Thursday, September 02, 2010

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a few days ago i watched this british movie 'four lions'. it's hilarious! the comedy is a bit dark seeing as it is after all british, and the guy who directed it has also worked on this great news spoof program 'brass eye'. i would recommend it to anyone with a good sense of humour, it's just funny, the characters are funny, the dialogues, i found myself laughing out loud a lotta times regardless if what they're up to is something seriously dangerous such as one of the dudes pointing a bazooka the wrong way destroying his own base and this other dude trying to teach a crow how to suicide bomb.

i love the characters. i wish this group of actors would do more comedy flicks, they're very good. i watched what is probably the best performance i've seen on late show with david letterman. it was by janelle monae who i first heard through her beautifully sung chorus on big boi's album. in the show, alongside a band she did a rendition of her song 'tightrope'.

her vocal control, showmanship and the band, wow. watch out for the horn section's part near the end it's great. right now i'm watching this show 'how not to live your life' it's really funny and laid back, and full of hopeless loserliness, my kind of atmosphere. the main dude has a funny (deliberate, i hope) way of saying things for example pronouncing no way jose as 'no way joe say', or yoghurt as yo-gaht, or something. i have a thing for pispronunciations (in this bracket i am pointing out that was a david brent reference). i also started watching 'modern family', it's funny with funny characters but it's too conveniently heartwarming, as if what every character needed to be convinced to change how they think or well, their 'character', is an episode. still, some of the characters are so funny such as the 'cool' dad, the gay, the siblings, the milf (she reminds me of susie from 'curb your enthusiasm'), etc.

i like 'parks & recreation', it grew on me, at first it was just okay but i learned to like the characters. some of them are just priceless, like RON SWANSON, he's badass, and also aubrey plaza who's method of speech is monotonously hilarious. 'community' is okay, but like most american comedies it suffers from loathsome and corny lead characters syndrome, kinda like 'how i met your mother', don't you just hate the main character he's euw. i hate it when corny white american guys try to be charming, i'm racist. the supporting cast steals the show though, particularly abed, troy, and chevy chase (yeah he's in it, cool right). abed is a rare character, he's a geek, no i mean a real geek, not made up awkward self-hating no redeeming qualities geek that's strangely 'in' right now (read jay baruchel), abed is unapologetically geeky. he smilingly reminds me of bill haverchuck from freaks and geeks.

i don't get this herd-ish justin bieber hate fest. he can sing, he's got catchy songs, end of story. he's also still a kid, so you fucks are all either bullies or sadistic closeted pedos. the new season of 'entourage' is halfway through, it's still pretty much entourage, fact paced soap constantly placing the characters into all sorts of predicaments for them to glamorously climb out of. which is why i always get sucked in. one weird thing though, it took vince quite some time to finally develop into an asshole, and ultimately what caused it, was love. ironic right? when he was a playa he was probably the nicest in the show. prince is so badass. it's been more than a year already but i still can't get over his lead guitar part in the george harrison tribute. it's wow.

oh yeah that new sherlock tv series is not bad at all. the casting especially, is great. it's way better than the movie. i like lady gaga's song 'monster', and her first single 'just dance'. waka flocka flame is BOW BOW BOW i love his image, that's how real men look like, big bellied and rugged. his live shows are awesome, it's rowdy as fuck. do you guys like this song 'you and your sister' by the late chris bell (member of big star, whose song was used as the theme for 'that 70's show')

i like it very much. he has a very sad wishful voice, another song of his is also very bittersweet, my friend gave it to me some time ago, 'i am the cosmos'. i feel remp-it has one of most realistic script when it comes to local movies. jason statham has such a calm assuring voice, if he smoothly announces that he wants to kick my ass i will hypnotically bend over in a second. i have to admit i have never checked out his work post-guy ritchie, i loved him in the guy ritchie movies but ignored his action star filmography until expendables sparked my interest. so i checked out both installments of 'crank', not bad, quite flashy and gimmicky, and weird. i checked 'transporter', a moody action film, not too bad in a ridiculous cheap action movie sorta way. i also checked out 'the bank job', not an action flick by any means but i overlooked it back then despite it being critically acclaimed, very nice movie. i guess after having seen his prominent action star works, i must say expendables really brought out his full potential. he deserves some shine for being so badass, and in expendables - alternating krav maga with shooting guns and throwing shurikens (wtf this sentence alone screams top quality action porn). can't wait to see the sequel. there better be a sequel.

i bought a plasma ball last month, or was it the month before that. pretty nifty little thing to have in your room. have you guys ever heard of this 70s malaysian/singaporean band called 'truck'? i really like this song of theirs called 'these words i sing for you'. it's quite dreamy.

'party down' is a nice show, pity it got cancelled. i enjoyed watching 'summer heights high' very much. it's an australian mockumentary, it came out around 3 years ago but i've never heard of it before this year. the guy responsible for the show plays three people. one of his portrayals is that of a naughty student, and it's very interesting because this series' depiction of high school is probably one of the most accurate in television. the teachers are eerily similar to some of the teachers i've known. there's the new-ish most possibly not married teacher who just at one time loses it and in a naive outburst scolds dude before throwing him out the class, i've experienced something like this before albeit less-dramatic. but the best teacher in the show demonstrates to us the best way to handle dirty-mouthed naughty boys, she just plays along, whenever dude curses or does crude graffitis or any other cheeky shit it doesn't bother her one bit like it did the majority of teachers in the school. she's just full of smile and likes to keep it going by just persistently sneaking in her lessons to him.

it's different from most movies or tv series about teachers handling problematic kids. most of the time the teacher has to do something out of the box or take an extreme approach, and most of the time try to change them. this one just goes with the flow and in a subtle way tames the kid by making him feel respected and nurtured. she does not give his antics the wrong kind of attention by graciously grinning it away easily brushing it off making it trivial instead focusing on teaching him. the kid ends up getting the right kind of attention, probably not the one he wanted, but definitely the one he needed. in the end, rightfully so the boy takes a liking to her and expresses how only she seems to genuinely care for him in his own fuck-word infested way via his essay assignment which goes to show just because something is fuck-word abundant doesn't mean it can't be heartwarming. however, the funniest character in the show has to be: