Thursday, August 28, 2008

about malaysia-today being blocked, some blog award tag, and ketuanan melayu

am'a have to skip satire for this entry. i can't be a redneck all the time, i haven't gotten my mullet yet.

ok i like reading rpk's conspiracty theories, i don't necessary have to believe in them but that won't stop me from enjoying the reading. the main address was dns blocked by those communist idiots but you can still access it from HERE, spread the word.

our government will insult our intelligence every chance they get. as if we're sheeps who could be easily duped by any form of information. the media is fucked up in terms of fairness and everybody knows this. the biasness is too fucking blatant. mainstream media is all government controlled, and all that the opposition have is the internet, and a few limited distribution papers. and now they wanna try to block blogs. look dogg, this would be okay, if we were a communist nation ruled by a cunt dictator! but we're not, so what the fuck?

they assume we're all stupid. look dogg, you have the advantage of mainstream media, the people have two options to chose from, mainstream media which is obviously more easily accessible and attractive, and the alternative media which is admittedly quiet fucked up and requires a lot of reading, we all know malaysians hate reading, especially me. and PLUS, the alternative media itself is not totally opposition controlled, it just so happens that the opposition is so fucking bloody good at it, ask yourself why you fucking cunts. imagine if the mainstream media was a free market, how massive DE FAIL will fall upon your cunting communist ass.

argkh i'm pissed. actually i'm not really that pissed, i'm still cool, if you ladies give me a handjob.

i propose a solution. if you government cunts don't want me to call you cunts cunts anymore (believe me you'll want this cause my blog is so popular, influential and has so much traffic rpk has a conspiracy theory that my blog is actually google) this is my proposal: you block rtm, tv3 and utusan redneck. if they could be accessed through a different channel/way, be it. but block them. if the viewers tune in to tv3 a big ass text saying CANNOT FIND STATION will appear, and then a naked dictator hunting alligator with a spiked cock will start fucking all you communist cunts in the ear. a happy ending for all. fuck all y'all.

oh yeah. i got tagged and nominated for something:

the rules:


It should been done according to the following rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Put the link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put the link to the blog.
5. Leave a massage, err, message for your nominees

sebonar eh aku tak faham, adakah setelah kena nominate aku layak untuk ikut semua rules nih. ke kena ada vote. kalau kena ada vote, bagi aku masa untuk tuduh semua lawan-lawan aku peliwat, agen yahudi, agen cina, and peniaga yang jual hak melayu.


yang nominate aku is NEEM. terima kasih. berbaloi darah redneck mengalir di sanubari aku. also tahniah sebab menominate blog yang banyak unsur lancap, taik and THE SEVEN WORDS sebagai kreativ. aku rasa aku tak layak (rendah diri ala melayu), and f.y.i. aku pernah tangan aku injured and hampir tak buleh gerak, tapi aku still buleh muster enough energy somehow untuk lancap, cebok berak, and tunjuk fuck kat cermin. tak salah, lancap bebaskan endorfin pastuh kita rasa tenang, tak caya tanya gorilla, berak release haba so kita rasa sejuk, tunjuk fuck kat cermin buleh tanam sifat humility sikit kat diri nih. adik-adik jangan cuba ye kalau belum cukup umur, kang lancap keluar angin kecewa, kang abang kau ingat ada tayar pancit pastuh dia masuk bilik kau dah jadi satu scene awkward. eh cipet melalot. mmm cipet.

lepas aku perati gambar award nih betol-betol, design dia semua. aku rasa responsibility aku untuk kembalikan award nih kepada golongan yang sepatutnya. no offence intended, cuma letak benda balik ke tempat asal. so aku nominate blog-blog nih:

1. Lakaran Kehidupan
2. LeeUK1972
3. Confession On A Dance Floor
4. Meh Sini Kak Bedah Nak Ngompang!!
5. Ini lah dunia ku...

okay semua tuh nominess aku. akhirnya logo award nih dah kembali ke kampung halamannya, aku tak nak donga pasa ekau lagi jang oi.

and aku takkan tinggalkan apa-apa mesej so takde fitnah, and in case aku menceburi bidang politik in the future, aku tak nak sabotaj masa depan aku sendiri dowh haha.

massage on the other hand. haha. on the other hand. i made anotha funny ha ha ha ha. massage nih lagi logic kalau aku yang terima massage daripada mereka. golongan ini dikatakan expert daripada segi massage. walaubagaimanapun aku terpaksa tolak sebab kalau aku nak grip ala-ala mereka aku pun ada tangan yang lebih kurang sama.

tapi 'mak-mak' nih, even though lembut gaya, kebanyakannya badan tough. haha. masa aku budak sekolah lagi kalau terserempak kul 3-4 pagi kat ibukota aku amik detour takut kena pau. gila dowh wakhugeaugheakhukga. jangan maen gila dengan derang ekh respek sket.

p/s: ketuanan melayu harus dijaga. maka dengan itu saya ingin mengumumkan bahawa saya ketandusan "3gp melayu boleh" yang terkini, siapa leh hookup?! terima kasih daun keladi in advance.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

anwar wins permatang pauh by-election

okay first of all i have to get this off my chest. if anwar really did sodomize saiful, i would have to say that he has extremely bad taste. i finally got to see what saiful looked like when the swearing video surfaced, and he looked like a faggot. why would anwar wanna sodomize a faggot? (see what i did there, i am so ironic). but real talk, no homo - if i was/am a notorious perpetrator of sodomy and lust i wouldn't hit that, infact i would rather hit one of the keadilan chicks. if you let me put this in a different way, erm - i'm straight, but i would rather fuck a guy than fuck a chick the equivalent of saiful.


not that dude is straight ugly or something, it's just that he looks like a soulless empty faggot, if he had a pussy it would probably be devoid of any form of clit and vaginal discharge making it a soulless empty hole of nothingness incapable of fulfilling any sort of pleasure at all - be it carnal, not carnal, or orale carnal!. if you put your dick into that pussy, it would be like putting it inside atmosphere, which you are already doing right now anyway so what's the point? so anwar, if u truly love sodomy, please have better taste, you're a man of power, you could acquire for yourself any form of male possible. how about this dude (on the right) for example:

or you could crossover this side and start recruiting 'coffee boys' that look like these lovelies:


and no disrespect intended to saiful. it's just a personal opinion, for all i know he's an interesting person who you could have endless conversations about art and shit and shit with. lalz.

ok now on to the topic at hand. why do i always have to start with some unrelated shit. krgkh i hate myself. no i don't. hey! okay .. yesterday night i managed to sit on a sofa and enjoy the permatang pauh by-election. except that the enjoyment didn't stem from the tv as most channels were quite reluctant to show shit, especially tv3, actually in tv3's case they are reluctant to show anything anwar even today when all is done and dusted. they were instead more focused on umno members and how wild and violent pkr supporters were during the election although it was the umno members who threw stones at an umno office requesting payment which is strangely something that also happened when i worked with them during the general elections minus the stone throwing. what do pkr supporters know, most of them do it for free, fuck most of them prolly paid to do work. what a bunch of naive losers, aren't they familiar with these two terms - C.R.E.A.M., and F.U.P.M.- cash rules everything around me, and fuck you pay me. this is why they're not the leaders of this great nation, they don't throw stones demanding for payment, what a bunch of barbarians.

here are a few notes on this by-election:

- our boombastic dpm and other various great umno leaders were right when they conceded defeat claiming "democracy 'was still alive' in the country and was not being manipulated as claimed by certain quarters".

SCOFFS, fucking pkr leaders. don't you know that if you win, that means we didn't try to cheat not even one bit? SCOFFS AGAIN. hello it's simple logic DUH. only if we win, you could claim democracy wasn't alive and is being manipulated, but if you win, DUH i can't concentrate on writing just thinking about how devoid of logic these opposition sheeps are.

- phantom voters? SCOFFS. those voters were permatang pauh residents especially the indonesians. SCOFFS check your history, back in 1998 many permatang pauh residents had to move to indonesia for a while because anwar is gay and then they came back but decided to live in some other place other than permatang pauh because anwar is gay. so they have to come back to vote here since they didn't change their addresses. and those from melaka, they came here to campaign, didn't you know? melaka is a different time zone, sure spr said no campaigning after 12 midnight but in melaka the time zone is different so they campaign much later cause anwar is gay and a sodomite. plus, although we sent them, what guarantee is there that they're not voting for anwar? huh? gotcha.

and also, of course the police had to capture that dude that tried to stop those busses allegedly carrying phantom voters. didn't you see him? the police definitely had to rough him up a bit too, he was obviously indian.

and all those inconsistencies spr ever had about voters list bla bla bla yaba yaba yaba please don't bother me with boring shit, get your shit together pakatan rakyat, or should i say, pakatan zakar ke dubur? (laughs).

- the polling day being a working day, the saiful and najib swearing in the mosque, the fuel price amendment before the announced amendment which was september, and etc etc etc all had nothing to do with the by-elections. it was just a coincidence that the election came when those things happened. and the dna thingy too, how would we know that before we rushed the dna bill we would need dna from anwar, sheesh you opposition donkeys, you speculate too much, nobody could predict the past!

- did i mention pkr supporters were wild and violent? this one guy threw a fit and started throwing bottles somewhere and all. although the rest didn't do the same i'm pretty sure they had it in them somewhere, what a bunch of barbarians.

- khairy jamaluddin is now sporting a nice looking beard. KJ FOR PM! although najib is also an explosive contender.

- look, some people are saying us umno-ers were too focused on personal attacks when campaigning for votes. sodomy this swearing in the mosque that this that anwar is gay and corrupt and likes to sodomize blabber blabber blabber. don't be daft, we need to tell everybody that anwar is a sodomite because we don't want a sodomite winning this election and (probably) leading the nation. let me ask you a rhetorical question, if you're in the middle of kuala lumpur city centre and you're hailing a cab to go home, would you like it if your taxi driver is a sodomite? exactly.

economy and the state of the nation? sheesh details details details, the rakyat want tales of sodomy, we give them tales of sodomy. if the rakyat don't want tales of sodomy. fuck them, they don't know what they want, what they want is tales of sodomy, and we give them exactly that.

- anwar to this day still hasn't sworn in the mosque, he's too occupied with trying to do it step by step like go to mahkamah syariah bla bla bla (whatever that is) sheesh, people, details details, why don't you just get on with the swearing. we'll give you time, we will assume you're innocent until a certain time limit, faggot.

- najib has already sworn that he didn't know altantuya. i think the courts shouldn't interfere with his life anymore. for fuck's sake he has sworn get off his case already you heathens. the maintenance of lawyers and judges and rule of law whatever whatever is a burden towards this country's economy. and anwar wants to better and maintain all this AND subsidize petrol, both at the same time? SCOFFS, someone tell this jester of a man how clueless he really is about economy. he lost a debate to our minister of information, how much would a minister of information know about economy? SCOFFS, apparently more than anwar, according to unbiased media like utusan malaysia.

- i agree with mahathir, the malaysian pm who unlike pak lah, has at least never controlled the media like a communist or accuse someone of sodomy before that someone has even started going to the courts, when he said that most permatang pauh voters didn't even wanna vote for pkr - they just didn't want to vote for bn. try watching tv3, those people in the footages don't carry any pakatan rakyat flags at all. when i watched tv3 all i could see over there are bn flags, everyone was bn, bn here and bn there. tv3 is a reliable unbiased source of news, so this proves that everyone there were actually bn supporters who didn't want to vote for bn, they don't even know what pakatan rakyat or pkr is.

- lastly, anwar did not deserve to win. our candidate had the heart of a rakyat, our candidate could speak fluent chinese. would anwar ever love the people enough to do what our candidate did? for fuck's sake our candidate could speak fluent chinese, even lim kit siang couldn't do that.

wait. our candidate could speak fluent chinese? fuck, no wonder we lost. tell that ching chong cheng blabbering douche to go back to china.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i just came back from taking a shit. guess what, after i finished shitting i stared at my shit for a long while. 'fuck, this looks exactly like a big bag of weed'. i was about to grab that shit, cut it and smoke it, while listening to quasimoto (make you eat a lot, maybe go get some nookie)


quasimoto (we flyin' through your neighbourhood at hyper speed)

..when i realized that i don't smoke, so instead, i flushed that shit. plus it smelled like shit anyway.

today, after doing a few shits, i just wanna sit on the sofa and watch the by-election news. the old dude who overpowered some young dude in a national sodomy galore is supposed to win. because if he doesn't, i'll have to hail us redneck malays as geniuses.

before the by-election, us redneck malays made young dude who got overpowered by some old dude in a national sodomy galore swear in a mosque that he was overpowered by some old dude in a national sodomy galore, gave out tonnes of money to election state locals, witnessed our boombastic leader swear in the election state local mosque about an almost a year old allegation, reduced oil price despite saying we weren't gunna till september, - and claimed it all had nothing to do with the permatang pauh by-election. us redneck malays are smooth people. we're like that dude in that eddie murphy joke (not the shaggy song), our girlfriend could be witnessing us cheating on her with her own eyes and we'd be like 'it wasn't me' and our girlfriend'll be like 'okay' cause we make her go GAARGKKKKHHHHHHHHH when we fuckin' and we also hate chinese and indian people, but we guarantee you that we represent all races.

it's raining heavily. we had like about what one or two month of okay weather then it's all back to this.

come on baby, let's go get wet........

Friday, August 22, 2008

"tapi saya tak suka yang well done" - kata asmidar kepada ali setan a.k.a. some shit i've watched

i'm really refreshed nowadays, which in turn helps my attention span. it is cured, in a way, or to a certain extent. i must admit i still have a bunch of films in the vault i must yet haven't visited, but i have watched more in these 40 or so days than the other months this year combined (an exaggeration). i have managed to enjoy films i have been meaning to watch, randomly obtained, needed to re-watch (or not), and even some relatively new ones. i'm going to review some of them one by one, and by review i mean blog-style bimboistic conversationalistic (by the standards of a normal human being who does not sound like a walking roger ebert article) anti-literature comments.

monster's ball (a "movie" re-watch, as opposed to "a certain scene" re-watch, you would know what i mean if you've seen the movie)
i endured the cinema taped vcd for this one. and now i remember why, it's kind of a nice movie. and not just because i'm biased towards billy bob thornton, halle berry's tits, and their 'unification'. also not just because mos def and the late heath ledger were in it. (don't make me mention puff daddy, shit i already did. fuck. actually he was kinda okay as an actor, i mean he's no tupac or mos def, but he wasn't bad).

grosse point blank (randomly obtained)
a really funny cusack flick. has his cute sister in it. jeremy pivens, and some familiar 90's spillover 80's faces. an established assassin goes back to his hometown to reluctantly attend a high school reunion. yes, chaos ensues, and it's funny.

the big lebowski (obligatory monthly (daily) rewatch)
i'm sorry i did not need to re-watch this one but i just had to (again times infinity). the last copy i had had some kind of timing error towards the end. i will find all sorts of excuses to re-watch "the dude" and synchronizingly deliver dialogues with him especially during the "opinion" part. i mean we don't have to do homework anymore how else more dignified could i fulfill my sinful desire to give out excuses.

groundhog day (randomly obtained)
just like grosse point blank, another one of those old 90's movies that i don't remember knowing anything about. when i read the plotline on imdb i thought it was going to be boring gimmicky shit typical of movies made when i was still listening to 4u2c but it wasn't. it was more typical of romantic comedies back when romantic comedies were romantic and comedic.

clerks, chasing amy, mallrats, jay and silent bob strike back, clerks 2 (the kevin smith flashback)
i think i'm missing dogma here. oh well i did get bored of it after re-watching the vcd too much. jersey girl, sorry i don't intend to watch that at all. erm. okay let's see, jay and silent bob strike back i watched on vcd when it came out. i discovered clerks through randomly buying dvds. chasing amy i discovered through specifically buying dvds. mallrats and clerks 2 obviously through internet download. jason lee and jeff anderson are my heroes from the view askew universe. kevin smith paired them up with whiny smug arsecunts (ben affleck, and that ugly white dude with the beard). and these arsecunts were the main focus of their respective films (except for mallrats, which was awesome just because jason lee was given more screentime). fuck them. jason lee and jeff anderson 4 lyfe. porch monkey 4 lyfe.

ghost world (much needed re-watch)
when i first watched this shit it was on vcd (just came out) and i didn't know it was critically acclaimed and scarlett johanssoned. the vcd was a cinema copy and you just can't watch ghost world in this circumstance. i believe i didn't even finish it. years later which is incidentally this year it was time for a re-visit. very nice movie. now i know, ever since she was a teenager scarlett johansson couldn't act for shit but is hawt. nice movie. btw, the otha chick who was also in american beauty in this movie, had one of the nicest body a woman could have (she apparently gained some weight for the role), us redneck malays would refer to it as 'berair' (watery), or 'mantap' (no translation could ever do this one justice).

Trading Places and Coming to America (nostalgia pillaging re-watches)
had to just pile these two together. two trademark gimmicky eddie murphy that you enjoyed as a kid and should be left that way. no they don't age well, yes i should have known better, yes i shouldn't have poked the bee hive of movies-that-don't-age-well nostalgia.

the new guy (like ghost world, a re-watch from the vcd era)
i enjoyed this when i first watched it. it actually kinda sucks.

mean girls (randomly obtained, lindsay lohan pre-crack whore has nice tits)
pretty decent. and lohan is kinda hawt.

you don't mess with the zohan (don't you check out billboards, duh obviously new shit)
back in uni, nearly everytime me and my friends skip morning class, we would waste those hours away watching happy gilmore. adam sandler was kind of like a hero of sorts. but he kinda sucked so bad after that. the i'm too shy to talk voice he uses to woo women pisses me off. but this movie kinda surprised me, he was bearable. maybe cause he had to sport a thick jew accent. i thought this movie was kinda decent. and what better way to compliment us muslims than to cast the badass spike lee staple john turturro as a palestinian.

k-pax (a re-watch, i think?)
if it's not a re-watch, it's that fucking fucked up quality on the vcd back in the days. i must've skipped this one cause of that, but remembered some of my friends enduring the cinema taping and liking it. so a re-visit. it is kinda nice. the dude (jeff bridges) is in it, and he will forever be the dude i mean awesome. kevin spacey is in it and he is awesome as always.

mean machine (re-watch)
it's okay. it's not that great. vinnie jones needs more leading roles in better movies.

notes on a scandal (randomly obtained)
i don't know why this feels so british. i know it's a british film and yada yada yada but i think only the british could execute something like this. btw, it's not bad at all.

lucky louie (tv) (randomly obtained through a recommendation)
really love the old school sitcom feel. really goot unconventional sitcom. i say this because most unconventional sitcoms don't subscribe to the sitcom mood anymore and therefore might not even want the sitcom label. but this one still does, albeit a more old school 80's 90's feel, which is really dope.

it's always sunny in philadelphia (tv) (randomly obtained through a recommendation)
crazy white people. that sums it all up. not too bad. quite nice actually. although i enjoyed the first season more than the others. somehow when penguin arrived shit got too crazy and hectic and shit and the characters seem to have lost some of their, urm, characteristics. the theme song is classic.

persepolis (been wanting to watch?)
i always approach the idea of watching animation with caution no matter how critically acclaimed it could be. i call this irrational fear, or maybe just pure blind hatred for cartoons. especially considering the fact that i have never been letdown, infact it has always left me inspired, or touched (and not in a by a priest (or myself) sort of way). i watched this one just now after days of much unneeded deliberation, a movie based on the autobiographical graphic novel of the same name by marjane satrapi. this film reminded me of pixar and studio ghibli ones in terms of emotional effect despite the glaring contrast animation technique-wise. notably how they were able to make me really feel what the character is feeling and what is conveyed by the story. one major quality of modern animation that has begun to actively rival and overpower most corny live action contemporary offerings. to tell you the truth, not too dynamic of a plot to unveil here for someone not foreign to the subject but the way this shit was done, pretty goot. quite an achievement for animation consisting mostly of flat 2-d flash comic-like illustrations. well done.





on another note. the hollywood remake of my sassy girl has surfaced. ergh, blasphemy. haha. sorry but i happen to think that the korean original is probably my favourite romantic comedy ever (so far). haha, fucked up right, that's just the way i are bitches, fuck you, i love this movie, it made me laugh and later on piss my eyes. and fuck hollywood.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


oh yeah did everyone hear about the uitm issue. apparently some selangor minister is wrong for wanting some university to accept non-malay students.

wow i tell you ah. we don't have the right to diss U.S.A. in any way at all.

if george w. bush ruled this country he would be the happiest man on earth.

he would probably hail the malay race as the most perfect race on earth.

you remember that picture of the drinking water pipe in the days of african slavery in america. okay i can't find that picture anywhere but here's how it is. the whites get a nice big ass pipe to drink from, and the blacks get a small ass fucked up looking pipe to drink from and the water streams directly from the whites' shit.

okay. try to imagine that.

let's call it the "fucked up drinking water pipe back in the racial segregation days".

the fucking redneck malays in this country, have managed to take that "fucked up drinking water pipe back in the racial segregation days" concept and model it into the system of the whole fucking country.

in this particular case, a whole fucking university. and after one apparently non-redneck malay agreed with another apparently non-redneck malay's suggestion of you know changing a little bit of this fucked up system because well i don't know probably because this system modelled after the infamous "fucked up drinking water pipe back in the racial segregation days" is err i don't know, fucked up? he gets his ass demonstrated upon by thousands of disgruntled benefitants of the "fucked up drinking water pipe back in the racial segregation days" concept, and is probably gonna get some law action shit jammed up his ass.

what do we learn from here?

that we should not question the "fucked up drinking water pipe back in the racial segregation days".


you non malay muthafuckaz betta realize, we came to this country first, we came before the aborogines, infact even pre-creation of earth we kinda got onto the waiting list for this country before everyone else, with down payment.

so you non malay muthafuckaz betta recognize. we deserve all the benefits we can get, because although we're a perfectly perfect race, we still need these benefits and i can't explain the logic right now but fuck you we need the benefits and if you don't like it, you can go back to china or india, or whatever shithole you came from, even though you were born before me and have contributed moar to this country than my lazy blogging instead of doing something productive ass.


Monday, August 18, 2008

sodomi dan sumpah

tadi aku tengah drive, tetiba kat depan aku ada lori yang bawak kereta tuh. tapi takde kereta and dia tengah stationary. so aku macam menghadap ramp. terus aku cakap kat diri sendiri "PERGH KALAU GTA (GRAND THEFT AUTO) NIH SELAMBA JE AKU DRIVE TEROS LAYAN RAMP" (pastuh kereta aku akan melayang ke depan lalu kamera menjadi sinematik, aku akan landing baiknya and dapat duit untuk INSANE STUNT BONUS!). tapi ini bukan gta dowh, kata suara lagi satu kowt, so aku elak and teros drive seperti seadanya.

haha saja je mula entri dengan cerita takde kena mengena.

darah politik aku masih panas, macam tak leh elak. nanti bila anwar dah take over ini negara punya kerajaan, aku nak kerja untuk kerajaan. so aku leh claim anwar liwat aku and buat police report. lepas tuh dapat 5 juta daripada barisan nasional. malangnya nanti barisan nasional dah takde access kepada duit rakyat maka aku takkan dapat 5 juta. haha padan muka aku. malangnya bagi mereka yang cakap "padan muka" kat aku, aku ada plan lain, aku akan berlatih siang malam pastuh menang pingat emas pada olimpik 2012, aku akan masuk acara bagi alasan kerja tak siap. malangnya time tuh kerajaan dah tak offer 1 juta untuk pemenang pingat emas sebab anwar dah guna duit tuh untuk bagi subsidi petrol kat rakyat. time tuh ah rakyat cakap padan muka kat aku. dah aku pun takde idea lain camna nak jadi jutawan dah.

anyway, itu hari ini mamat yang patut di tangkap dan dipenjarakan kerana gagal untuk mengelak dari dirinya diliwat oleh seorang tua yang mempunyai back problems telah bersumpah di dalam masjid atas al-quran bahawa dia diliwat oleh sorang mamat politician nih secara paksaan untuk membuktikan yang dia bukan penipu. memang lah dulu dia tak cakap pulak liwat tuh bukan consensual, and also dia cakap dia tak tahu pun esoknya penamaan calon tuh semua walaupun dia tahu. tapi semua tuh dia tak sumpah so takde hal lah kan?

buat korang-korang yang baca mingguan malaysia atau utusan malaysia je setiap hari mungkin kene bagitahu ah yang first of all sumpah DALAM masjid dengan al-quran nih tak wujud langsung dalam hukum islam. dalam hadhari mungkin ah wujod tapi dalam islam pra-hadhari tak.

kau tak percaya? kau pergi tanya imam yang coordinate sumpah tuh sendiri wujud ke tak, aku berani bet dia akan cakap tak wujud and dia terpaksa buat akibat pressure dari pihak-pihak tertentu. aku berani sebab memang dah ada orang tanya pun direct kat dia and itulah jawapan dia. lagipun scratch that sebab memang tak wujud pun! kalau ada pun sumpah ialah antara suami isteri and tak silap aku isteri anwar bukan sorang mamat dropout uniten yang gagah serta perkasa asalkan lawannya bukan seorang tua yang ada back problems.

dahlah sumpah tuh tak wujud. sumpah atas al-quran pulak tuh lagilah tak logik langsung kalau wujud. habis masa zaman rasulullah s.a.w. diaorang sumpah atas apa? atas kepala mamat yang hafal al-quran?

tuan guru pun dah cakap sumpah atas holy book nih cara kristian. bukan cara kita. bukan nak cakap cara kristian salah ke apa tapi itu dah bukan cara kita.

lagi satu, lepas aku baca suratkhabar-suratkhabar melayu kita yang UNBIASED TAHAP DEWA, aku dapat impression yang mamat dropout uniten yang tak akan kaya 5 juta nih telah menghandle kes ini dengan CARA ISLAM, so anwar seorang tua dengan back problems tetapi possibly selalu pergi gym dan mempunyai konek yang licin sebab boleh overpower seorang mamat, liwat, pastuh tak meninggalkan apa apa kesan langsung BILA LAGI BAI?

bila lagi kau nak ikut cara islam anwar? orang umno semua dah bising tuh. bilo laie jang oi?



tolong ah wey. bak kata jaafar onn tolongggggggg ah.

aku dah confused nih.

mahkamah syariah tuh sebenarnya untuk orang orang buddha ke?

entahlah aku pun tak tahu dowh. pening kepala.

tapi aku cakap kat anwar, apakata kau sumpah je cam biasa. dalam speech kau kau sumpah je macam p. ramlee selalu buat kat gadis gadis old school yang chun melechoonz lalz. takyah masjid and al-quran sebab tak wujud hukum sumpah dalam masjid and al-quran nih. kau sedap sedap nak menggunakan masjid and al-quran. sumpah tuh sindri pun aku tak sure cara islam ke tak.

tapi aku tahu apa dowh. aku hanya rakyat yang tak berguna. umno kan pejuang hukum islam paling unggul seunggul ayatollah khomeini.


anyway. kalau ada korang yang sokong kuat pak lah serta mahathir dua orang tokoh islam yang gemar mempertahankan cara islam buktinya apabila mereka menggesa anwar ibrahim supaya melaksanakan cara islam itu secepat mungkin kalau anwar anak jantan dan tetap rasa bersumpah dalam masjid atas al-quran tuh cara islam (and mahkamah syariah tuh apparently, bukan). apa kata korang terima challenge gus dur.

Former Indonesian president Abdurrahman Wahid, the titular leader of the Nadhlatul Ulama (NU), the largest Muslim social organisation in the world, today described as "unislamic" the practice of swearing on the Quran.

"I challenge anybody to open the law books of Islam [to prove otherwise]," said the man who is popularly referred to as Gus Dur. He is a graduate in syariah, a qualification he obtained in 1970 from the University of Baghdad.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

tak salah

apeciteh dah lama tak apdet blog.


masa aku gi holiday kat hong kong awal tahun nih. everytime aku berak aku dapat taik solid baek-nya. serious dowh. taik aku semuanya macam dildo yang panjang gila, jenis yang 2 awek yang ada pantat dalam gila buleh share. gila best doh perasaan taik solid yang panjang keluar dari buntut. wow. tapi kat malaysia susah gila nak dapat camtuh. nak kata tak makan sayur ke makan dowh. kat hong kong bukan makan sayur pun, maybe makanan dia kene dengan perut aku. entah ah. ataupun cuaca. masih suatu misteri. oh berak solid aku perlukanmu seperti aku perlukan cinta.

ituh je idea penulisan yang aku ada buat masa nih.