Thursday, July 29, 2010

some shit i watched and want to review (and now having already finished typing up the entry, have reviewed)

i realize i watch a lotta shit, almost everything that comes out plus all the backdated shit i checked out for the first time or re-watched. so i gotta filter and here's a select few i decided to pseudo-review just because:

i just got home from watching this. it's a very good action flick, i enjoyed it. romance is usually poorly done in action (and romance) movies thus relationships hardly having any effect. but i somehow felt for angelina and her guy in this one, despite having only a few brief shallow scenes they really seemed in love. i can't really explain it and maybe my judgment is not that good but that's what i felt and it made the movie a bit better cause you are really invested in her bionic woman of a character.

one thing about this movie (and basically most hollywood movies with female action heroes) though, anyone notice how uncool the movements of women-kind are when executing action moves? i'm not being sexist or anything wait i am but yeah that's the truth. this got me wondering whether professionally trained female agents do move like this or if they are more man-like thus cooler. i mean jason bourne looked way smoother and impactful bashing a poor swat unit member with his efficient right elbow while planting a c4 with his tongue despite his lack of angelina jolie's face. another clever observation i have already established and would like to ask my readers about is anyone notice how beautiful i look in this movie? no? well not entirely me, you guys do know my lips are the stunt double for jolie's right?

i watched this movie as soon as it was out. i didn't really notice the pre-release hype and the only information i got about it was through the trailer which i liked very much. that's good, cause a fucking shitstorm graced the internet after everybody watched this shit. it's actually much better to watch anything at all with a clear mind and no trace of pre-conceived notions toxining the brain while experiencing.

on first viewing i found it to be an interesting movie quite beautifully made. nolan is certainly better in the art of big budget movie making compared to his current peers. he balances cgi and traditional effects so well making everything look so seamless, and his use of music is very inspiring. although one thing he's not good at is fight scenes, i remembered the excuse dude is a ninja for the fast cuts on his new take on batman, what's the excuse now? if he can balance the fx he can surely apply the same thing to the editing of action instead of with the exception of the gravity-defying sequence making every shooting and sparring seem so claustrophobic as we are unaware of anything except a few people are having a go at each other.

now as the movie has a vague ending, and like memento, has a trust-unworthy narrator it sparks our imaginations and discussions will arise. i actually like this, i don't particularly like trying to figure out something i just like to read other people's opinions and also annoyingly bug my girlfriend with an endless maze of questions. i think it's fun. i also had a second watch, and it probably maybe gave me a clearer picture of the picture. all in all it's a very well-made movie, no need to put it on a pedestal it's just a summer blockbuster that's all. it's not perfect, in fact i personally think the movie's crutch was it had way too many manual of dream-travelling! (read in a bassy british accented announcing voice for no reason) reading in its dialogue, it was almost like listening to a lecture.

but fuck it, it was a good movie anyway, and the casting was great. they managed to take the two actors from two previous annoying indie movies (500 days of summer and juno) and de-annoy them, although i have to concede those two are not bad actors only given poyo roles before this. the others were perfect though, ken watanabe was hawt, the brit dude (he was bronson in bronson) he was hawt with his hawt accent *swoons* and he had the funniest bits of dialogue, c-murph as usual - beautiful, and leo impressed but basically carried on from his shutter island character (i was slightly disappointed he didn't bring along the boston accent with him gotta light thear boss?).

- what really happened in inception
now this is what i think really happened, if it was all a dream or whatever or whatever. *spoilers* my opinion based on carefully cemented facts stemmed from meticulous examining of every bit from the movie is that none of it was a dream everything was real and they were all just collectively taking mushrooms and taking the piss (so was nolan) wahkugeahhukga.

sex and the city 2
we were fully aware of how offensive this flick is supposed to be especially to arab muslims. so other than my lady being a fan of the sex and the city hbo series, we also watched it to witness for ourselves the shittiness since this franchise has only gone downhill since they made the first movie. what i did not expect was that other things about the movie would irk me to the point of making the offensiveness of yank ignorance seem just mildly annoying. the dialogues were eye rolling material, the jokes unfunny, and the main character puts the poyo in poyo. i wouldn't wanna go into details as there are negative reviews in abundance with better explanated scrutinies. all i have to say is the naively judgmental tone carried by the main character all throughout the fucking movie involving remarks such as it's like they don't have a voice is the most ironic shit ever considering how i would gladly petition for her to be banned from ever having an opinion.

comedian louis ck gets an fx show, bless fx. he's had an experience producing a show before with lucky louie on hbo but this time around he's doing something completely different. this show didn't start so great but it gets better with every episode. i really like how random louie gets with what's happening onscreen and his narrating. it's like a scrapbook of various select scenes from his mind. why i like louie so much is because he is really relatable. i mean i enjoy the great comedians with opinions and shit but ultimately i don't give a fuck about what they think about shit i only enjoy them if they're funny about it and if they're not they're just as annoying as annoying preachers cause when you think about it nothing really matters and there is not much difference between conformity and non-conformity or whatever and whatever and i really give a fuck about fuck all.

that's what i like about louie (other than the fact that he's the most whitest guy ever to use the word nigga and still get the adoration of black folks), just like his routines, he doesn't really try to have a tight grasp on a subject, he's just going with the flow and is comfortable saying things for no reason. if he tries to present any semblance of belief over a matter it would usually vaguefy into obscurity and end with him going whether he means it or not whatever i don't really care. watching his tv show now a few times i was nearly fooled into thinking he's trying to say or express something about something with a directed point of view but in the end he subtly opens it all up by suggesting softly a different angle distorting any understanding we might have developed.

there's a great part from this series in which louie brawls with a right-wing friend over a heated disagreement injuring the dude, and on the way back from the hospital they just nonchalantly trade apologies and then recommence their conversation about what's going on nowadays with their respective families except there were no conversations about it at all prior. he doesn't try to make a case for any side in fact he's not afraid to parody his own flaws. whether we like it or not this is how we co-exist in our daily lives, we can build up something inside our minds so much to the point of as we perceive it at first no return but in the end everything could easily be overlooked by simple gestures of going on with life. i am entertained by escapism from real life, but louie amazingly gives me my escape by turning real life into entertainment. or am i reading too much into it, whatever i don't really care.

city island
this is a great low-key family comedy/drama helmed by andy garcia. i was pleasantly surprised. good acting, good script, good story.

i used to be a total hbo-head. but fx is aiming straight for my nonsense and meme-riddled heart and mind what with it's always sunny in philadelphia, louie, and archer which is an animated series about a spy organization. i can't explain it, you have to watch it to fully grasp its unreasonable brilliance. who would've thought a serious recon operative could be a template for so much casually trivial fun. it was so ninja! can't wait for the second season.

the a-team
i was hoping this wouldn't disappoint since the cinema world has already got me kiddy drooling with a-team like flick "the losers", and it didn't! this a-team remake was simply the a-team the series updated to fit the modern times without losing it's magic and charm which is exactly how remakes should be approached. don't expect more than corny (which is good) ridiculous 80s nostalgia shit centered on the camaraderie amongst four colorful characters. what really made a-team a-team were the characters and their interaction with each other. they got it right, and in my opinion even better at times especially with murdoc. i was all giggly like a kid just like when i watched the losers except probably even more since these were familiar characters from my childhood fuck it if they were played by different actors but those actors nailed it! i also laughed loudly every time they are involved in a ridiculous action scene.

i don't really give a fuck if the action scenes don't make sense, four dudes shooting shit from a skydiving tank? four dudes successfully evading being flattened the fuck out by a million falling containers from a giant fucking tanker? why the fuck not who gives a fuck. only one gripe though, it did drag on for a bit and not too second viewing friendly (i still watched it again though) compared to the more neatly-structured the losers.