Saturday, August 26, 2006


Is obviously the EPL transfer deadline, come on Bayern, don't be an asshole, sell the bitch already.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Leave Your Wine

Man Utd is trying to buy Hargreaves, cool.

I'm nearly finished watching my MIND YOUR LANGUAGE collection DVD. You 90s kids might remember this British sitcom being re-run, fuck it I didn't even know this was a 70s show, it's not even dated, you can easily observe most contemporary stupid American instant templated comedy movies trying to imitate its concepts.

However, while when I was a kid I just simply digged it's jokes, the Italian guy's man's man coolness (The curly hair will tell you something is amiss about the rebonded Italian football team though), and Danielle. Now, watching it as an adult (Or basically someone with a brain slightly more developed than a little kid) I realized something I've never realized before. The message. Yes. The hidden message is, if we're all stupid, naive and just naturally good hearted the world would be a safer place. Look at those fucks, they're fucking stupid, not in a George W. Bush way, that's not stupid, that's dumbfuckingdumb, in a, mmmmmmmm, YEAH! HOMER sort of way! Duhh, definitely, they're stupid yet sometimes they say things that stand up comedians waste a lot of coffee just to come up with.

And as amazingly stupid as they are they just don't give a fuck, they're just happy that way, they make fun of everything, the only smart among them is the teacher, and he's a convert himself, seemingly comfortable with the way things are, and alarmingly laidback considering the amount of progress (Or decline) Of his students' knowledge of English recorded since the class first started till the end.

Their accents accentuate just how fucking different they are from each other, racial stereotypes are insulted on an minutes' basis, a few of the students are mortal enemies among themselves, the Chinese girl keeps fucking over every fucking Capitalist she knows or discover, yet they miracufuckinglously get along like Jay and Silent Bob. Is this that ever so elusive type of irony that we as human beings have failed to adopt? Is this that ever so rare type of ignorance that we have failed to embrace? Am I asking these ever so well-constructed questions because I genuinely don't know or because I just want to point out that as humans, we're pretty much fucked up.

Why can't we all just make fun of each other, piss each other off, fight over trivial things like football clubs and women with each other, then go to the bar with each other to shoot darts AT THE DART BOARD and have a good laugh together.

Just kidding, that's never gonna happen, fuck you Anti-Christ.

Okay so Hargreaves, yeah I'm quite happy, he's an underrated player as is Michael Carrick, he's been played out of position and being criticised because of it, just give him that DM place already. I'll be glad to have him in Old Trafford, he'd be a Phil Neville sort of figure who'll run as fuck everywhere to get the ball and then Carrick can distribute it to the right areas and fuck up defences. I hope we get him. Cross ya balls homes.

And the late Barry Evans is just adorable as the English teacher. And Danielle is not as hot nowadays, maybe I had different tastes as a kid, maybe nowadays I'd dig the German chick more, what am I talking about here, Whawuahkhguehga.

Por favor? When that Spanish dude says that it just always gets me, wakuheghahukga, ahhh sawwrightt.

Hmmmmmmmmm, and fuck all this political correctness bullshit, get that wood out ya splintered asses you p.c fucks. Peace.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Sempena Lina Joy melanguk kat tagboard aku aku nak cerita pasal kes Lina Joy, oh ye aku tak tahu apa-apa pun pasal kes tuh, tapi aku rasa memang lancau hukum Melayu = Islam nih, apa lanchau? Shows you how much balls Muslims have, near to none, if you have so much faith in your own beliefs why the fucking paranoia? Why do you need to force shit into people's throats, yeah, balls, have it. It's stupid, tunjuk sikit dalam Al-Quran atau Sunnah yang certain race kena masuk agama Islam teros masa lahir pastuh tak leh tukar sampai bila-bila, kepala lanchau, asal takut sangat orang nak masuk agama lain? Kata berani kerana benar, apa nak takut? Nak orang jadi Muslim pasal terpaksa ke orang jadi Muslim dengan ikhlas, dah lah lanchau racist, apa lanchau melayu bagus sangat ke, melayu nih penyakit, ataupun cult, apa-apa pun aku tak tahu ah, memang penyakit, minah tuh nak masuk Kristian biar ah dia, suka hati dia ah, maybe Muslim keliling dia macam sial dia macam what the fuck is this, baik aku jadi Kristian, lagi baik dari dia jadi munafik apa, what the fuck, idiots, tunjuk sket kat mana cakap dia tak leh keluar Islam sebab dia melayu, tunjuk sikit kat mana cakap orang murtad kena bunuh. Aku bukan menggalakkan murtad, tapi pada aku lagi bahaya munafik a.k.a hipokrit, orang agama apa pun, tak kesah agama apa, kalau dia baek dia memang baik, orang Muslim sekalipun, kalau dia macam puki, memang dia macam puki, puki bai cibai bai bai lanchau chau ok byez.