Friday, February 27, 2009

my 10 favourite post-millenium "indie" albums

although the indie music of this day and age is gay, not all of it is, i can dig some of it you nahh. not all of pitchforkmedia's indie collection is faggotry at its fullest, here are 10 of these new indie shit that i happen to like, in no particular order:

wachtang djobadze - to get it
his name might confuse you a little bit but this dewd's pop-folk makes john mayer sound amateur, easy. His music is simple indie folk with some keyboards thrown in and he's half black so that probably helps his agenda with me a little bit. his voice is dope as fizzuck, and his songwriting is not bad, it has its moments. I mean not all of it is loathsome white boy with a "i-just-woke-up" voice bullshit, at least.

chuwawah spasm - nothing ever goes away
the cover looks a bit like fun 80's rock kinda shit, it is almost the opposite. there is nothing rocking or 80's about this shit, which could be good or bad depending on your taste. i mean this band is fully electronic, there's some vintage whatever synthesizer indie boy crap thrown in but it sounds nice and atmospheric, almost pink floyd like but not quite. not much singing going on, just some random chanting with a little bit of humor or whatever. there's also some screamo elements which is gay but sometimes it seems to go well with the song or the context of the song so whatever right. i like most of the songs in this one.

chris jones - rich in life experience
no penyangak not another indie folk boy bullshit wahukghkauga. actually i thought this was r&b at first, chris jones - chris brown? okay that's fucked up wakhhkugea. it's just another folk indie dude with a lotta relationship problems and uplifting dreamy synthesized orchestra thrown into his music, but it's not bad.

edward douglass white sr. - doing is recording it
some element of this dude's name sounds like he's a jazz musician, some a politician. what a pity he's a mock-indie-folk singer. he's kinda crazy in the head, i don't know if i could classify this as indie but it sure sounds like it, there's even some vampire weekend whatever elements thrown in with some africano thing going in but mostly it's bizarre indie folk with a funny brit accent, wacky album cover too. psycho.

humanaevitae&poland - don't want to learn much
no guilt with liking this one it's super dope. some crazy trippy but fun electronic indie film soundtrack kinda shit with trip hop like vocals. sick as fuck.

kzse - speak in public
some of yawll probably know this group and might not agree with me classifying them as indie, rather as drum n bass. but fuck it the drum n bass scene never picked them up. only the indie kids listen to them, and they're not like orthodox dnb or anything. shit is really something else, there's a lotta new age indie elements thrown in like gay white boy voice, gayish tinkling to whiny instruments, random female gibberishing, etc etc etc mixed with borderline junglish beats. it's a fucked up combination but it works most of the time.

naresuan - even the youngest of us
if you listened to this music you'd realize why i like it, it reminds me of serge gainsbourg and his daughter. i mean yeah the album cover might have some paedophiliac connotations but i prefer to term it as reverse-paedophilia. the chick seems to like older men. fuck it, she can sing, and her music despite the indie label sounds closer to some bjork kinda shit.

un autre univers - inside boxes
probably the world music representative of the indie scene. they're quite big in latin countries. they have like what 500 members, and each play different instruments, on some eclectic shit, but with a touch of modern rhythms. sounds pretentious but if you just take some time to digest it, it's not too bad.

zonkey - others as they see themselves
probably the sexiest indie princess. i discovered her through some faggy indie teen movie ost. she's got a "meaty" voice, whatever that is. her music is mostly trying to mix the trippy and the indie funness, but fuck it just focus on her sexy music and sexy pelvis.

alvsborg - satisfied
save the best for last, this is my favorite out of the lot. i think it's madly underrated, probably cause there's some metal elements in it (don't be fooled by their cover/image arts), reminds me a bit of green jelly. and there's a lotta pop sounding satirical elements in their lyrics. occasionally the songs will drop into some acoustic deliberately faggy sounding shit which is kinda funny, kinda like anal cunt's acoustic albums. i might be cheating here cause this is just borderline indie but fuck it right.

..............there, i did it...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

it's quite weather cool

streamyx's speed is deteriorating so much that wait.. fuck.. i spelled deteriorating right on the first fucking try! no annoying red underlines! ON THE FIRST CUNTING TRY! whakgkuaehkugeakgkaegkeahkgehkaga. priceless shit from yours truly.

that was classic penyangak.


a cause for celebration.

where's my banana.

anyways. yeah it's getting slower. i get it alright i get it. take it slow. one step at a time baby. no need to rush. yeah i get it and all that. but you're a twatting broadband provider not a sweetface rationing me her twat.

that's all i have for today.

on to delicious sandwiches.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

he was fuckin' dope in the wrestler, made me sad. marissa tomei is adorable as fuck. nice.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

classic love story dialogue

girl - "hmm.. can i see it?" (extending legs to touch "it" with feet)
man - "ahh ohh errhh argh"

g - "can i see?" (trying to open something so she could see "it")
m - "i don't i don't err i don't err she thought they were gross"

g - "me too well at least i think i do.. but i've never really seen it close before, can i just look at it?" (still probing)
m - "errr err uh i don't think that's a good idea UH" (nervously)

g - (succesfully getting "it" out in the open) "WOW!"
m - "uhumpr"

g - "how do you walk with that thing?!"
m - "uh" (still nervous, looking around)
g - "is it heavy?" (enthusiastically)
m - "umm.. no. no. .. not really. mm"

g - "woaw! it's so soft.. and warm and.. it's actually not that bad.. i mean.."
m - "akh"
g - "so what's it like when it's hard is it heavier?!" (again, enthusiastically)
m - "um uh.. no.. no..." (squirming)

g - "can i see?!" (again, enthusiastically, in a kindergarten i just saw a snail for the very first time kinda way)
m - "umm what why"
g - "but it's like hard.."
m - "umm listen.. urm, i'm not very comfortable with this at all" (way to state the obvious chuck) "i mean somebody could.. they could.."

g - (totally ignorant of anything else but her wonderment) "WOAW look at that! it's like a timelapse photograph.. it's kinda like a little lamp.. if i rub it will a genie come out?"
m - "umph.. listen.. you better... stop umm"
g - "am i hurting you?"
m - "no.. no.. it doesn't.... 'hurt'.."
g - "does it feel good?"
m - "ukh.. ahh.." (shaking head with a smile which is really neither a yes or a no but obviously a yes)


g - "so how many tonsils have you killed? 1.. 2........... twelve?"

m - "ummmmmmmmm. no please. uawrgkh........ arrgkhhhhhhhhh"

g - "UWOAOW!" (in a loud surfer dude kinda way, think sean penn in fast times, this actually applies to all the other WOAWs as well)

m - "argkhhhhhhhhh"

g - "look at that thing! japanese or what! guys it's whoooshh"

m - "oh shit"


(two women appear out of nowhere looking shocked)

(still shocked)

(one of them faints and falls straight to the ground)

(girl and man looks down)