you have broadband, all kinds of thing get into your system, and it's useful to have all these helpful tools. I acquired all these during my paranoia state, thanks Streamyx, for your incompetence, it has been very educational. Yeah I'm serious, I spent a lot of time trying different softwares, browsing for advices, and this is what I got.

BTW. I was chatting to IDAH (Bukan nama sebenar) about Malaysian Idol (I kinda lost the log), so we were talking about the judges and she was complaining about Roslan being real cold and all that, then suddenly she went "Fauziah Ahmad Daud jugak relax je" (Well, something like that). And I went blur, okay, trying to recall past episodes, did Ogy came as a guest judge or something, hmm, so I just said "Apa nih tak faham", then she went "Alah, judge perempuan tuh yang lawa tuh, Fauziah kan ke apa nama dia".

Okay, that was my cue to laugh. Wakhrahkghkakhga. I laughed endlessly.

Some Catching Up To Do

*Insert redundant nobody-reads-my-blog I-hate-updating rant here*

Okay that's done, now. Hmm. Tahu tak? Roti John Bakar layan gila doh. It's like you know, it's like popiah you know, the chocolate goreng one not the basah one, but it's big, yeah real big, can't even fit in my mouth but I still try too, and it's very layan, I wonder if they sell this outside of Ramadhan. Hmm.

My biological clock is upside down, I can't sleep around 2-3 AM anymore because I'd rather stay up for sahur and sleep after that, and it sucks, I miss night sleep, remember when you were 13 and you sleep around 10 (I like to sleep early), wake up around 6 feeling sleepy, what a fucking loser, you can't sleep at 10, wake up at 6 feeling sleepy, that's 8 hours of a good night's sleep idiot, yeah, we were losers when we were kids. But that type of sleepy can never match the sleep during day sleepy, that type of sleepy is lazy sleepy, this type of sleepy is demented sleepy. I must get rid of this vampire behaviour. I know everyone does it, it's a college thing, but I don't know. I'm crapping and I realize it, it's funny how you realize you crap, you even admit to it, yet you're still doing it, because crapping is a way to say something without really meaning it, I don't know, it's like playing it on the safe side, it's like you have an opinion, but well, you're not so sure about your opinion. Arfgh.

"Fuck it" - the dude.

My streamyx fucked me up a few days ago. Thank God it's okay now. It left me paranoid. First it started with the upload speed, it was terrible, dropped down so low. I thought it was my system, I formatted it, nothing happened, I scanned for viruses, got rid of 'em all, scanned for spywares, got rid of 'em all, still, nothing happened. Then everything started slowing down especially browsing speed, slowly but surely, till that period where I can't surf at all, yet my p2p speed is brilliant, up to 100kbps. It was torture, I was paranoid, I didn't know what caused all this, I can't even assume it was streamyx, I did a lot of things, reset my modem, change this and that IP, bla bla bla. At last, one sunny day, I was sleeping, my sister was turning on the pc, she downloaded something, and wanted to print it, oh wait I was sleeping, how come I know all this? Oh well it's because my pc (It's actually my sister's though) is quite a bitch and loves freezing randomly, I don't know what's wrong, and my sister will randomly go "alah", "isk", "aduh", and I will wake up randomly swaying to the tune of it. And I will notice, wow, she managed to download something and open it. When I finally woke up, the connection was all swayzee (The fuck is this word?). I tested my upload speed at testmy and it was a-ok. Wow. So I just downloaded what my sister wanted to download (Since she gave up on the pc's freezing and no one is as patience as I am when it comes to dealing with this pc), printed it and gave it to her, actually it's mrsm spm trial papers, yes, my sister's doing her spm. Oh and all this streamyx incompetence was due to their upgrading works, all 512 are upgraded to 1mbps.

Now Spm, back then I was one of the most likely candidate to get pangkat dua in my school. Don't blame them, from 4 trials, 3 was SAP, only one was pangkat satu, and that was borderline, and I actually went to two teachers to beg them to change their marks, they did, cause I'm so charming. Wkahrkhahkga. Yes, you suddenly become charming when you want marks, you don't know why, one day you're sasuke, the other you're naruto. No, naruto's not charming, but he's loud, well that's close. Why did I beg for marks when I know trials mean nothing, I don't know, just got tired of calling my parents and saying I got SAP, failed 7 papers bla bla bla, at least I gave them a bit of a relief, and thank God I didn't get pangkat dua, infact, I wouldn't dream of getting what I got during spm, I always thought aggregat 24 is enough for me and my effort, infact that itself was wishful thinking, but I got 10 aggregats less, to the dismay and annoyance of some of my friends who has never had lower aggregats than me during trials. Well, trials don't count, trials will separate the elite from the dumb, but it doesn't count.

I do have a few things to blog about, here's a reminder, to blog about that period in my streamyx life, where I did nothing but download things and watch. Here's what I should blog about in the near future :- Naruto, The OC first season, and the movies that I've watched. Just my review and shit. I asked my friend to buy GTA : San Andreas for me, I hope I won't get sleepless nights with this shit, oh wait, my nights are already sleepless nights, I meant entertaining sleepless nights. Oh well, everytime right after I write a long blog, I'll expect me to blog regularly from then on, that never happens. Oh well, after this entry, I'll write about a few things you have to have when you have streamyx. I guess. Peace.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Man Utd 2 - 0 Arsenal

Wahooooooooooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaargkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That's all I can say. Good job. Nistelrooy didn't particularly play well but I just might have to commend him on what should be really nervy penalty kick but he took it and scored. Arsenal showed why they were champions, they certainly were more comfortable with the ball, however the Man Utd defence led by Rio Ferdinand did really good, Rio does his trademark invisible striker performance where the leading opposition striker, in this case Thierry Henry didn't have as much action as he would've wanted. Props to Alan Smith for his pass to Rooney which totally secured the game, but fuck that, props to Alan Smith for his performance during the end of the match, it's not just his assist, it's his tackles, that's exactly why he was there, he's a fucking hero I fucking tell you, what more does he need to do to fucking get a start.

Arsenal fans might argue a few refereeing decisions, well, like my friend said "I don't care if it's a penalty or whatever, let the Arsenal fans complain about it all I want is a win, Man Utd needs to win", exactly, anyway, it's funny that Ronaldo should have gotten a penalty but didn't, maybe someone should magnify this, but oh well, argh, I don't know, I don't wanna think about it, we won, won, won, won. I hope Fergie sees the potential of a saha-smith-rooney combination going by the second goal, oh yes, I'm not a big fan of Nistelrooy. Again again again I must commend Rio Ferdinand, minus the lucky early getaway after fouling ljungberg, he did good.

Players I was totally proud of :-

Rio Ferdinand - Solid rock defending, and coolness at an impossible level, how could you be so cool with Thierry Henry (Who is arguably the best striker in the world) breathing down your fucking neck.

Heinze - Along with Smith, among the best buys in premiership this year, he totally fucking took the left back position and made it permanently his. In this match, typical strong play, winning headers, chasing everything, yet is always there waiting at the flanks when we're attacking.

Phil Neville - I've always been a big fan of this underrated guy since last season. He never did anything wrong in the defensive midfield area which left me wondering why he was never played come this season, instead we had to settle with a lot of mediocracy. He looks real skinny, but trust me, he's a fucking enforcer, he fucking chases everything, gives an extra protection for the defence, doesn't do anything too fancy thus not fucking up a pass, he's a very good defensive midfielder albeit being highly underrated. He should be second only to Keane. This match he did well to match up Patrick Vieira. He's part of a few outstanding defensive performances, man trust me, it's so not fucking easy to fucking not concede a goal at all against Arsenal, they're a fucking class attacking, the defence did very well.

Alan Smith - The total supersub, but fuck it, I don't want him as a sub, so what if he's not skillfully gifted, he has something 90% strikers don't have - the ability to defend like a fucking defender. Yes yes, if Alex didn't put him in in the ending minutes I would gotten really mad, this guy other than being a potent threat on the attack provides extra defensive security especially with his trademark lighting fast all-out perfectly-timed tackle. And yeah, what a calm and superb pass to Rooney, a birthday present, it was absolutely wonderful. Shows you what we've been missing the whole fucking time before him and Saha came on - A fucking chemistry between forwards.

Roy Carrol - Haven't been a fan of this guy but he's improved. His communication with the defenders is really good, he looks more assuring and commanding nowadays. Made a few good saves. I hope Alex doesn't buy a new goalie, especially since another big talent is also in the ranks (Howard).

Overall - One of those very very rare matches in which I was not pleased with Ronaldo, still he didn't do bad at all, he's just overshadowed by an excellent defensive display. Alex have been fielding rubbish central midfield at the start of the season and admitted it, so fuck it, good job for picking Phil Neville, and a much better job if he sticks by the poor guy since he's such a hardworker. The Nistelrooy-Rooney partnership is not doing it for me, maybe it's just Nistelrooy, I hope Alex doesn't get too bias about Ruud, sure he has a near-perfect history, but I would think that Smith and Saha delivers with much more energy on the field, should give him a few selection headaches. Oh whatever.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Jac The Idol With a Tatoo

Bitching time. So she won the Malaysian Idol. Hmm, just now I read in metro about how certain people are not content with her piercing and tatoos, saying that she should lose it, saying that it's not very "Ketimuran" (Eastern). Wow, lick my ass, I fucking wonder where the concept of Malaysian Idol itself came from?! This is stupid. I don't know what religion Jac is from, from the name it must be Christian, forget that, the problem is, I'm sure she's not Muslim, plus, if she's Muslim, then we also need to complain about Dina won't we? She's not wearing the hijab. Ohho, and uh, the ignorance yet again, prevail over judgemental fuckers. First off, it's not like I know much about other religions but I do have friends, and piercing + tatoos are quite the norm with Hindu and Buddha (Correct me if I'm wrong), infact piercing is very much quite important in Hindu. Man just because western people on t.v potrayed as lost childs do it doesn't mean they started it, I guess these people bitching are far more influenced by western culture than anyone else.

Well, forget that, it's just simply stupid. I mean what's with these "Ketimuran" bullshits, what the fuck is that? I watched Puteri Gunung Ledang the other day and saw how some "Timur" ladies dress in the past, wow, maybe they should stick to that "Ketimuran" way of dressing, fuck, I'd fucking support the fucking campaign if there's any. It's so fucking stupid.

People try to put their "Judgements" and "Opinions" at stake, letting it roam and wonder in the gray area of "Ketimuran". It's stupid how they base their judgements on "Ketimuran", I mean if you're a Muslim, shouldn't it be based on the teachings of Islam? If it's wrong, it's wrong, NO, it's not okay to not cover your aurat, but yeah, I guess "Ketimuran" permits it since not many (Or not enough) people are complaining about it in the media, I mean the whole liga-M is based on this permission. And no, I'm not condemning anyone who doesn't cover their aurat, fuck I care, I sin a lot myself I don't have enough time to care about other people, I don't feel the need to act like a cunt, do what you gotta do, I just hate people without knowledge acting holier-than-thou, it's bad enough that you gotta judge people, then you gotta be a fucking idiotic slut about it.

All I'm trying to say is and I'm sure of this, as Muslims, our religion has set what is Halal and Haram, that's the BLACK and WHITE of it, there's no gray area, what's wrong is wrong and what's right is right, base everything on that, there's no use trying to defend "Ketimuran" because there's no such thing, it's very territorial and racist to be that way. I mean, who the fuck sets all these "Ketimuran" standard anyway? Fuck, it's bugging me. Peace.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


My final exam is around 7 hours away, here I am surfing the net, yesterday I learnt to juggle three tennis balls, the day before, I crafted a really neat beat, two things I did not manage to achieve weeks or month before a paper despite several tries. Urgkhhh.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Rio's Return

Aaghhhhhhhh! ECSTASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gAAAARGKHhhhhhhhhh wuuu kaaraaagkhhkhka glory glory Man Uniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiited. Argh, at last, I am happy. I was happy that Rio is back, however I was also real worried because he hasn't played for 8 MONTHS!! However he looked as if he's only missed 8 matches! I worried so much as I was, fuh, he played so well, reminded me why man utd missed him so much. The defence was excellent, allthough it was a 2-1 victory the visitors technically didn't score a single goal, it was an unlucky own goal. Even the attack was great, it's about time everybody else started catching up to Ronaldo who was superb as always. I must say all 4 defenders did very well. They were defending with all they got. However I do think Alan Smith instead of O'shea would have been much nicer. Forget about it. What a match for Rio to return tooooo. Fuhh Fuh FUh FUhhhhhhhhh. Gaaargkhhhhh GA GA GA GAAAAARGKGHKAKGHKAHKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Peace!

Monday, September 20, 2004


Someone linked me to a picture showing a girl in her hijab holding what looks like a glass of beer (My theory was that it was A FUCKING GLASS OF APPLE JUICE, who knows though). It was at a chatroom and everybody seems bewildered by the fact that a girl in her hijab was drinking alcohol, who the fuck cares? Is it THAT shocking? Is it that if a girl wears hijab and drink beer it makes much of a difference compared to a fucking nudist doing it? The only difference I see is that she's wearing the hijab so she's at least fulfilled one of her duties as a Muslim while the nudist is a fucking nudist, do the math yourselves. The only thing about girls in hijab is they probably look much sexier when they're having sex cause we're so used to nude porn which gets a tad too repetitious. A girl in her hijab does not mean that oooooh the society is bad nowadays, fuck that, all these ignorant fuckers need to be welcomed to the real world, the society has always been bad, they had nations full of faggots back in the days thousands of fucking years ago didn't you know? People even bury their daughters back in the days thousand and fucking thousands of years ago you fucks. It's the ignorance that worries me more, which also makes it not-so-surprising that society is bad. Fuck that. People should transfer the judgements they put forth on other people towards themselves, man that would be the day.

Good Times Bad Times

Kasi Layan - New Edition - i'm still in love with you

Exercising feels good. SO DOES EATING!!!!!


Anyway, I went to ZION I's show that day, WOOT?! It was ILL AS FUCK allthough none of y'all probably know who he is, yes, I'm a bit arrogant myself but I had a few of his songs on mp3 and I know he did a song for Linkin Park in Reanimation, and collabo-ed with Altimet and Joe Flizzow on TTC's first album. The show was so fucking energetic, AMP LIVE played his beats live on his machine and the boom bap was so fucking banging while DEUCE and ZION rocked the crowd with their fucking fine deliveries. It was so fucking inspirational.

But what really pissed me off was that most of the crowd were not really giving a fuck about the best hip hop performance to ever land locally. Most of them came for the stupid Ghetto Heaven which is a night disguised as hip hop. So right after the crew finished their last song, suddenly the in-house DJ continued the beat with one of the most disastrous and stupid songs ever in hip hop history (Fuck ice ice baby, this is worste, "Tipsy". To me it is a disrespect for the Zion I crew who were known as independent hip hop heroes, especially after they were (There was an interview session earlier) talking about not conforming to the industry and just doing your own thing (It must be really painful for some of the industry artists to hear this during the forum. whkaraghkahkga, and some of them were in the front row. wakhrkahga again).

It's a fucking disrespect, what's more annoying are these fuckers started cheering to tipsy, sigh, I just went out pissed. Anyway, the crowd in Malaysia is like this lah no doubt, I've heard once a local DJ for an infamous local club complaining to his friends about the crowd and how it's heartbreaking to him as a DJ who appreciates music. He's played in a lot of other countries like Indonesia and Thailand and the crowd there are just awesome, not afraid to indulge in new music. DJ's in Malaysia are better off putting on the console, sit down then have a teh tarik, fuck, maybe that's why club managers in Malaysia can be of the perception that "DJing is the easiest job in the world" (Reference - Tech's blog), WRONG, it's the easiest job HERE where people don't care if you loop "Where iz d luv" from night to morning. Idiots.

Monday, September 13, 2004


Oh lagi satu aku lupa, Man Utd hari tuh seri je, itupun nasib baik. Silvestre kemak buat 3 kesilapan yang tak perlu langsung. Tapi yang bagos Heinze, dia buat perangai member seArgentina dia Sorin, main bek kiri tapi tiba-tiba bila tengah attack dia tengah happy je tunggu kat tengah-tengah penalty box nak tanduk ke hapa, goal dia pun, dia tendanga daripada betul-betul tengah tuh, macamlah dia striker, wkahragakhakghka, hebat.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Belanjawan, aku ingatkan semua orang concerned lah sangat dengan belanjawan negara tapi sebenarnya semua concerned pasal harga rokok je. Hahaha. Kemak perangai. Bayangkan kalau aku hisap rokok pastuh ada awek, pergh mesti dikikis gila babi, mesti tak mampu nak makan mcd, pergh, seksa hidup, pastuh, bayangkan kalau aku ada dua awek, pergh, lagilah gila, lepas tuh bayangkan kalau ada tiga awek! Berlipat ganda kena kikis, lepas tuh bayangkan, aku suka hisap dua batang rokok sekali layan! Macamana tuh? Mesti rasa macam disalut merkuri, ada lagi?! Ada, cuba bayangkan kalau awek aku yang tiga orang tuh pulak hisap rokok tapi tak nak beli rokok pastuh harapkan aku beli rokok?! Macam nih macamana pulak? Lagi teruk kalau setiap awek tuh suka hisap dua batang sekali pam, sekali pam! Bukan sekali layan, maknanya kalau sekali layan dalam sepuluh lebih pam, berapa? Kira sket. Pergh, nasib baik aku tak hisap rokok dan takde awek. Tapi kalau ada awek best jugak, tak rugi, asalkan dia tak menyusahkan kepala aku, lepas tuh dia banyak duit so dia buleh call aku sambil aku goyang kaki, dream on, warkh warkh warkh. BAAGA.

Aku dah run out of benda nak kutuk ah. Cipet, dah lama tak tengok/dengar benda-benda loser macam TV ataupun radio. Tertengok Busta Rhymes nye vid sikit kat Freestyle, lagu WOOHAH WOOHAH! Cun gila doh, lagu lama tuh, dalam vid dia ada A Tribe Called Quest dengan Onyx, fuh best gila ah dulu-dulu, babi ah, fuck fuck fuck. Fuck Y'all.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Anwar and Malaysian Idol


Arsonists and Non Phixion - 14 years of rap (BANGER GILA BABI DOH)

NAS - second childhood (9th wonder remix) (FAV SONG AKU SEKARANG, DOWNLOAD DOH)


Outlandish - aicha (best doh)

I guess men are just not made for blogs. Or lazy no-life men. Whatever. Urgkh.

Anwar is freed. Ya, dibebaskan, and I think it's real stupid and kesian lah. Kalau korang tak nampak "INJUSTICE" then it's either stupidity or ignorance, I can forgive ignorance though. Bayangkan, berapa tahun, dia dicap sebagai PELIWAT, dekat TV keluar, semua orang tuduh macam-macam without proof, point fingers "ITU PELIWAT". Berapa tahun itu impression yang cuba dibuat terhadap dia, kalau fitnah tuh bunuh, dah berapa kali dia kena bunuh. And then, rayu kat mahkamah persekutuan, setelah beberapa tahun, barulah dapati yang pendakwa takde kes. Very funny. Kenapa semua ini tak setel masa kat court dulu? Tak tahu ah (or maybe aku tahu, hahaha, dan korang tahu, fikir sendiri ah). Berapa tahun dia dianggap peliwat over nothing, nasib baik dia sabar, bayangkan kalau korang kena? Ada jadi gila? Ada jadi pembunuh? Jadi peliwat betul-betul pun ada aku rasa doh. Kemak. Kalau tak faham lagi, nak explain apa yang dah jadi kat court beberapa tahun dahulu (Walaupun terang-terang court sendiri dah buat decision sekarang) gi kat website Mat Jan, click here for the entry, it's based on facts, baca dari mula sampai habis, cause it's fucking based on facts, and NOT sentiments. And remember, AKADEMIK, bukan POLITIK. Aku setuju dengan dia, bila kita nampak sesuatu yang salah, kita buat apa? We point it out, along the way, apa yang kita ketengahkan, sama dengan sesuatu pihak, itu bukan bermakna kita sokong ataupun sebahagian daripada pihak itu, itu maknanya, pihak tuh juga nampak apa yang salah tuh. Susah sikit mentaliti sosial nih, kita kena faham, what's RIGHT is RIGHT and what's WRONG is WRONG, face it. Jangan menegakkan konek yang tak terangsang. Urkhgh..

Okay. BTW. Post bawah nih, malas nak sambung, blogger cibai, time aku rajin nak tulis, dia buat kemak, aku dah lupa pun apa aku nak tulis.

Sekarang mengenai Malaysian Idol. Best doh. Bukan apa, aku tak suka pun nyanyian, dari zaman American Idol dulupun aku cuma tengok part awal-awal je nak tengok orang bodoh kena kutuk. Tapi Malaysia punya memang RAW gila, lantai set pun macam lantai perhimpunan sekolah rendah aku, audience macam penyokong amateur wrestling, set ala-kadar, asal bole' je. Cun doh. Pastuh judge tak kesah apa orang cakap, dia akan cakap apa yang dia nak cakap, well except Fauziah Latiff, tapi dia bukan judge tak, dia nak fill in the space je kot, lagipun dia CUN GILA, pedulik hapa aku, does a better job than Paula if you ask me, dia macam takyah fikir pun apa dia nak cakap, dia main cakap je, lagipun aku bukan sedar pun apa dia cakap, aku tengah imagine uhuk uhuk humping humping. Cun doh dia, tua pun tua, tadahal, err, stim pulak. Anyway, hahaha, pastuh Paul dengan Roslan tak habis-habis gaduh, crowd kejap tepuk untuk Roslan, kejap untuk Paul, Hahaha, best doh aku suka, lepas tuh masa final 7 tuh, dah tentu 6 yang pertama semua hampeh, and semua kena kutuk. Hahaha. Best best best. Itulah bagos, that's reality, itulah dia manusia, kejap camnih kejap camtuh, tak semua agree, and definitely no sugar coating.


Bukan ke Final 7 harituh - ROCK WEEK? Rock? rasa aku lagu rock JAC sorang je yang nyanyi, yang lain lagu pop je, itupun dah hancur, bayangkan kalau diaorang kena nyanyi lagu rock betul-betul, Roslan dengan Paul tak gaduh pasal disagreement lagi dah, gaduh sebab tension macam pukimak contestant. Tapi JAC cun, okaylah, maybe kalau nampak kat tepi jalan ke rumah kedai ke takde ah headturner, tapi masa tengah nyanyi, pasal dia confident, suara pun cun, tuh pasal nampak hot, not bad lah kan, taste lah kan. Warhkahkga. Anyway. Peace..

Monday, August 30, 2004

The Elvis Conman

Aku teringat dulu. Warhkahkhkga. Masa aku lepas spm

Boom Bap

Ku tulis disini. Perlu ke aku update blog? Aku nak update nih, nak update update update, tak tahu apa nak tulis. Arghhhhhhhhh. Kemak. Korang kenal tak siapa 9TH WONDER?! Hahaha, kalau tak kenal standard ah, siapa kenal Neptunes masa diaorang belum popular, bodoh sungguh manusia kat Malaysia nih, tapi aku faham ah, aku punya koleksi mp3 Eminem dah berhabuk kat dalam hard disk, barulah mula nak main lagu dia, pastuh semua kenal, "semalam dengar eminem hari ni rambut kuning, haih macam nih buleh buat gua pening" - Sickziderz - rap tak ingat. Hahaha. Takde ah, aku layan remix album 9th Wonder nih, cun beat dia, especially dia remix lagu Nas - second childhood, berjuta kali ulang dengar lagu nih. Fuh. Dia upcoming producer, dia yang suka guna soul samples, kira Kanye West sama geng ah dengan dia ah, sample soul music. Originally dia producer group yang sangat best! Little Brother. Dia sekarang dah top tapi, lagu Jay-Z pun dia dah ada produce (Album Jay-Z black tuh pun dia ada remix full, rajin gila doh). Haa, tunggu jelah dia pop nanti. Hahaha. Tahun depan kot. Mesti banyak projek lagi dalam tangan dia, aku tahu satu projek yang sangat cun. Hahaha. Tengok lah jadi ke tak. Aku tunggu dan tengok je. Tapi harap-harap dia tak betray Little Brother, pasal kat situlah aku rasa dia paling power. Tapi walaubagaimanapun aku takde ah minat hip hop yang sample soul sangat, takde edge lah, aku lagi minat yang sample jazz. Ganaz. Check out Madvillain (MF Doom dengan Madlib) kalau tak percaya.

Apa lagi aku nak cerita. Hahaha. Gelak gelak gelak! Apa lagi apa lagi, on the topic of hip hop lah kan, siapa ingat Bone Thugs? Pergh, itu antara flow terbest. Dah cukup, malas nak cakap lagi hahaha. Tak de topik nak kutuk orang, dah lama tak keluar tengok dunia. Takde benda nak cerita. Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha. Cerita pasal hip hop lah, setiap kali aku bukak MTV ke Channel V, asal bosan sangat ah hip hop popular nih?! Bukan tak buleh best, dulu masa aku mula-mula tertarik, yang popular Wu Tang Clan dengan Cypress Hill, HARDCORE wey?! Pecite sekarang?! Hahaha. Bodoh. Emcee sekarang nak orang ingat diaorang legendary macam RAKIM atau KRS-ONE ke badut badut macam Vanilla Ice dengan MC Hammer? Itu ah diaorang kena tanya diri sendiri. Tengok Chingy, suara macam pukimak, tahu ah slang kampung, takyah ah nak mengada-ngada melampau, dah lah suara annoying gila, tapi apa-apa pun syabas sebab prove me wrong, aku ingat dah takde yang lagi kampung dan lame daripada Nelly, rupanya ada. Warhkahkga. Pastuh tengok J-Kwon, dia rap ke ajar orang mengira? Apa bakat yang dia ada? Aku serious tak pasti doh, dengan suara underaged annoying dia, serious aku bleh faham Lil' Bow Wow, dia rap buleh tahan walaupun production semua obviously for sales not music, tapi J-Kwon?! Argh, bodoh, memang boyan. Korang ingat SITI SIFIR? Mana pergi minah tuh? Panggil balek sket, aku nak bukak record company sign dia jadi rapper, kasi dia beat simple DUM-CHAK DUM-CHAK, suruh dia baca sifir, ada chance sell baek nya, kalau ikut formula ah. Arghh fuck pissed off nya. I want my BOOM BAP. I love the genuine BOOM BAP..

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Smith Hero

Wow. Very tired. I was on my way back from the downsouth, I was chasing the 8:45 Man Utd game, oh well at least I thought it was 8:45. Around 5 KM before the Senawang exit, it was jammed as fuck I don't know why, lucky me it jammed though, I took advantage of the stall to sms my cousin asking the real kick-off time for the match, turned out it was 7:45, thankfully I had a backup plan, this heaven called Taipan Senawang. Yeah, I discovered it with my cousins during last year's eid, it's a beautiful hang-out place, out of the Senawang plaza toll you just go straight on for around 4-5 KM until you see Giant and Mcds, then you'll see a big town-like place that doesn't look like Malaysia and most especially does NOT look like Seremban, first time I discovered the place, I thought I was in twilight zone, or another country. Nice hang-out place, puts Hartamas to shame, allthough I suspect it also has a LOJI nearby, oh well, the shophouses are nicely designed, it's kind of a hidden treasure since if you go down the road you would expect to reach a rainforest.

Okay now back to the real topic, so I got to watch the Man Utd vs Blackburn match. Okay match, Man Utd were trailing most of the time, I think Saha's addition during the second half gave much needed firepower, I do prefer the tried-and-tested 4-4-2. I must say they were unlucky to be trailing, loads of shots on goals, Brad Friedel was awesome (also man-of-the-match). Fuh. But what was so WOW! was, at around 30 seconds before the end of the match at 94 minutes, long pass, ball bounced off Saha, Smith was there, BLAOW, goal! Fuh, he saved Man Utd's balls this time. Phew. Argh, my pc keeps FREEZING, I'm pissed off as fuck. I think I'll call it a blog entry here, ARGH fuck you PC give me a break, this is all TNB's fault, they blacked out that day, after that, ARGH, fuck, first JKR fucked things up by fucking up the MRR2, now TNB fucked up my PC. Y'all better make amends idiots..

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Ujan Dah Turun

Arghh. Hahaha. Sorry. Aku memang update sekali sebuhun (bulan/tahun). Pasal bukan ada orang baca sangat pun blog puki berapi nih. Hmm, cakap pasal bola dan Man Utd, Alan Smith seperti yang kujangka dan catitkan di dalam blog ini dahulu kala, FUCKING IMPRESSIVE! Hahaha, Diego Forlan telah dijual, hmm, memang bagus ah, pasal haircut baru dia tuh, URGKH, macam predator pondan. Wakrhakhga. Mmm. Apa nak dibincangkan?! Aku ada ujian sabtu nih, arghh tension fuck fuck fuck. Aku asik tengok Naruto je nih, tapi dah habes sampai latest, argh, aida ah suruh. Tapi sangat best. Sexy No-Jutsu! Argh. Sambung nanti ah. Blah. Peace..

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Here's something funny. I don't watch t.v much, so I was just bored and just got up and took a bath, so my head is like, very very funny. Hahaha. So I turned on the t.v, channel v or shit, and then comes this very amateur looking video of four guys, wahkhrkahkgkha, turns out their name is NORTH, most probably a boyband, wakhrakhgkha. And they were singing Chicago's glory of love if I'm not mistaken. Warhakhkgaghhka, I've seen boybands and how stupid they go, wahrhkahkga, but not this obvious. It's obvious they don't really care much about the music, since they're just remaking a catchy old hit, and I'd rather listen to Peter Cetera, however annoying he is.

The thing I never understood is how lousy these guys are, and yet they get their amateur looking video played on channel v, I've seen New Boyz videos that looked more proper. Wahrkkahgkahga. I mean, what the fuck's up with the singing? Try listening to Az Yet and how they improvised on another Chicago hit, that's what I call music. I never understood boybands, they're just cheap imitations of RNB groups. I mean the world is better of if you give nice sounding hits to Boyz II Men since they can't seem to get their act together right now but truthfully, those guys can sing.

The fucking music industry is fucking us up the assssssssssssssssss. And NORTH?! What the fuck kind of name is that, NORTH, what a creative name, seriously, it's fucking brilliant, I would never have thought they were a boyband, it's nice to have a name that doesn't sound like a boyband, I wonder why groups like WESTlife and EAST 17 never thought of that when they came up with their names. Arghhhhh. It's so obviously insulting to your intelligence it hurts. I mean just look at their video, there's all the standard boyband poses : "looking down with a thinking face", "looking seriously into the camera, lips not moving as if you're singing from your eyes", "concerned look as if the lyrics mean something to you". Wahrahkhkga I can go on, and then there's the white outfit, oh and there's the one guy who looks like a faggot, oh wait, they all look like faggots. Okay, I need pills.

On a more personal note. I don't understand why some people lie so easily, no guilt eh? People just never learn. They don't care about the feelings of the people they lie to. No, I don't think so. There's no justification, you lied, you fucking lied, pay for it muthafuckah. Trust me you will. You just never learn, well life WILL force you to learn. Peace..

Friday, August 06, 2004

Movie Magic

For about 2-3 days I've been real sick, food poisoning. I phuked real bad, unimaginable phuking, it's like in exorcist, and I was standing, phuke just pumped out like a broken pipe in the middle of the road. Anyway because of this sickness I've been stuck in this room, I've been downloading and watching a lot of old movies, some of them movies that I heard of and always wanted to see but couldn't find, some just re-watching old movies I lost. Here are a lot of reviews, just what I think. Oh and there's also a phase of old teen movies where I watched three old teen movies, watch out for it.


Okay I've seen this a long time ago, and saw it again, and again, why not?! Hahaha. After watching this I've officially watched (minus Jersey Girl) every Kevin Smith release. This could be my favourite (followed closely by Clerks), yes it is, and I know it is his most criticized work, but I just don't give a fuck, because this movie is my dream Kevin Smith movie, why? Because Jason Lee is in one of the leading roles, and he gets more dialogue than this movie than any other. Forget about his dumbass no-use sidekick, or anything else bad about this movie, that concept is enough, and add the consistency of Jay and Silent Bob, and you got a nice movie. To me at least. BTW, Jason Lee stars as Brodie, and what's more heavenly, is his chick is Shannon Doherty, oh shit, he totally deserves that for his nerdy assholeness.

Dazed and Confused

Okay, an 80s movie depicting the nostalgic 60s. This movie goes throughout the day, start of summer, and last class. Seniors fucking juniors up. Shit like that, this movie is pretty fun, there's no real plot, just a bunch of teenagers fucking shit up, hahaha, the acting is good, and it's just fun, you'll see a lot of familiar faces like Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams etc. And also the leading actor, the quarterback jock, is this guy who always ends up playing a loser in most of his newer shit. Hahaha.

SLC Punk!

I saw this a few years ago, then my friend stole my VCD. Got it back. At that time this movie was nothing but a cultural reference to me, I just saw it for the punks and various other groups potrayed in the movie (rednecks, nazi skins etc.), it was at a time when I was also part of that scene, I meant I was in the HC scene so the movie was kinda cool, it was kinda cool looking at the various group of people involved in various street cultures in the movie. Never did the plot, or anything else about the movie really got into me.

That was then. Okay now to explain this I'll use the example of the movie Pariah and American History X. What's the difference? The difference is Pariah is a movie about a bunch of mindless skinheads, and that's just that, even the acting is bad, and you could mistake it for a documentary while American History X is a real story and in many ways a better movie, yes, when you're young and you don't give a fuck you could just brush off both movies as skinhead movies cause you just like to watch skinheads having fun, but as you dig deeper, American History X is always the better movie, and it's a story, with the skinhead culture as just a background, a setting, for the characters, and for the plotline. This is also what SLC Punk! is about, it's a meaningful story about two punksters in Salt Lake City. They could use another street culture and city, and it would still have the same qualities, cause a lot of thought was definitely put into this movie. And I loved it.

Basically this movie is about two guys, Steve-O and Heroin Bob, the only two punks in SLC when they started, and yeah, the coming of age, and time, I guess. Narrated by Steve-O and done in a slick way, the movie is a series of ironies. I must stop here cause I'm getting bored with myself but I'll mention one real funny irony, there's this one Mike, he looks exactly like a member of Weezer, I was wondering why he's so comfortable hanging out with the punks, until one moment where Bob went onstage at a gig and got beaten by the bouncer, Mike stepped up and beat the fuck out of the bouncer. Hahaha, turns out (as explained by Steve-O), he's one of the most hardcore guy in SLC, he even once broke out of a police car by kicking on the back window, but by the end of the movie, Mike eventually decides to pursue College - major? Botany. Hahaha. And Steve-O would be like "There, one of the most hardcore guys in SLC, and he's gonna be hugging trees?".

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

This is one of those teen sex comedies. Yeah, it's okay, the characters are okay. Not much really, just about teen, life and sex. But what's interesting is like Dazed and Confused, you will see traces of early parts of Hollywood Stars, most notable being Sean Penn as stoner surfer dude Spicoli (Nicolas Cage as one of his friend), and he is totally the best character in this movie, along with this other guy, the pimp-like Damone.

That's that, now I wanna vent something. What I think is fucking ridiculous is when this girl right, what's her name Stacy (Jennifer Jason Leigh), okay she's a dumbass. So Damone the pimp's nerdy friend Rat or something wants Stacy, so that's that, Damone helps him and all that. But one day Stacy decides that she's attracted to Damone, and she wooes him, asks him out, even swimming, Damone has this guilty face whenever he's with her, while Stacy looks like she doesn't give a fuck, she seduces him into fucking her, it was brief. Few days past, suddenly Stacy's pregnant, and she goes to Damone, blames him, the thing is she fucked some random guy earlier in the movie, and I don't understand it when she said she only did it with one guy when Damone questioned how she knew it was him. Okay then forget all that drama, what sucks is, when Rat finds out he broke into a fight with Damone. And near the end of the movie, he acts all nice to Stacy despite what happened, at this point I'm like, What the fuck?! Oh so your best friend cheated on you with the girl your dating, so he's the fucking culprit, I'll agree with that, only if it is also clearly maintained that the girl is also a fucking culprit, I mean wow! whenever your best friend cheats with your girlfriend, I'm sure the girlfriend didn't realize it at all, I'm sure she didn't do it out of free will, wooooooo I'm sure your buddy there used a fucking vodoo doll on her. Shut the fuck up. No, the girl is a slut, and if you're gonna treat her like a princess after what she did, then treat your best friend like a king while you're at it. Yes, I know she was only dating him, but straight out fucking your best buddy, how much respect does she has for you in the first place?! Okay that's done, next.

The Breakfast Club

Okay another old teen movie. Basically about 5 different type of teens in detention on a saturday. A jock, a prom queen, a criminal, a nerd, and a psycho outcast. I'm okay with this movie really, it's a teen movie based primarily on dialogue, that itself, by concept, is an achievement. Get it? A TEEN movie based on DIALOGUE, yes a rarity. Hmm, it's kinda cool, you gotta see it to experience it. Okay, now what I really wanna write is about how dumb the nerd is. Infact I don't even think he's a nerd, he's one of those assholes in school that are assholes, they're just assholes, you can have the vocabulary of a priest and still come up with asshole, he's just stupid. Argh. Infact I think the criminal played by Judd Nelson is the smartest amongst the bunch, he's potrayed as the bad guy here. He totally kicked the jock's (Emilio Estevez) ass, and that's just by being sarcastic in his dialogue. Yes, he's full of wit and sarcasm, I enjoyed it everytime he's pissing someone off, you could say, along with the psycho outcast, he's taking a shit on reality, I don't know what that means, but I don't care. Hahaha. It's like he's toying with the stereotype that surrounds the rest of the world, he's fucking with everything. And if there's one guy in there most likely to have a good future, I bet it's him, seriously, watch it and tell me he's not clever.

Wayne's World

So this movie's a classic, and I'm not taking anything away from it (Mike Myers classic). It's just a classic, however I enjoyed This is Spinal Tap (Talking about rock and roll comedies) much more than I did this, I guess I enjoy subtle and satirical humour more, I guess.

Battle Royale

This is basically a typical crazy and violent Japanese movie. About a government act in which a class (7th grade I think) each year or something (55 times a year in the book), to be put on an Island, in a survivor like circumstances, where they are given 3 days to kill each other and only one could survive. If more than one are still alive after 3 days, everyone will be killed. Okay, there are more rules to the game, watch it to see it, if you haven't already that is.

Basically the concept of the "Battle Royale Act" just gets to me, that's all, I can forget the non-existant justified setup to the concept itself, I just love the concept, somehow reminds me of RPGs, this could make a good PC game.

Okay now I think the hero of this movie is a big pile of dumbass, nearly half the movie he has the "I can't believe they are really serious, or dead or whatever" face and expressions, hey bimbo, fucking BELIEVE IT, you're on an island and everyone else's killing each other. That's why the two foreign students acquired into the game appealed more to me. One is Kiriyama, the other Kawada, because these two guys already know about the game and will keep a straight state of mind about it, I just hate it when dumbasses are slow to react to a situation when it's fucking clear around you. Kiriyama is this guy who never talks, he just goes out to kill everyone he could, how cool is that. Kawada is the hero you can like, because, well he's not dumb, like Kiriyama he keeps a straight mindset about the game, and kills everyone who looks offensive enough with no remorse. These two, plus the hot japanese babes, makes the movie enjoyable for me character-wise. I can't help but feel sorry for the hero, Nanahara, or whatever his sissy name is, for being dumb, and having the same dumb expression on his face throughout the movie, I also feel sorry for Naruko, the heroin, because Nanahara the dumbass has vowed to protect and be with. Man, seriously, a few times in the movie, I saw how Naruko, well I can just read her heart, she's just fucking aching to go along with Kawada, fuck him and be his instead of Nanawhatever, I mean I bet she regrets having a crush on Nanawhatever in the first place, cause Kawada is obviously much cooler, and is less of a whiner. Oh well talk about whining, that's it for me.


Aight. The director is a paedophile, I seen his newer work Bully, a lot of little kids fucking. This is one of those movies that you just had to see when you're a teen, you know, remember Romper Stomper or Blood in Blood out? Those movies that you just had to see, because if you don't, you're not a teenager, yes, because these are movies that actually defines my generation. Don't believe me? Then you can fuck off, because Romper Stomper was written all over walls when I was younger, skinheads had their nicknames taken off characters from the movie, and there was a time when chicanos were all over K.L, guess which movie they got the attitude from? Got the answer yet VATO?! Hahaha, same with Kids, you can just about see the assholes in this movie everywhere (Not saying skaters are assholes, are the characters in the movie really skaters anyway). But unfortunately, I never got to see movie until now. Hmm.

Now on to the movie. Well, I thought I was not gonna like this movie, well until it got closer to the end, I realized Larry Clark (the director) was a genius, wahkrhkahkga, see it to believe it. Wanna know why? Okay I'll explain. This movie starts out with your typical playa-casanova-wannabe-like kid (skinny and ugly) trying to seduce a virgin to fuck him, and succeding at that, then later he joins his other friend, both assholes, so it basically revolves around these two assholes who are both actually WIGGAS, you know what a WIGGA Is, find out yourself if you don't. Man I'm so annoyed by the both of them, especially how they talk, man the sun would sweat providing energy to my solar-powered calculator just to count how much unnecessary "YO" they used, it's like every sentence has to begin and end with "YO", and if possible, insert one or two in the middle. Man so annoying, and I don't think it's bad acting, no way, just because you're annoyed doesn't mean it's bad acting, infact, maybe it's GREAT ACTING, seriously, wiggas are supposed to be annoying, and these two dudes pulled it, perfectly.

Hahaha. And so the story goes as these guys go everywhere, hang out, beat some dude, bla bla bla. I particularly liked what Larry did with the conversation screenplays, I mean I don't care about the dialogues because a majority of it in this movie are annoying, but how the dialogues went about, like how the cameras follow the two guys when they're chatting while walking across the streets and all that, the camera would be from all kinds of angles, from across the street, from the side etc, and you know the sound of everything around them, the busses, everything, somehow, it's realistic, and that touch of realism somehow worked on me.

Okay on a sidenote, while the dialogues of the generic kids in the movies piss me off, cause they're annoying, and maybe that's how they're supposed to be, there's a small part in the movie, where there are four really young kids smoking pot, I'm talking real young, probably 12 tops, little kids you know, probably haven't even hit puberty yet, I don't know, the way they talk, is kind of natural, I don't know why, they're supposed to be kids, they talk like they're the mac there you know, like they're the cool matured ones in the group, and it's just four little kids smoking pot passing to the left talking amongst them, hahaha, it's kind of a breath of fresh air after all the annoyance, these little kids don't annoy me one bit, I hope none of their elder bastards' ways get onto them.

Okay back to the story. Then there's Jenny, a girl with a heavenly look, kinda like Meg Ryan, she has that spark you know. Unfortunately she's one of the victims of that skinny ugly playa dude. However she's not really a slut, just a dumbass, maybe just at that time when she thought she loved the guy and vice versa. And she only fucked the dude. Only the dude. So what saved this movie? The fact that she went on an HIV test and was tested POSITIVE. Wahkrhkaghka. That could only mean one thing right?! Warhkahkhga. Okay at that point I was like, Wahrkhkahkga, that's the shit! Hahaha, serves you fucking right asshole, what a piece of useless dumbass, thinks he's so cool with his "I love virgins" statement, oh I'm sorry mr I love virgins, smile in your ignorance, because you also happen to forget that fucking around with no protection means risking your fucking dick, oh it's all good, cause it's all "love" right? Wahrahkhkga, when you're pale and shit, and hurting like fuck, I'd like to see Jenny force you to utter the magic words, oooooh it's not so hard, it's only three words, four syllables, no more, no less, "I love virgins", ooooooooh, and me personally "loves seeing assholes get AIDS". Warhkahkhkga. Okay, as you would have gathered I thought that was heaven. On with the story, so Jenny after finding out got real upset and started looking for the dude right. She finds him at a party, everyone was already asleep or too stoned, the dude was fucking some bimbo in the master bedroom, so I don't know, she left him somewhat, and sat on the sofa until she fell asleep. And what happens? I don't know, could it be?! Just as I would have guessed, the other dude, the playa dude's friend (Who is more annoying than he is), got real horny somehow and starts fucking Jenny while she's asleep. Warhkahkghkhkga. Oooh, What could be more heavenly?! Seeing a dumb asshole fucking a girl infested with HIV. Wahrkahkhkga. Bliss.

That's why I think this movie is genius. Something a lot of movies failed to achieve. I mean, I seriously would forgive George Lucas for making a titanic-wreck outta star wars if eventually some cool alien or Kiriyama from Battle Royale killed the ultimately annoying ANAKIN by stabbing him repeatedly with slutty Amidala's hairpin or something, then taking over his body and eventually becoming Darth Vader, because Anakin is so fucking annoying, the rule is, creating something annoying is permittable only if you plan to destroy it later in a way so creatively cruel, as practiced by Larry Clark in Kids. This also applies to Spiderman, I hope Venom would be in charge of ripping that annoying McGuire dude a new facial expression. Argh, Whatever. BTW, the names of the two KIDS dudes -----> Telly and Casper. Oh I didn't mention it earlier, because they were annoying enough, if I typed out the names early I don't think anyone without the great threshold of annoyance-pain that I possess could take it and would eventually commit suicide or kill someone else before being informed of the glorious redeeming ending.

And uh. At the end, Casper was like "Jesus Christ what happened?!", and I spontaneously went "You just fucked AIDS, dumb muthafuckah".

Aight. Peace..

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


So aku tengah tengok MHI ah, aku suka tengok pasal awek yang lawa tuh, agak lawa, sangat lawa, siapa entah nama dia, dulu dia pakai cermin mata, macam awek nerd sikit, tapi gaya dia cakap agak menarik, hahaha, sangat menarik. So topik pasal lelaki tak suka pergi kaunselling bla bla bla, mulalah call-in semua male bashing, lelaki ego lah, malu lah, bla bla bla, then tiba-tiba sorang laki call-in "Bukan apa, lelaki tak yah kaunselling, perempuan tuh yang kena pasal perempuan nih banyak mulut.." Wkahrhkaghkahkgka, school your ass up fucking feminists. Anyway. Peace..

Monday, August 02, 2004


Kepada mereka yang cakap aku gay, perempuan-perempuan sekalian, memang aku gay, jadi janganlah takut ataupun menolak sekiranya aku lepak dengan korang masa korang tengah bogel, malah jangan lah menolak sekiranya aku meraba korang, kerana, alah relax lah, aku gay, takde hal kan?! Warkhahkghka, jangan bising kalau aku mandi sekali ngan korang, lepak ah, aku takde perasaan apa-apa pon, wahkrhkahkgahkga, jangan complain kalau aku masukkan konek dalam pussy korang, relax lah, nothing lah, nak bersihkan pussy korang je, aku takde perasaan kat perempuan, aku nak tolong je. Wahrkahkghkaghkaa..

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Okay. So I was going round the city with my partner, then someone called, informed about two dead bodies near the industrial park at the beach. So my friend drove real fast to get there and I put the siren on top of the car, you know those little detective sirens. As we reached the location, there was no dead body. There were two innocent looking guys and a few who looked like thugs. Turns out the two innocent looking guys were potential dead bodies. As the thugs were about to slice them with what looked like sabres, I spawned a pumpgun on my right hand and a glock on the left. I shot every fucker. Boom boom bang, like a muthafuckah.

Then I woke up.....

Took a piss, still sleepy

Then I went straight to the pc to check my downloads...

As I was sitting down looking at my soulseek

*Sniff sniff

Smells like semen

What?! I didn't fuck anyone in my dream. I didn't have a hard-on. Oh wait, I probably did, if I did, I didn't remember, I did remember taking a piss in my dream, but, oh well. Fuck. What a waste of semen..

Monday, July 19, 2004


Erm. Anyone knows the story of Vincent Van Gogh the painter? Yeah, my friend storiedddddddd to me when the Vincent song played on my changer. Hahaha, very old song, but only now did I know the story behind it.
Don Mclean - vincent (starry starry night)
Starry, starry night.
Paint your palette blue and grey,
Look out on a summer's day,
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills,
Sketch the trees and the daffodils,
Catch the breeze and the winter chills,
In colors on the snowy linen land.

Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they did not know how.
Perhaps they'll listen now.

Starry, starry night.
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze,
Swirling clouds in violet haze,
Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue.
Colors changing hue, morning field of amber grain,
Weathered faces lined in pain,
Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand.

Now I understand what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they did not know how.
Perhaps they'll listen now.

For they could not love you,
But still your love was true.
And when no hope was left in sight
On that starry, starry night,
You took your life, as lovers often do.
But I could have told you,
Vincent,This world was never meant for one
As beautiful as you.

Starry, starry night.
Portraits hung in empty halls,
Frameless head on nameless walls,
With eyes that watch the world and can't forget.
Like the strangers that you've met,
The ragged men in the ragged clothes,
The silver thorn of bloody rose,
Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow.

Now I think I know what you tried to say to me,
How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen, they're not listening still.
Perhaps they never will...
Okay here's the story shorteddddddd. It's about an artist who painted and painted, yet no one took notice, the museum didn't want to buy his paintings. It got to a point where he cut off his ears and sent it to the museum saying sell this. He eventually committed suicide in a field with his paintings. After he died, his paintings sold for millions. Sad isn't it. Okay, now the song called Vincent, at first I didn't know it was about anyone, I didn't know who vincent was, but it was a very deep deep song and I feel it so much, now that I know the story, damn, it cuts deeper, a very lovely song, I know a lot of you can connect to it, especially a lot of us who do music purely because of the music, because of the art, but will never be appreciated because we don't have that mass appeal, that mass appeal which most of the times, does not include good and honest music. BTW, a lot of the lyrics describe Vincent's paintings. Download it! Highly recommended. Peace..

Friday, July 16, 2004


Member aku suruh ah download Immortal Technique, aku download ah revolutionary vol. 1 and 2 belom dengar habes. Tapi satu lagu nih memang best ah, dia cerita, pasal tuh aku nak share lyrics dia kat sini. Aku tak tahu lah kalau ada yang nak baca. Tapi kalau baca dan faham dari mula sampai habis. Memang best, and shocking. Check it out..
Immortal Technique - dance with the devil
[Verse 1]
I once knew a nigga whose real name was William
his primary concern, was making a million
being the illest hustler, that the world ever seen
he used to fuck moviestars and sniff coke in his dreams
a corrupted young mind, at the age of thirteen
nigga never had a father and his mom was a feen
she put the pipe down, but forever yeah she was sober
her sons heart simultaneously grew colder
he started hanging out selling bags in the projects
checking the young chicks, looking for hit and run prospects
he was fascinated by material objects
but he understood money never bought respect
he build a reputation cuz he could hustle and steal
but got locked once it didn't hessitate to squeal
so criminals he chilled with didn't think he was real
you see me and niggaz like this have never been equal
I dont project my insurecurity's at other people
he feeded for props like addicts with pipes and needles
so he felt he had to proof to everyone he was evil
a fever minded young man with infinite potetial
the product of a ghetto ... capatalistic mental
coincidentally dropped out of school to sell weed
dancing with the devil, smoked until his eyes would bleed
but he was sick of selling trees and gave in to his greed

Everyone trying to be trife never face the consequences
you propably only did a month for minor offences
ask a nigga doing life if he had another chance
but then again there's always the wicked at new and advanced
dance forever with the devil on a code cell block
but thats what happens when you rape, murder and sell rock
devils used to be gods, angels that fell from the top
there's no diversity because we're burning in the melting pot

[Verse 2]
So Billy started robbing niggaz, anything he could do
he'd get his respect back, in the eyes of his crew
starting fights over little shit, up on the block
stepped up to selling mothers and brothers the crack rock
working overtime for making money for the crack spot
hit the jackpot and wanted to move up to cocaine
for filling the scarface fantasy stuck in his brain
tired of the block niggaz treating him the same
he wanted to be major like the cut throats and the thugs
but when he tried to step to 'em, niggaz showed him no love
they told him any motherfucking coward can sell drugs
any bitch nigga with a gun, can bust slugs
any nigga with a red shirt can front like a blood
even Puffy smoked the motherfucker up in a club
but only a real thug can stab someone till they die
standing in front of them, starring straight into their eyes
Billy realized that these men were well guarded
and they wanted to test him, before business started
suggested raping a bitch to proof he was cold hearted
so now he had a choice between going back to his life
or making money with made men, up in the cife
his dreams about cars and ice, made him agree
a hardcore nigga is all he ever wanted to be
and so he met them friday night at a quarter to three


[Verse 3]
They drove around the projects slow while it was raining
smoking blunts, drinking and joking for entertainment
untill they saw a woman on the street walking alone
three in the morning, coming back from work, on her way home
and so they quietly got out the car and followed her
walking through the projects, the darkness swallowed her
they wrapped her shirt around her head and knocked her onto the floor
this is it kid now you got your chance to be raw
so Billy oaked her up and grapped the chick by the hair
and dragged her into a lobby that had nobody there
she struggled hard but they forced her to go up the stairs
they got to the roof and then held her down on the ground
screaming shut the fuck up and stop moving around
the shirt covered her face, but she screamed the clouts
so Billy stomped on the bitch, until he broken her jaw
the dirty bastards knew exactly what they were doing
they kicked her until they cracked her ribs and she stopped moving
blood leaking through the corpse, she cried silently
and then they all proceeded to rape her violently
Billy was meant to go first, but he ????? turn
ripping her up, and choking her until her throat burned
a broken jaw mumbled for god but they weren't concerned
when they were done and she was lying bloody, broken and broos
one of them niggaz pulled out a brand new twenty-two
they told him that she was a witness of what she'd gone through
and if he killed her he was guaranteed a spot in the crew
he thought about it for a minute, she was practicly dead
and so he leaned over and put the gun right to her head

(Sample from 'Survival of the Fittest' by Mobb Deep)
I'm falling and I can't turn back
I'm falling and I can't turn back

[Verse 4]
Right before he pulled the trigger, and ended her life
he thought about the cold pain with the platinum and ice
and he felt strong standing along with his new brothers
cocked the gat to her head, and pulled back the shirt cover
but what he saw made him start the cringine studder
cuz he was starring into the eyes of his own mother
she looked back at him and cried, cuz he had forsaken her
she cried more painfully, than when they were raping her
his whole world stopped, he couldn't even contiplate
his corruption had succesfully changed his fate
and he remembered how his mom used to come home late
working hard for nothing, cuz now what was he worth
he turned away from the woman that had once given him birth
and crying out to the sky cuz he was lonely and scared
but only the devil responded, cuz god wasn't there
and right then he knew what it was to be empty and cold
and so he jumped off the roof and died with no soul
they say death take you to a better place but I doubt it
after that they killed his mother, and never spoke about it
and listen cuz the story that I'm telling is true
cuz I was there with Billy Jacobs and I raped his mom to
and now the devil follows me everywhere that I go
infact I'm sure he's standing among one of you at my shows
and every street cypher listening to little thugs flowe
he could be standing right next to you, and you wouldn't know
the devil grows inside the hearts of the selvish and wicked
white, brown, yellow and black colored is not restricted
you have a self destructive destiny when your inflicted
and you'll be one of gods children and fell from the top
there's no diversity because we're burning in the melting pot
so when the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never
because the dance with the devil might last you forever

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


KASI LAYAN - Jay-Z and Biggie - brooklyn's finest

Kuh Kuh Kuh. Aku menguap tak habis sebagai ganti kepada tidur. Kan best kalau bulah hisap oksigen macam hisap candu ataupun shisha, namean. Aku hisap je sampai pening kat kepala aku nih hilang pasal tidur berterabur, ye ah, aku takde biological clock, cuma ikutsukaical clock. Aduh peningnya, pasal bila dah terbangun susah nak tidur balik, malas nak tidur, pasal ingat senang nak tidur?! Takes effort too to sleep you know, tak tahu lah kalau aku light sleeper, dulu aku light sleeper, tapi tak tahu canna sekarang dah okay sikit, tapi nak start sleep tuh, satu hal besar.

Hidup aku bosan, kalau aku ada diary, memang aku takkan isi, memang diary tuh akan kering macam pantat, err, pantat perempuan yang takde nafsu. Kot. Hahaha. Aku kena ada girlfriend ke? Tak payahlah, sungguh best hidup macam nih, duit banyak, tak depressed, tak worried, banyak MASA untuk buat benda yang aku suka, cuma lonely and rasa macam, entah ah, kosong, but I guess this is not a good time to have a girl, susah doh. Nak buat benda aku suka dulu, unless dapat girl yang memang understanding tahap dewa, dan sangat perfect, hahaha, a girl who will go with your flow, aduh, camna nak dapat tuh. Hahaha. Selagi tak dapat mimpi jelah. Paula malai ali (air liurrrrrrrrrran).

Anyway. Kuh Kuh Kuh. Peace..

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Kan dalam Akademi Fantasia last sekali dia tendang keluar sorang, pastuh yang lain menangis semua, gila babi nye. Teringat aku pada satu benda..... Hahaha, masa kat asrama dulu, masa member aku kena buang sekolah hahaha, semua kumpul ramai-ramai, fuck kelas, selamba je kumpul kat corridor lepak, sedih ah kira, pastuh ada yang nangis, mintak maaf semua, time tuh memang bengang gila ah dengan sekolah. Hahhaa. Apa buleh buat, junior anjing, semua barua. Anyway. Peace..

Monday, July 05, 2004


Aku dok mendownload banyak movie yang aku miss tengok, kira movie-movie lama yang aku curious nak tengok lah, tapi tak pernah jumpa and all that. Here's a few :-

Dr. Strangelove
Yups, another Kubrick. This is probably one of my fav Kubrick movies. It's funny, dark comedy. It's about the nuclear war, and the scenarios are hilarious, plus, as usual symbolic/metaphorical. Real nice, I gotta say. Check it out.

Donnie Darko
Dark and moody. Pretty boring at times, in a way it's like a Kubrick movie, in the end you'll be going "What the fuck?!", see it if y'all like pondering, I'm too lazy to think. But it's okay, I guess, the mood sucks you in, gloomy and all that.

Requiem for a Dream
Hahaha. Siapa tengok nih akan bertekad tak mau jadi penagih dadah. Quite cun cameraworks and editing, cuma character kurang. Tapi best jugak, everything kinda soaks you in. It's basically a simple movie with a simple story of drug addicts, only the execution is pretty neat. Siapa minah cun tuh, Conelly, buleh tahan.

Above the Rim
Aku tengok nih pasal 2pac je. Simple je cerita nih, typical street story. 2pac seperti biasa lakonan chun walaupun watak dia very stereotypical. The rest okay je, sorang mamat cool tinggi tuh cool gak, tapi entah ah. Decent movie I guess.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the movie
Childhood love. Hehehe. Aku memang sayang gila kat Ninja Turtles, takyah cite ah memang aku bias, favourite aku Donatello btw. Aku menangis gak tengok cerita nih, lots of love man. Nih first punya btw, pasal aku miss tengok masa aku kecik, aku cuma dapat tengok 2 dengan 3, tapi cartoon memang tak pernah miss.

Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke
Hahaha. Kelakar doh, Cheech mamat mexican yang berlakon dalam "Eastside LA" tuh, tahu, yang "Wassapeninnnn?!", Chong mamat tua yang high semacam dalam That 70s Show tuh, yang dulu boss mamat cool kat kedai gambar tuh. Nih cerita lama lah kan, best doh! Kelakar, hahaha, stoner dari mula sampai habis, yang Cheech kecoh gila yang Chong memang stone gila dengan cara cakap "I don't feel so good mannnn, mannn mannn", dengan penuh lemah dengan "mann" dia, hippy gila doh. Hahaha. Effortless betol dua ekor nih, macam bukan movie, macam ikut suka diaorang je. Nice.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Wah, long time no update aaa. Nobody visits this blog anyway so fuck it.

"Anyway" - Quasimoto

Erm, Portugal beat Holland, I was quiet the whole match because I supported both (Favouring Portugal more because of Ronaldo and their excellent midfield and I don't like Nistelrooy much). Pastuh masa corner tuh kan, member aku cakap "Nih mesti goal", pastuh aku sambung ah "Ronaldo tanduk aa tuh". Whkarhkahkga. Sekali betul jadik. Serious doh. Wahkrhkahkgkahhkga.

Y'all know? Nowadays I drive at least 800K/M a week. Wuhuhu. Training, nanti nak jadi kapten kapal, gaji banyak dol. Anyway. Apa lagi nak cerita, tadi banyak masa dalam kereta, whkarhkahkga. Nanti ah, kalau datang datang ah idea doh. Peace..

Friday, June 25, 2004



Wkarhkahkghkaga. Aku malas lah nak cakap apa-apa ah pasal England, bayangkan score minit ke-2, pastuh terus sit back and defend, aku macam, WHAT THE FUCK?! Diaorang nak main bolasepak ke apa nih?! Aku tak tahu pulak nak menang bolasepak kena defend satu gol bukan score lagi banyak gol pada lawan, bosan ah taktik macam nih, aku tahu ah kononnya "TACTICAL", tapi asal bila satu team tuh attack dengan bagus takde orang nak cakap "TACTICAL" pulak, asal defend je, tactical lah tuh, butoh, main bolasepak lah, berhenti main rugby, dah lah team rugby England pun bosan gila. Warkhhahkga. Tak belajar lagi ke daripada pengalaman dengan France, Portugal sama gak macam France, dari awal sampai akhir tak give-up, attack attack attack, ada 1 goalkeeper 4 pemain defence, 5 midfield, dengan 1 striker, diaorang akan main posisi masing dan tolong dimana perlu, bukan semua pemain akan defend bila defend tapi tak nak penetrate bila kena attack, BOSAN. Whkarhkahkga, memang aku menyampah gila, kalau defend power gila macam Italy takpe gak. Wahrkhkaga. Satu team aku dah lepas, Spain dah terkandas, tinggal Holland dengan France. Tapi Holland aku kurang minat sangat pasal Nistelrooy, aku tak suka pemain daripada club aku sendiri ini, wakhrhkahkghkaga, dulu aku minat gila partnership Bergkamp-Kluivert, sigh. Tapi malangnye Nistelrooy dah top scorer punya sekarang nih, buleh potong Rooney punya, pasal Rooney dah tempah tiket balik. Wkharhkahkga. Ricardo cool doh, dia bukak glove, dia save penalty lepas kecewa banyak kali kena lobos, aku dapat tengok muka tension tapi determined dia, dah lepas tuh teros dia yang amik penalty dengan cool. Respect dohhhhhhhh.

"Technically, Portugal are a really good side. They had some shots, but not very much inside the box." - Sven Goran Erikkson

Statement paling kelakar dalam Euro 2004. Kalau dah 9 pemain dia kalau tak 11 berkampung "Inside the box" aku rasa bola pun tak muat masuk. Bodoh. Kalau buleh aku rasa dia nak 11 pemain lepak situ je berbual, tapi nak cover punya pasal terpaksa ah keluar keluar sikit. BOSAN, memang patut kalah, BAGOS, GOOD ON ENGLAND. PTUIH. Anyway. Peace..

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Hahaha. Kalau siapa tengok Sweden Denmark, cuba tengok muka keeper Denmark lepas kena penalti yang dia silap tuh : PRICELESS. Wahkrahkhkga, lakonan yang kurang bagos, kononnya nak buat muka "Oi apa nih mana ada penalti", sambil tangan terangkat sedikit dengan kurang ikhlas, YE KAMI PERCAYA, wakhrahkghkahkgkahga. Jahat doh diaorang nih, tapi padan muka Italy, haaaaaaa time time camnih baru gheti nak main bola, kalau tidak tunggu bola je ye, baru kau tahu. Peace..



Wkharhkahkgahhkga. Kecewa gila muka sekor-sekor 1 saat selepas muka gembira. Wakhrahkghkahkghka. Aku berasa amat, wakhrhkahkgahkga, kesian jugak, tapi, TAK kesian ah. Wakhrahkga. Peace..

Laydiefa : aku memang tahu kau nih gay lama dah
Memang ah aku gay dengan kau kalau aku perempuan. Wakhrhahkga. Jilat jilat hisap. ULANG. Warkhahkhga. Peace..

Monday, June 21, 2004


Aduhai, aku memang nak dua-dua Portugal dengan Spain lepas, apa buleh buat. Tapi Portugal memang patut menang pun, memang diaorang main cun gila, this is football man, sepanjang match aku tengok dua-dua team cuma nak score goal je, itu aje. Portugal memang midfield paling perform, lagi lagi Ronaldo dah start, memang dia torture defence spain, aku tak sangka dia buleh hebat macam nih untuk negara, tambah pulak dengan abang dia Figo, gila doh, kiri kanan penyangak. Defend pun cun, solid, dua-dua centreback, andare dengan cavalho (ini ke nama dia?). Puas puas, tapi sayang Spain tak lepas. Argh. Anyway. Peace..

Saturday, June 19, 2004

A Few Pissoffers

Yeah, people who don't signal piss me off, there's two times when you don't have to signal, when there's no one around, and when you decide to piss me off. Really, can't they just have a little courtesy to signal, sometimes people just wait for nothing at a junction cause an asshole doesn't signal, what's so hard about it, it's so easy sometimes I use my limited jedi power to signal, fuck, I even do it with style, yeah I do, I mean what better way to do something that most people seem too asshole to do by then doing it with style and grace, yeah, I signal muthafuckah, and I do it with an attitude. Fuck you non-signalling assholes.

Also, my littlest sister and her cousin, whenever they go around the house, they like to sing/hum, yes they do, I have no idea how they do it so effortlessly, yes, I get bugged by how little girls can piss me off so effortlessly, fuck it, it's so effortless once I caught them singing without moving their lips, and they just love to come around my room when I'm asleep, it's okay if they just stay there and watch my other sisters playin' the pc or something, but they come and go, yes, nothing more annoying than LALALALALALALALLAA --------silence-------- LALALALALALALLALALALA -----silence----- LALALLALAAHMMMMMMMMM. I think by the time they reach their 20's they've already covered every note and rhythm in the world, fuck it, every song. Anyway. Peace..

Selepas Tujuh

Oi. Nobody told me Kevon Edmonds was a former member of After 7. Oi Aida! Tak pernah bagitahu pon. Fuck fuck. It's all ill yo! Peace..


KASI LAYAN - Kevon Edmonds - no love

Aku baru lah nak tengok Van Helsing, baru sekejap dah rasa aura kegenerican dan
keboringan, mengantuk pulak, wahkrhkaga, terus tidur, set jam pukul 2:45 pasal nak tengok bola pastuh aku tak pasti samada jam tak bunyik atau aku yang tak sedar, tapi aku sedar dalam pukul 4, dan sekarang pukul 7.

Aku dah dapat tengok balik Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, hahaha sedih doh, menangis doh tengok, tapi cool, teringat masa kecik kecik, favourite doh, fav turtle aku donatello.

Wow, betapa hebatnya kuasa downloadan sampai aku sanggup delete porno porno yang dikumpul dari pelbagai sumber to make way for more mp3s and videos! Wahrkahkhkga. Beberapa album aku baru download (Bukan lah album baru pon) :-

Aesop Rock - labor days
Canibus - rip the jacker
Raekwon - only built 4 cuban linx
Redman - dare iz a darkside
The Pharcyde - bizarre ride II
The Pharcyde - labcabincalifornia

Wahh, semua hip hop classic belaka. Fook fook fook. Susah doh nak carik rnb punya album kat internet. Fuck lah. Maksud aku rnb betullah bukan rnb plastic kat t.v tuh.

Takde apa-apa nak cerita pasal hidup aku nih. Cuma aku balik kejap ke JB untuk register, itu jelah, then balik sini, whkarhahkga, bosan doh hidop, takde ah bosan sangat, tapi tetap ah bosan, tapi nak kata bosan sangat, tak boleh gak, buleh kata, entah ah, aku malas gak nak fikir pagi pagi nih, dah lah pukul 7, cantona 7, nahmean?!

Dahlah dah lama takde benda aku bengang sooooooooo. Lepak doh, aku ada bengang kat something hari tuh, aku lupa pulak apenda, tak tulis pulak, aku memang malas menulis, lagi-lagi nak tulis apa aku buat. Ohh, dear diary today I downloaded more pronzz and wanked. What the fucking fuck.

RANDOM THOUGHTS :- Dulu aku ingat laydiefa mak nyah. Warhkahkghkagaa.

BTW. By the fucking wayyyyyyyy, wayyyyyyyoooooo waiyo! Nongkrong sih. Layan lagu nih weh :- THE PHARCYDE - OTHA FISH, you know there's other fish in the seas that isssssssssssssssssssssssss, you know there's other fish in the seas that issssssssssssss.

Ahh lonely nye aku. Peace..