Friday, June 27, 2008

i have girlfriends in big cities that i don't even know of

first off r.i.p. George Carlin. although youze a godless heathen, you are an inspiration.


i tried to watch the russia spain semi.

actually i didn't. i totally forgot about it, went to sleep at about 9:30pm. woke up at about 12am. but don't start dissing my sleeping game, that sleep felt like a full 8 hours baby slumber. maybe cause i was tired.

i watched a bit of dexter season 2 which i have been putting off watching, it's as dope as the first one so far.

just a bit, then i remembered oh yeah there's footie today with one of the teams i support, spain, pendejo la puta pinche mamon ramona rahmana jins shamsuddin. erm, anyway so i watched a bit of it since my attention span sucks.

the spain national anthem sounds nice

the russian national anthem can only remind me of call of duty 4. do you get me? if you don't then VAIIYOOOOSSS DELLL MASIIIHHHHHHHHHH LALALALALLA.

thing is whenever i play call of duty 4 i always pick the terrorist team because somewhere in my heart there's a moon that glows everytime i kill a whitey and this moon will make me feel all warm inside. there's two type of terrorists in this game (and in the world according to whiteys for that matter) - arabs and russians. everytime the russians win the russian national anthem will play for a while, and it's pretty cool. especially in comparison to when the whiteys win and some generic gay ass kid rocky distorted guitar bullshit will go off.

i've known this guy since he was a teenager but only now do i realize, puyol looks like that dumbass hobbit in lord of the rings. and by this time you'll be going which one? i meant the gay one, frodo? no the other one, whatshisname? no, the other one, whashisface? no the other one, that gay hobbit? no the other one, there's only about four main hobbits? oh yeah they're all dumb and gay, anyway, it's that hobbit that fucked up and gandalf took him on a ride, show us the meaning of haste! that's cool, old tall hairy mages with pretty horses are cool.

russia's zhirkov, he's a cool player, real good on the flanks, unfortunately everytime the brit commentator mentions his name is sounds like "jerkoff". a run down the left by jerkoff, he's only 23, what a bright prospect, oh there's jerkoff again, jerking off in the middle of field to protest the referee's decision, what a jerkoff.

and i have to say this although portugal are already out, nuno gomez looks like daniel-san, the karate kid, and yes i've only realized this in euro 2008.

my ability to express is reaching critical miii. (i assume the opposite of mass is miss since the opposite of max is min). i can explain this. take the ma and mi. x to n is about 11 alphabets. reverse s back 11 alphabets and you get i, thus miii. that's right homies, i dropped science like pushing einstein off a cliff.

i'd rather wrinkle gracefully than tighten loathefully.

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