Sunday, March 26, 2006

Maybe I Should Talk About My Life, Just Kidding, WTF?!?! Pok Pok Pok Bujang Lapok

I'm feeling reviewy right now. Let's see what I've been listening and watching to too.

Banging to what?! Oh yes, that day I walked while listening to the walkman for the first time in my fucking life

  • Non Phixion - rock star - Provides me with one reason why you can't fuck with hip hop. One of the best beats Primo ever made

  • P. Ramlee - aci aci buka pintu - This guy is twisted

  • Thicke - brand new jones - He's white?

  • Snoop Dogg feat. DPG and Warren G - ain't no fun - The reason why Snoop Dogg sucks now and why Kurupt should have been consistent

  • Adam F feat. MC Conrad - f jam (vocal mix) - Some DNB to listen to before you sleep, chill that shit out

  • Dillinja - go dillinja - Only drom n boise can make kentut sound cool

  • Atheist - air VIDEO IN YOUTUBE! - Dayum, on some tight death jazz shit (Find that shit in youtube, you won't regret it)

  • Mocca - life keeps on running - I saw Mocca in person! Fuck yeah, this song is groovy yet meloemotic, whateverthefuck that is

  • Astrud Gilberto - a certain sadness - Obviously sad, nostalgic

  • Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot - la madrague - Yes, is this jiwang or psycho? I'm not sure

  • Rossa - pudar - Yes, I do like this song

What Have I been viewing??!?!?!?!?!?!??!

A Dirty Shame
This is not a movie, this is a straightup let's just fuck around on film without actually fucking around, it's pretty twisted.

Hotel Rwanda
Poor black people on some anarchic shit, I guess I'm attracted to this kind of scenario, partly because I can't relate, it's something very alien to me, you could say it's even sci-fi. This movie is about the Rwandan massacre, militant Hutus taking revenge on Tutsis, well not really, that's the setting, the movie is about a hotel manager who sheltered around a thousand of Tutsi and moderate Hutu refugees from the savage Hutu power brutal murderers. What I like about this movie is the hotel manager himself, Paul, he looks very conventional with his straight face and neat attire, but his type of heroism is indeed, very unconventional, instead of being superman and out of his way to save people, he just keeps doing what he is best at, a hotel manager, to save people, instead of fighting the system, he uses the system, to get what he wants, bribes, redeeming favours, anything at all to temporarily delay murder long enough for him to shame people into bringing them out of the place. And also not forgetting how it reminds you of how fucked up the world is, if Rwanda had oil fucking rednecks would go out of their way to shelter them muthafuckas.

Lord of War
This movie made me wanna dig back my City of God because of the lord of war's dealings with some poor black people from I forgot where, poor black peoples are so cool. This movie is just OK, gangstermovielite, with a setting I'm not familiar with but got used to pretty fast. Nothing standing out.

City of God
One of the best movies ever made. I read that from the dvd cover. It's not too often pirated dvd covers don't lie.

Barry Lyndon
Beautiful, but that's just it. It's Kubrick but I just didn't like this movie that much, not just because it unusually had less sex.

This is probably frenchmovielite, but it's still crazier than the norm, incest, bondage, all caused by a hypnotic mouse, you don't have to make sense to be french.

The Pianist
On some Nazi killing massive Jews shit. I kinda bought this movie because of Adrien Brody, I don't know why, he has some kind of British charm to his face, I don't know what race he is though, he's kinda like what Eric 70's show would look like if he looked good. The good thing about this movie is the fact that his acting was so effective he made my stomach hungry, after heavy dinner, and how he potrayed someone who seems to survive for no reason at all except for human instinct.

Hustle and Flow
Proof that it's not what you do but how you do it. This film is about an aspiring crunk rapper, but it was really good and inspirational, good leading actor too, but crunk is still like King Kong sound effects, too loudly annoying, I'll stick to deth metal thank you very much.

The Aristocrats
The aristocrats is a joke that can be improvised, it starts with a family going into a talent agency to showcase their show - Insert familial phuke inducing sex taboo infusing act like mom sucking dad's dick and dad fucking son's ass and daughter being fucked by dog - and ends with talent agent asking "What do you call yourselves".. "The aristocrats". Yes, the best version to me unsuprisingly was from my childhood hero Bob Saget "Child's eyeballs jumped out, the father with his cock out sees this as an opportunity" (Guess where it goes from here), there's also loads of other comedians with their own take and opinions on it. Huhu. And yes Bob Saget's one dirty muthafuckah, he probably groped the olsen twins when they reached 8 cause 8+8 = legal. Wakhrahkgkagkahga. I couldn't stand to watch a stupid home video show unless he's doing the crazy ass commentary. There's also this other funny one in which "A mother climbs a ladder, the son climbs on top of her, the father smokes cigar, puts it in the mother's asshole, the mother farts makes a ring out of smoke, and the son jumps down into the ring". There's the fuckable Sarah Silverman being fuckable, George Carlin being some kind of serious narrator, Eric Idle (Monty Python) in the DVD specials telling a very funny joke "A guy walks into a bar, another guy hits him on the head with a bottle, the guy asks "Was that a joke or are you serious?", the other guy answers "I was serious", the guy explained "Good, cause I can't stand a joke like that"". Wkahrkahghahkgahkga. Not consistently entertaining, but the certain moments from cult comedy figures are just priceless.

King Kong
Very loud. King Kong sonning the three t-rexes was the shit. The gorilla dick loving girl was CUTE as fuck. The Adrien Brody guy was very strange. King Kong will teach you one thing, true love is when you have made the girl stoop down to your lowly animalistic ways. I wanna be a gorilla, a real one, fucking everyday to get sedated, a true Gorilla, not on some fake shit like 50 cent.

Graveyard of Fireflies
One of the saddest movies I have ever watched. And it's a fucking cartoon!

The Man
Stupid template autopilot odd couple comedy shit with two good actors.

Stupid template Jet Li shit. Okay it's not stupid, just mindless.

Okay romantic comedy. But still boring and unfunny. The hero, made out to be a funny type of guy, is not funny at all. But there was a part in the end, after they broke up, in which the guy saw the girl in the bar from the door glass pane, they stared eye-to-eye and their good memories flashed one by one, that was really beautiful.

Magnificient Seven
Autopilot Seven Samurai shit. But reminded you of the times when Americans were actually cool (There were such times, trust me), fucking cowboys, what's his name Steve McQueen, and Charles Bronson, and that guy who only had two lines of dialogue but the illest skills.

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bruce Campbell up in your muthafuckah. I digged his acting as Elvis. But this film lost steam towards the end

*Okay maybe I'll find pics of the movies later, not now, obviously it can't be now.