Monday, June 30, 2008

we can dance the night away

aku terfikir ah, kalau orang berak depan kau masa kau makan kau hilang selera makan tapi kalau orang makan depan kau masa kau berak kau hilang selera berak tak?

aku suka gosok gigi masa tengah berak, ada ironi tak kat situ? macam tengah bersihkan mulut sambil kotorkan lubang bontot. entah ah aku pun tak tahu.

tadi aku drive satu tempat untuk dapatkan satu benda tapi benda tuh takde, jadi apa aku buat? aku dapatkan benda lain, kan senang.

berak taik muntah cendol dengan abc campur muntah awek jepun, cacing dalam baldi, taik air liur muntah taik air kencing campur taik di gaul dengan sudu. katak gaul dengan air longkang yang digaul dengan cuka yang ditambah kicap serta air manggo dengan fresh orange. muntah taik air kencing darah, taik tikus campur dengan taik kucing dengan taik anjing. semua tuh dicampur dengan air mata iguana. aku saje je tulis camnih sebab arituh ada sorang rempit dari city of god ops i mean cheras nih cakap arituh dia baca blog nih sambil makan.


some young dude accused anwar of sodomizing him.


okat let's do some simple science here.

a 60 year old fuck, who is probably lacking a lot of energy due to him being busy as fuck and is not in his prime in terms of health, tried to sodomize this young man, supposedly active dude, and the 60 year old fuck SUCCEEDED?

if that is true, then seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?

isn't the crime here that young man's inability to not be weak and lame?

shouldn't this young dude just turn himself over to the police on the basis that he is the apex of lame? it's not like wan azizah and nurul izzah was holding him up against the wall prison style while anwar is cruising down his hershey highway.


seriously somebody tell me what the fuck is going on here.

argh i can't even scratch my balls right.


i don't care if this is a frame or not, who gives a fuck if anwar is a batty bwoy, at least we know for sure now he's the fucking butch now right?

this is super lame.

this malay government is full of fucking bullshit.

and no i'm not getting out of this country, you get out of this country dirty stinking cunt malays.

Friday, June 27, 2008

edit posts

oh yeah anybody know this blog where the girl wrote about things she was scared of and it included frogs? i dunno i kinda left a comment there, and then i forgot what blog it was cause i kinda liked reading it and even though i usually put blogs i liked reading immediately in the links (or cunts) section in this blog i kinda forgot to put this one on it? like fuck. anyone? help.

oh and yeah, i'm fucking scared of frogs, petrified.

i have girlfriends in big cities that i don't even know of

first off r.i.p. George Carlin. although youze a godless heathen, you are an inspiration.


i tried to watch the russia spain semi.

actually i didn't. i totally forgot about it, went to sleep at about 9:30pm. woke up at about 12am. but don't start dissing my sleeping game, that sleep felt like a full 8 hours baby slumber. maybe cause i was tired.

i watched a bit of dexter season 2 which i have been putting off watching, it's as dope as the first one so far.

just a bit, then i remembered oh yeah there's footie today with one of the teams i support, spain, pendejo la puta pinche mamon ramona rahmana jins shamsuddin. erm, anyway so i watched a bit of it since my attention span sucks.

the spain national anthem sounds nice

the russian national anthem can only remind me of call of duty 4. do you get me? if you don't then VAIIYOOOOSSS DELLL MASIIIHHHHHHHHHH LALALALALLA.

thing is whenever i play call of duty 4 i always pick the terrorist team because somewhere in my heart there's a moon that glows everytime i kill a whitey and this moon will make me feel all warm inside. there's two type of terrorists in this game (and in the world according to whiteys for that matter) - arabs and russians. everytime the russians win the russian national anthem will play for a while, and it's pretty cool. especially in comparison to when the whiteys win and some generic gay ass kid rocky distorted guitar bullshit will go off.

i've known this guy since he was a teenager but only now do i realize, puyol looks like that dumbass hobbit in lord of the rings. and by this time you'll be going which one? i meant the gay one, frodo? no the other one, whatshisname? no, the other one, whashisface? no the other one, that gay hobbit? no the other one, there's only about four main hobbits? oh yeah they're all dumb and gay, anyway, it's that hobbit that fucked up and gandalf took him on a ride, show us the meaning of haste! that's cool, old tall hairy mages with pretty horses are cool.

russia's zhirkov, he's a cool player, real good on the flanks, unfortunately everytime the brit commentator mentions his name is sounds like "jerkoff". a run down the left by jerkoff, he's only 23, what a bright prospect, oh there's jerkoff again, jerking off in the middle of field to protest the referee's decision, what a jerkoff.

and i have to say this although portugal are already out, nuno gomez looks like daniel-san, the karate kid, and yes i've only realized this in euro 2008.

my ability to express is reaching critical miii. (i assume the opposite of mass is miss since the opposite of max is min). i can explain this. take the ma and mi. x to n is about 11 alphabets. reverse s back 11 alphabets and you get i, thus miii. that's right homies, i dropped science like pushing einstein off a cliff.

i'd rather wrinkle gracefully than tighten loathefully.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

ronaldo must go

this entry was made about two years ago, after the world cup. when cristiano ronaldo started to flirt with real madrid. i'm like fine, faggot, fucking go already.

to quote a little bit just to show how pissed off i was:
"But fuck Ronaldo, the bitch wants to run, fine, sell him for a fucking fortune and get some muthafuckaz who can actually play (Ribery? Mascherano? Torres? Why Fucking Not?) football without having bad skin complexion, stupid looking gel heavy hairstyle, running like he's on a treadmill with not enough rubber, cries like a bitch when confronted by Ruud - who the fuck would cry because of Ruud other than to stop from laughing at the odd construction of his facial bone, does stepovers that could very well prove fortune tellers might not be lying when they say they can predict your future as everyone seem to know he's going to do it before he does"

i was pissed off as a piss kidney alright.

however, he did not go, man utd managed to convince him to stay. and guess what, he fucking blazed the epl for two seasons, the first one was dope as fuck, and the one that just ended, he was the fucking top scorer, everyone was licking his balls and smooching his pimples.

and now, he wants to go, again.

and guess what? i don't give a fuck. who gives a fuck if he was crazy in those two seasons. i still carry the same sentiment, go bitch, go, you fucking portugese hair changing every day faggot. okay i know your ass is good, youze a good player, but you're a fucking douchebag. you could very well have the potential to be better than my idols giggs or cantona, but you can never be even 1/69th of the men they are. you nut muncher, everybody thinks you're a faggot no matter how good you play. oh your team got kicked out of euro 2008 by the hitlers, boo hoo hoo. cry bitch cry, that's all you ever do, other than score goals, err oh eh yeah mm fuck you.

who gives a fuck really. i don't know why fergie loves this boy so much. yo dawg, you could get fucking 70mils for the cunt. how many young players can you buy for that money, a whole fucking lot, if wenger had 70mil, he would build a new team altogether, with 22 players who will pass the ball around like it was a whore with a bag of weed.

sell that bitch already. he plays like a football goddess but who gives a fuck anyway, he's still a douche and everybody else still thinks he's as gay as a long scarf. yo fergie, you remember what this team was built on? you should, it was built on muthafuckaz who will play their guts off without having to take a shower in the morning or dry england's supply of hair gels. about muthafuckaz who will not piss off the gaffer, shut up and do as the gaffer do and never fucking cross him. no one, not even roy keane, who was the MAIN MAN in my opinion, was above the club.

this faggety fag certainly isn't. and he needs to go.

come on fergie, remember beckham? he was a fag right? you used him up and you fucked him off. we've already used up ronaldo in my opinion, he is starting to develop a big ego which will destroy his ass. you've used him already trust me, we've won both the fucking champs league and league last season, what the fuck else you need, sell that slore.

everybody say it with me now, "the fag has to go!".

70 fucking mils! world fucking record! i'm pretty sure if we kept him for another season that shit'll drop cause faggots can't prosper, the age of diving is going down, real men are coming back, facial hair, uncombed hair, territorial pissing, testicle grabbing, revenge tackles, it's all coming back in the next decade! there's no room for fairies and their asshole looking fancy boots.

70 fucking mils...............

just take the piss and buy the whole argentina and brazil youth teams.

mierda hedionda

tonight i could've started a revolution. the fuel prices are hurting everyone. i must go to the city and start a riot, let those mufuckaz on top know, mufucka. however when i reached petronas' maybank atm all of it was out of service, my wallet had just enough money for dinner, not enough petrol to even get to the city. so i drove home, bought some take away mamak food. and am now substituting revolution for potential friction later on with the help of amateur porn.

this country is built on blatant racism and classism. everytime i go through a road block i'll see a lineup of cars stopped on the side, all the drivers being chinese or indian. back when i drove a cheaper car i will always get more stares. now that i drive a not so luxurious but bigger car i don't get that stare that much anymore. once i was on my way to hartamas and got caught up in that road block in that road that not many cars pass by. as i got to the block the police was questioning some chinese dude in a wira in front of me. it took quite some time. so i was a bit anxious, and nervous. when the dude was finally let off and it's my turn, the policeman dude barely used his torch light, he just smiled at his friend while signalling for me to move on.

although i did start this shit with writing about racism and classism, and both could've been solid factors (chinese, wira) there are two other possible theories why this happened:

- the policeman was gay and thought i was cute so he smiled and let me off without checking anything at all.

- i was blasting "4u2c - kembalilah fiona" loudly. he must've heard it somehow and was nostalgic and all and was looking at his friend, smiling, going "yo kau ingat bila kita cover lagu nih masa kat talentime sekolah dulu?" (yo remember when we covered this song back in school talentime?). and because he felt warm and fuzzy inside he wasn't in the mood to interrogate the source of all those feelings. and as i drove away swiftly enough, i escaped the part where he and his friend realized back then when they performed that song they were booed off stage, got thrown random food, and since then were bullied by the dominative specimens for every school season they had left (which is why they ended up becoming policemen later on in life).

although hip hop came later in my life as a kid some of it had always kinda had an impression on me, namely shit like 4u2c, do the bartman, fresh prince, kriss kross, naughty by nature, public enemy, and beastie boys. maybe because they were pretty popular back then. one day in boarding school i was walking by the corridor connecting the hostel and the dining hall, i saw a small football poster with the slogan "fight for your right". the first thing that came to mind was beastie boys dope ass song YOU GOTTA FIGHT! FOR YOUR RIGHT! TO PARRRTEYYYYYYYYYYYYY. so i was like, someone in this school digs beastie boys, kewl dewd.

turned out it wasn't beastie boys and i should've expected, i wasn't schooling in kl or any other bigger cities. it was actually acab's (skinhead band) song fight for your right. the famous version being a ska flavoured badly grammared brit accented catchy tune. everybody was humming it nearly everyday. oh well, should've known. still, it was dope how underground music was really prominent in my school. still, it would've been pretty dope to have a friend who liked rap, who listened to ratm like i did, but at the same time, it felt unique to be the only one in my batch who listened to ratm.

when i was a child i was naughty as fuck. i used to get number one all the time in class and ask the teacher to appoint me as something, class head or prefect, but they never did. when you were a child you don't know you're naughty, i know i didn't, i wasn't being naughty, i was just being me. i only realized why the teachers never gave me any sort of responsibility despite my super cleverness when i was older and calmer and the direct opposite. one day during a reformasi/reformation rally or something i met my old principal, he told me back then i always had to be called up to his room and caned, lalz. daym. there's a reason for everything, and all this fat, baby, it made me nice.

they put heroin in fast food. how else can we explain the addiction. it doesn't even taste nice. it's like when you were a child and kfc was divine. the mashed potato i used to eat it all day until the fam went to england and i tasted actual mashed potato, and fish and chips, and all that, fuck. i mean nowadays, everytime after i eat kfc i feel dirty, it's like as if i masturbated to a picture of my girlfriend's best friend or something. i always get the crave but after fulfilling it it doesn't feel good anymore. i realize it sucked. but i keep coming back. exactly like drugs, after the whole ecstasy endorphin shit you start to come down and it sucks (not that i've tried any, just info from friends), and you start to regret, but you keep coming back. so all i have to say is, i repeat, they put heroin in fast food, and i want them to switch to marijuana.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

aku hidup dalam blue

do not be alarmed if i am different than how i write. if you see me and you hear me using different words arranged in different ways. if i even look different than what i might make you think. do not be surprised. me writing is not me out there. i am not me, me am not i. there is another me that i keep, we co-exist, we are two different beings but we co-exist. we divide and conquer, or divide and get to that shit. one is the one doing all the work, the other is the one sleeping and fucking super models inside the mind. i'm not talking about thoughts or anything. i'm talking about an actual me. i am inside my mind, i'm looking through the eyes. the eyes = one big projecter screen nearby my bed. i am chilling here only watching if i feel like it, whenever i don't feel like it the other me continues doing whatever needs to be done to continue being me consistent or not. but if i feel like coming out i will come out. and let the other me rest in my mind, chilling, fucking supermodels, or normal wimmin, you know, "i don't discriminate, i regulate every shade" /size/shape "of the ass". i can control me like i control a game character, click of the mouse, i can do that, all while sitting on the sofa, the other hand occupied by a karipap. nyum nyum nyum. i am not a regular human being, i am built like one, but operated like a robot, the most advanced robot you will ever get to know about or see. you don't know all this, although i have just informed you, you will forget all this right about .. now.

and so i wake up with the last dreamy escapade still occupying my mind. stumbling about here and there. vision blurry as fuck. looking for the edge of the bed. what happened? the bell rung, but no one was there, because the bell did not ring. a tinge of sonic hallucination did. a sense of urgency and confusion developed in a split second, out of nowhere, for no reason. get me out of this phantasm quick i move every limb of mine physically or meta-physically i wasn't sure but it works. if only this and reality could form a coalition and weed out their faults to create an ideal world. if you ever reach the 7th dimension you would see what i see. the journey might take some time but once you reach there, there is no limit to what crazy shit you can see or experience.

malangnya tadi aku dapat tidur 1 setengah jam jeh tak sempat sampai. fuck. baru nak masuk alam mimpi dah terbangun dengan kepala dan bontot berat. berak pagi mungkin buleh settle kan dua dua keberatan.

sekali-sekala tampar diri sendiri dua kali apa salahnya.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

perasan itu menolong kita untuk menjadi insan yang lebih mampan (a.k.a. penyangak dan lagu-lagu underground dulu dia suka yang dia terjumpa balik)

cam best lak jumpa forum yang leh download lagu-lagu underground lokel yang lama. takdelah semua yang aku suka dulu aku jumpa situ tapi most of it.

dulu, masa aku kat sekolah dalam 97 98 aku suka sangat underground nih tapi tak pergi gig semua aku dalam penjara.

keluar penjara layan lah gigs. gig pertama lagonpalooza. dapatlah tengok the official! band skinhead fevret. dapat tengok butterfingers. dan macam-macam lagi, tapi ter-miss lyme and koffin kanser semua tapi gig-gig lepas tuh dapat ah tengok kan.

sambil tuh layan lagu-lagu apa yang buleh cekup.

masa belajar kat universiti mulalah revolusi internet. aku selalu gi cyber cafe.

mula-mula tak layan sangat cc, layan snuker je dengan budak-budak tak betol. mula-mula layan snuker kat tempat kedai rumah dodgy gila, pedih mata aku kena dengan asap colok cina tuh sebab dia pasang tempat sembahyang kat tempat snuker. pastuh kat luar ada tempat kuda. semua budak-budak tak betol mesti keluar lepak situ. kat sebelah ada cc yang dodgy gila, tapi cukop lah untuk layan mirc kejap kalau bosan.

lepas tuh lepas dah geti naek bas atau tumpang kereta senior sekolah dulu yang sama uni dapatlah upgrade ke taman u. upgrade tempat je, rutin sama je snuker-kuda-cc. best jugak lah.

tapi nih masa tahun satu, masa bebudak biasa yang lain belum start merempit lagi. semua tidur awal. setiap malam lah aku balik sorang-sorang buat muka seposen sambil pass by pak guard melayu muda yang pandang slack tapi tak buat apa-apa pun (bijak). lepas tuh kena naik tingkat 5 sebab junior semua tingkat paling atas, dalam gelap, sorang-sorang, layan lah bunyik selipar sendiri heret kat lantai, nasib baik lah itu je bunyik yang wujud. maybe blok aku je kot senyap sikit, budak-budak tak betol nih blok lain. lama-lama budak budak lain pun cam dah bosan tidur semua pun layan keluar jugak lah.

so aku pun ada lah geng yang dekat and sama kelas untuk lepak kat taman uni nih. dan oleh kerana mereka semua pada dasarnya geek macam aku yang mula-mula perasan tak geek padahal dalam hati sangatlah geek, kitorang lebih suka lepak cc most of the time, snuker kuda semua tuh optional jeh.

rutin dah ditukar.

ada satu cc nih, cam dia bawah tempat internet, atas tempat game lan. so camnih, awal malam ramai awek chatting mirc so layan bawah dulu. haa. lagipun bawah ada amoi amoi yang jaga cc, cute lah jugak. aku rasa aku tak pernah terlancap kat tandas dia, ada member aku pernah kot, tapi aku pernah lancap kat cc lain kat bandar jb tuh cerita lain kot wauhkgheahkuga pasal ternampak amoi mantap yang dressing cam jepun cerita lain cerita laen. okay bila dah malam sket semua naek atas, layan game lan. maenlah starcraft. tah pape ah cite nih padahal aku nak tulis pasal bende lain.

aku nak tulis pasal masa kat bawah layan internet. aku suka surf nak dengar lagu lagu. tak cukup layan lagu-lagu underground kat keset, carik website yang kadang-kadang letak real audio. ada satu website nih semua lagu pilgrims the letak situ, aku cam layan lagu-lagu pilgrims yang lama-lama gitu yang aku rasa time penyanyi dia bukan bob tuh kot. tapi bila nostalgia balik di era sekarang aku tak dapat jumpa balik lagu lagu pilgrims tuh so cam geram ah sebab ahh aku suka gila, lagu-lagu dia punk sikit tapi sweet. sekali baru semalam aku jumpa! argh fuck orgasma endorfina! haha lagu fevret aku the pilgrims - celebrating mother. aku tak tahu ah aku memang suka lagu tuh dengan muzik dia yang catchy sweet old school, nyanyian yang pelat siket dengan suara melayu sekolah menengah yang best, dan suara latar suara melayu sekolah menengah rendah cam form 2-3 camtuh lalz.

kat sini jugak aku mula start layan hip hop. specifically wu tang dengan cypress, aku carik website yang ada real audio derang. layanlah sorang sorang, tak ramai member nak ber hip hop dengan. nak buat camna. lepak stesen bas ada budak dressing hip hop lalu semua orang rempit uni nih dah start jerit jerit poyo poyo poyo. aku senyap jelah padahal dalam hati cam cool gak mamat nih dressing wauhkgehahkuaga.

kat jb selalu gak gi gig hardcore. takdelah layan hardcore sangat tapi pergi jelah semata mata nak ikut trend undergrounder. member aku perangai yang dah layan muzik hc sebelum aku (sekarang rock n roll sejati kot) pernah kasi dengar visionville hardcore compilation. compilation lama kot. sampai sekarang tak jumpa balek. dalam compilation tuh ada n.e.t. (legendary jb hardcore band), disaster funhouse, chronic mass, dengan project a.k., dengan satu lagi band aku tak ingat. daym best gella.

masa sekolah memang layan project a.k., tapi daripada ep against kounterplot dia, dalam compilation nih ada lagu lagu project a.k. versi sebelum ep, jauh lagi best! lagi punk sikit style dengan pacing dia. tapi yelah, mana nak carik balik compilation dia, masa dah lama sikit lepas hilang keset tuh pernah lah try carik kat pertama, tanya kat apek tuh dia kata 'lu layan hardcore kah? wa talak jumpa itu apa compilation lu mintak ah, tapi cuba lu try dengar nih', dia kasi lak aku dengar slipknot, aku cam 'okay gak', kasi beli wahkugeaghkuga teros layan slipknot jap kejap sebelum sedar diaorang poyo. anyway, semalam aku jumpa salah satu lagu project a.k. dari kompilasi itu! project a.k. - bring it back! dengan lagu chronic mass - togetherness sekali! adik sungguh happy!

okay kita be kind rewind sket. masa kat sekolah budak budak semua suka layan a.c.a.b., aku antara minoriti yang lebih menjurus kepada the official. maybe pasal aku dulu budak j.b. kan, kena sapot sket jb riot! haha. sampai buat t-shirt pun letak riot kat t-shirt pasal aku ditugaskan design t-shirt batch aku. haha gila kelakar design, ada kartun dua orang mamat samseng lah konon kat belakang, sorang pakai baju petak petak ala chicano pegang baseball bat, sorang lagi seluar pendek dengan boot ala pantera. kat depan ada cam logo tangan tunjuk fuck dengan dua jari ala-ala british nye flip off. dulu aku tak tahu apa maksud bende tuh, cam member aku cerita dia pernah tengok budak skinhead j.b. buat camtuh, aku main letak jelah, pastuh letak nama sekolah riot! haha, pastuh ada istilah 'macho bole' kat mana-mana ntah, inside joke.

fokus balik. the official. aku suka gila e.p. j.b. riot dia! ada kaset je, itupun dah hilang. argh. layan gila kat penjara, album baru baru dia semua menjurus ke emosional sikit, the first lagi raw dan punk. tak jumpa argh mana nak carik. semalam, aku jumpa! the whole fucking ep! aku masih ingat lagi a few of the lyrics! jb riot oi! jb riot oi! jb riot oi! live forevah!

haha. b4 this memang ada a few lagu-lagu yang aku dah jumpa. stomping ground nye lagu aku jumpa kat myspace dia. stomping ground - from within. gila layan bassline dengan jerit. infectious maggots aku jumpa kat musiccanteen. carburetor dung - boo hoo clapping song yang original bukan yang jemapoh jumpa kat mana tah aku terlupa, myspace derang kot.

ada lah lagi banyak yang dah jumpa, dan banyak yang tak jumpa. kalau lah terjumpa mamat underground yang simpan semua lagu dolu-dolu kan senang.

antara yang aku nak ialah butterfingers nye lagu-lagu yang sebelum 1.2 milligrams. aku ada terdengar dalam satu mixtape dubbing nih dulu pinjam kat member. hmm.

tak kesah lah.

yang penting banyak lagu-lagu underground lama aku dah jumpa. and aku sayang lagu lagu nih. and aku sayang underground masa 90's, banyak lagu-lagu yang bagi aku sweet walaupun ganas, macam ada certain apa tah, nostalgia mungkin, tapi memang facts masa 90's banyak underground best. cuma sayang at the same time aku tak dig hip hop as well. bila dah masuk tahun 2000 baru nak start. oh well. fuck it, right, ini bukan role playing game buleh start game baru, teruskanjelah dengan game yang serabut tapi sangat colourful nih. cewah colourful, no homo, wahukgeahkuga.


you know what they say. when you start nostalging too much it's a sign that you desperately need pussy.

here kitty kitty kitty meow. no not you ninja cat.

anyway, sesape nak layan lagu lagu nih sama aku, chat lah dengan aku.

Friday, June 13, 2008

shuffling looks kinda gay but so did a lotta trend shit we followed when we were growing up

although i don't have writer's block cause i can write whatever i want whenever i want to (except if i am being 'mouthfucked by nazis unconcious' - el-p) cause it doesn't have to make sense or meaning, am'a still gonna do this interesting tag game whatever shit from pourpres' blog cause it seems kinda cool. all i have to do is imagine she tagged me. and imagination is a slut, so here we go.

1. How are you feeling today?
Mandrake Som - berimbau
(exactly muthafuckah, i'm feeling berimbau, wahukgeakugauhkga).

2. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Snoop Dogg - pump pump
(would any other shit answer this better? and the answer to that question which was initially an answer to another question, is no).

3. What do you think about very often?
The Masqueraders - please don't try (to take me away to the sky)
(cause you know, the earth is a sphere and shit, and like just cause you take me away to the sky don't mean you gon' be takin' me away to the top or the heavens, nahmsayin'? i'd rather be taken away specifically to heaven. plus if you take me away to the sky what's gonna happen after that then? do you give me a parachute? will ya? even so will the parachute work? will you give me a backup parachute then? plus can the parachute accomodate my weight? and how do i fucking work the parachute anyway it's not like i'm a bloody sky diver, do i look like one? argh).

4. What's your best friend's theme song?
The Velvet Underground - sunday morning
(my best friend edah, haven't been in contact with her for a while. she has big # #, as big as sunday morning (does that make sense? no? fuck you)).

5. What is the story of your life?
Feminin - cinta abadi

6. What is your motto?
Arie Wibowo - singkong dan keju
(when your winamp just shuffled to a badass song, who gives a fuck about mottos, doggie .. sepatttuu muu darii italiii).

7. What’s the best thing about your friends?
The Adams - intro
(err, they don't mind introing me to girls no matter how in vain it would be?).

8. What do you think of the person you like?
Deodato - super strut
(i don't have a crush at all right now but if this is an indication of what she would be like, daym homie she must be a super nubian queen mama with afros and machine guns and shit, on some blaxploitation shit).

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Rancid - ruby soho
(exactly, ruby soho, sound career choice).

10. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Slayer - war ensemble
(courtship is a war my nilla. ask sun tzu).

11. How's your life going?
Emilio Santiago - pelo amor de deus
(erm, i would love to say 'not bad' but err, yeah, i mean, you know, pelo amor de deus is not too off point).

12. What is your hobby/interest?
Butterfingers - love
(nice one winamp).

13. Will you have a happy life?
Ice Cube - gangsta rap made me do it
(when life gives you lemons, you blast it to smithereens with a pump gun).

14. Do people secretly lust after you?
The Clash - spanish bombs
(they do, really, yeah really, spanish honeys, mostly........... hopefully).

15. Will you ever have children?
Michael Jackson - butterflies

16. What song would you strip to?
Guitar Wolf - fujiyama attack
(sumo flaps attack).

17. What is your deep, dark secret?
The Temprees - dedicated to the one i love
(i'm a secret agent?).

18. What will you dance to at your wedding?
2 live crew - face down ass up
(say face down ass up that's the way we like to fuck!
pussy ain't nuthin' but meat on a bone suck it i fuck it i leave it alone!
dick ain't nuthin' but meat on a bone suck it i fuck it i leave it alone!).

(okay i admit the last question wasn't shuffled, i just put that song there cause it's badass).

tak pecaya?! hambek kau.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

petrol price in my raised 78 cents to RM2.70

bla bla bla whine bla bla fuck fuck fuck blablalblablalbalblbbla.

but on the bright side, 2.70 is a pretty cool number.