Tuesday, November 23, 2004

San Andrea Corr

Yeah I just got GTA : San Andreas a few weeks ago. It's fucking good muthafuckah, of course I'll have to get used to the so-not-in-control ps2 gamepad, but oh well, at least you pc fucks have to wait till spring 2005. Yes, sleepless nights of course, during the fasting month, I just stayed up playing it until sahur, after that will play for a little bit more then off to sleep. Of course now I've slowed down, maybe because of the FUCKING STUPID AIRPLANE BULLSHIT. I hate any mission involving stupid airplanes, especially toy ones, who the fuck finishes those sort of missions anyway, assholes I would've guessed, it pissed me off down to my fucking bacterias, fucking airplanes. How the fuck does one control one, fuck it. Okay, I'll be back with reviews of old new shit I've been watching.

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