Saturday, December 25, 2004

Spiderman Sucks

Tempered Mental - honestly
Project AK - prtotyp funk
Project AK - bring it back 2 back

I just finished the The Incredibles DVD I just bought. It was fucking ill!

The characters remind me of R2D2 and C3P0, why? Because R2D2 is a fucking sliding cylinder while C3P0 can't move a shit on his face, yet, you won't realize all that, because they have more character than human actors in most movies. Just like the Incredibles were just fucking colours moving.

This movie to me, is perfect, some people said it was boring, what the fuck? I don't get that, one of my friends said it was TWO THUMBS UP, he was right 100%. I was totally in awe because the only time I've watched good movies like this recently were like, throwback titles. This is a masterpiece, earlier viewing got me totally impressed with the animation, yes, they're not actually realistic, everything was clearly cartoonish yet I won't have it any other way, everything seemed so smooth and beautiful.

Having said that, you don't expect good storylines, good characters, etc etc to follow, since we've been fed with too many bullshit like the new Star Wars trilogy (And countless other craps), well, you'll be dissapointed, everything was so good. Brad Bird has worked with Disney (Who he ran away from cause they started to suck milk or in his words "Were like master chefs cooking hot dogs") and The Simpsons, so obviously he had the capabilities to get everything spot on, especially the family theme. I liked the laidback drama atmosphere throughout the build-up to the actions, I liked the dialogues, they were witty and entertaining. And uh, I'm not a fan of action but well, only mindless action, this movie is filled with brilliantly setup action, each with its cause, each with a sense of desperation since you really felt for the characters.

Well, a great movie, really. Hmm, I know I'm late, but I'm always late, plus, I don't go to the cinemas much so I just wait for the crystal clear DVD from your friendly neighbourhood piratemen. Oh btw, I think this is the best comic revival movie I've seen so far.

Okay, next I'm desperate for some Chow Sing Chee, Kung Fu Hustle comin' up.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Friendster Update

Popular searches in my network :

  1. aku membuka colinya

  2. wholesale hip hop clothing

  3. celah peha

  4. main ngan kakak

  5. coliku

  6. clubbing clothes

  7. new hair styles

  8. sorong tarik

  9. Siti Nurhaliza ramli MS


Yeah I know, I have many perverts in my friendster network. But, for the love of windows98, fuck is up with "clubbing clothes"?! Who the fuck searches the internet for what to wear to go clubbing? Isn't it just too simple, just wear something very small and dark (For the ladies cause if someone who searched for this is male, he doesn't deserve to live). Not that I go clubbing, but oh well, I like to pass by the spots to cleanse my eyes, usually I don't notice the clothes cause I'm focusing on the more delightful parts, but if I do it's usually something dark and hardly visible.

But still, the idea of someone logging on to the internet and seaching for "clubbing clothes", it's just too ridicilous, too fucking funny. Wakhrahkgakhghka. What a dumbass. Hahaha, and for the icing on the cake, the idiot probably couldn't find something satisfactory so he thought searching for "CLUBBING CLOTHES" (All caps) would return better results. Warkhakhgkahgkahgkahgkahkgahkghka. What a dumbfucking dumbass.

Oh and don't get me started on the "wholesale hip hop clothing". What a fucking disaster. Search for BE ELEMENTZ and you will find all the clothing that you need to be that fucking clown in the Royal London Circus. It's bad enough they try to enforce themselves as one of the elements of hip hop, then they had to do the inevitable, design ugly clothes, no it's really ugly, frankly, there are a lot of street/hip hop wear that look stupid, but this is the pinnacle, one of the great mysteries of the universe, how could you do shit like that and get away with it? Seriousfuckingly, I don't fucking get it. You can be the most commercial, cliche, pop, capitalist or whateverthefuck you wanna be, it won't piss people like me off as much if you just fucking do it well. If they're gonna sell all this shit off outside of Malaysia, I hope they use the name of a fictional country, cause I can't bear that shit being from Malaysia. Oh well, it's all in the name of "hip hop".

Joe's Girls

Musiq Soulchild - aimewitue
Neri Per Casso - le ragazze

Props due to Joe Flizzow for organizing the bukit kiara concert. Not that I went. But because of that lots of fino girls were at hartamas, since it's nearby, and after the concert for sure that's where they'll linger. What's an ugly nerd to do but stare and admire. Props.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Naruto's OC

^ Arghhhhh *slurp*slurp*

Just finished watching the OC season 2 episode 5. It's kinda like a teaser, trying to take away the two main cast from the two new okay babes, I mean no way man, Ryan has just escaped from the pretentious slut that is Marissa and you expect him to go back to her over a not bad nerdy girl. I don't like Marissa, I don't understand her significance, all she does is do those pity-me faces, she looks fucking strange, and she's a slut, for the whole fucking first season all she does is fucking flirt, not that I'm against people flirting but when you have no sense of fucking judgement, it's fucking annoying. Fuck her.

But her mom, Julie, is the fucking muthafucking mamacita, she's fucking hot, so is the Cohen mom and her sister, fucking [ fino ], lots of MILFs in here. Actually the adult casts are the better ones in this allthough it's not focused on them. Peter Galagher is a very good actor, he's the best character in here, as the Cohen dad, he's funny as fuck. Ryan has slowly transformed into a nerd in this new season, that's pretty good, he looks more comfortable in this position since I'm sure he's a nerd in real life. And now he looks less like Eminem in 8 mile, more facial expressions.

I can't really stand Cowen, he's just a second choice funny guy, he gets overshadowed by his dad, but oh well, that's why that's his dad, he hasn't graduated to grandmaster smooth yet, plus he's a fucking geek who talks too much, but he's okay, I guess, he gets the girl who looks kinda nice but had a fucking freak haircut, now she's suddenly changed and looks much nicer, man, dykes have ugly haircuts. His last GF, she looks nicer and nicer everytime I look at her. Oh well. Fuck it, the mamas are still first class. Julie. Droooooool.

Then there are the new guys, the fucking gardener who's too unlucky to fall in love with Marissa. And then there's some guy who looks and talks like Ben Aflleck, that's okay, cause I don't hate Ben, the only movies I only remember he was in were the good ones like Dogma, or Chasing Amy or Good Will Hunting, good for him, I don't watch his "safe" movies.

In Naruto there's a lot of characters so most of the time the story does stray away from Naruto, I mean how long can you stand the annoying and extremely loud Naruto, hahaha, I liked Naruto's stories, they're pretty sad, but you know, gotta take a break for a while. However, Sasuke and Sakura are two very boring fucks, I'm just not feeling the both of 'em.

I wrote that ^ without warning didn't I?! Whatever, let's get on.

It's only appropriate that I'm digging the two characters that I can relate to most, the lazy fuck and the fat ass. Shikamaru has had his moment and it was really nice, how he revealed his true potential and eventually be the only one to be promoted to Chuunin status, he's the leader of the pack, and he's a fucking good one, they wouldn't be nowhere without him.

Now it's time for his best friend Chouji, it's fucking sad man, no he's shown his true potential, he's strong as fuck. Yeah, I know pills and all, but it was only for the chakra, the techniques were pretty cowabunga. Been a while since the series got me into it, thanks to the over focusing on sasuke-sakura and those dull-ass filler episodes where even Naruto lost his soul. Can't wait for the next fucking episode, and I hope it's not a sad one.

Oh well I take T.V series too seriously, and I don't even watch them on T.V, it's just too fucking funny.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


KASI LAYAN - Cunninlynguist feat. Tonedeff - love ain't

JIN sucks.

BTW, now why is it that phone calls always arrive on my celly only whenever I take a shit, seriously, or is it me at fault? Did my shit-times coincide with the Local Generic Time (LGT) for making calls? Urkhhhh. But I do have to admit I take long shits, sometimes taking a shit can get very inspirational, I get some of my best lyrics when I'm taking a shit, seriously.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Con Neck Air

Okay, kalau air cond baru lepas servis, pastuh kau baru balik daripada sesuatu yang memenatkan, jangan sesekali bukak air cond pastuh baring baring atas katil tanpa berbaju sebab kau akan secara tak sengaja tertidur pastuh bangun macam ada orang tuang ais cube selori atas badan kau. Urgkhhhhhh. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Worst Come To Worst My Peoples Come First


TI - bring 'em out
Dilated Peoples - worst comes to worst
Dilated Peoples - right and exact (I fucking love this beat, Alchemist Rules!)
Dead Prez - it's bigger than hip hop

Oh and ^ is the theme from Dave Chapelle show. Can't believe someone hosting a popular mainstream show would use Dead Prez' beat as the theme, hahaha, especially when Dead Prez is banned from performing in NY for burning an american flag once (If I'm not mistaken).

I love that show BTW, other than being so fucking funny (As opposed to the dumbass Tom Green and Will Ferrel SNL), Dave is also a true and true New Yorker with mad love for Hip Hop, you can see he's tight with people like Mos Def and The Wu Tang, he gets them in sketches, plus he chooses his weekly guess musical artist very carefully, he's not too bent on milking the commercial bullshit, it's as if he just wants the music he loves on his show (Most cases if not all).

Ohoo. Saw this rapper TI's video on MTV, not bad eh, best dirty south emcee I've heard since Ludacris. Most dirty south emcees are crap (Nelly, Chingy, J-kwon (is he? well if he isn't south then he's crap anyway)). Hahaha. So it's nice to hear some who bring justice to the hype crunk shit dirty south producers like to blast out. And it's nice to see emcees like Ludacris and T.I focus more on their flow then trying to overemphasize their fucking accent thurrrrrr. Accent is the way they talk not catch phrases used to make you sound like an idiot.

Anyway, I've officially abandoned the fucking GTA because of that mutha of all dumbshit idea pilot license bullshit, anyone know a cheat hit me up, it's stupid to me because I can't do that shit, you know, I can stand racing missions, I can stand doing it over and over again to a certain extent, but flying a fucking airplane? What for? Humans haven't learned to fly so I have nobody to run over, fucks. Talk about racing, I'm playin' NFS Underground 2 and stuck with it right now, that's a surprise, I've never really got into racing games, well except when I was 6-7 when I played this old Test Drive game, but that was understandable since that was the only decent game I had on the old fucking school pc which used the big B drive as its fucking OS. Oh yes, I've never really focused on a racing game cause I hate racing, I hate it hate it hate it, I hate pressure, but maybe the airplane bullshit on GTA made me realize that it's not bad after all, plus GTA forces you to drive a lot so I've got the hang of it. I think the Nissan SX2 (Whatever it's name is) is a very good car in the game, I could use for the whole game if I wanted too despite all the new cars (This is one you get among the first batch), then I stumbled upon Audi TT which slightly better anyway, oh well, until I get the big ones. But people say those two cars are good enough for the whole game. I'm playing on medium though, most people start with easy, finish the whole game, then try hard. Well, whatever.

I watched The Terminal. It's very good, ignore the loopholes in the plot. It's sad and funny. Tom Hanks is very good, well we all know that, but yes, he is. He can carry a whole movie with his character, he had to play someone from an unknown country, couldn't speak english well, likes to mumble in bulgarian language, and to think some actors only have to play idiots who ride harleys and date bimbos. You know I have a lot to write, but I've usually either written it on my mind or talked about it to somebody else, the sort of stuff you just have to release, and by the time I get here, I either don't bother writing about it anymore, or completely forgot. No that's not an excuse, I mean it's not JUST an excuse, it's a very good one. Have a nice day. Peace.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Tribute to Man Utd's new Signings

KASI LAYAN :- Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes - i miss you (Dedicated to Cantona).

It's been a rocky season but the recent revival has been a relief, whatever it is at least Sir AF has been totally on point with the signings this time around. Well it's december, and there might be more signings during the January transfer window (Unlikely though), here are this season's signings so far, and why they're good.

Alan Smith (AM/FW RC) (My most recent fav Man Utd player)

I enjoyed watching him play with Leeds, if I had to choose a fav player at Leeds it would be him, now he's here, I'm just too fucking happy, I know a lot of Man Utd fans have been skeptical, but it took only one match for the turnover. Now everyone loves him, he's a cult figure. He doesn't have the best technical abilities or the most beautiful skills, but he's a warrior, he gives 110% every match (This is a very common phrase to describe him). Plus he's a fucking thug, I-don't-give-a-fuck-who-you-are, you know what, even if it was Schmeichel fucking him up he ain't gonna be pulling punches. He's a fucking warrior.

Gabriel Heinze (D L/C)

Another warrior-type figure. Another player, who came in with skeptics all over him. It's all because of his devotion to his country, he came here late, but kept same devotion, that DL position is officially his from his first match, didn't take long just like Smith. He's a very strong player, always wins headers and a natural defender, he guards the half with impulse at times.

Wayne Rooney (AM/FW RLC)

No skeptics for this one, we all know what he's capable off, I must say he's quite a bargain, he's only 19, and after Euro, his club was really playing up his price. He brings a new dimension to the attack, he's like the continuity to Ronaldo, adding to the squad flair and skills, he's a also an excellent finisher, just look at his goals, cool as fuck, has been unlucky not to score more, always tries his best. Needs to learn from Smith on how to be a smooth thug.