Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Rio's Return

Aaghhhhhhhh! ECSTASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gAAAARGKHhhhhhhhhh wuuu kaaraaagkhhkhka glory glory Man Uniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiited. Argh, at last, I am happy. I was happy that Rio is back, however I was also real worried because he hasn't played for 8 MONTHS!! However he looked as if he's only missed 8 matches! I worried so much as I was, fuh, he played so well, reminded me why man utd missed him so much. The defence was excellent, allthough it was a 2-1 victory the visitors technically didn't score a single goal, it was an unlucky own goal. Even the attack was great, it's about time everybody else started catching up to Ronaldo who was superb as always. I must say all 4 defenders did very well. They were defending with all they got. However I do think Alan Smith instead of O'shea would have been much nicer. Forget about it. What a match for Rio to return tooooo. Fuhh Fuh FUh FUhhhhhhhhh. Gaaargkhhhhh GA GA GA GAAAAARGKGHKAKGHKAHKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Peace!

Monday, September 20, 2004


Someone linked me to a picture showing a girl in her hijab holding what looks like a glass of beer (My theory was that it was A FUCKING GLASS OF APPLE JUICE, who knows though). It was at a chatroom and everybody seems bewildered by the fact that a girl in her hijab was drinking alcohol, who the fuck cares? Is it THAT shocking? Is it that if a girl wears hijab and drink beer it makes much of a difference compared to a fucking nudist doing it? The only difference I see is that she's wearing the hijab so she's at least fulfilled one of her duties as a Muslim while the nudist is a fucking nudist, do the math yourselves. The only thing about girls in hijab is they probably look much sexier when they're having sex cause we're so used to nude porn which gets a tad too repetitious. A girl in her hijab does not mean that oooooh the society is bad nowadays, fuck that, all these ignorant fuckers need to be welcomed to the real world, the society has always been bad, they had nations full of faggots back in the days thousands of fucking years ago didn't you know? People even bury their daughters back in the days thousand and fucking thousands of years ago you fucks. It's the ignorance that worries me more, which also makes it not-so-surprising that society is bad. Fuck that. People should transfer the judgements they put forth on other people towards themselves, man that would be the day.

Good Times Bad Times

Kasi Layan - New Edition - i'm still in love with you

Exercising feels good. SO DOES EATING!!!!!


Anyway, I went to ZION I's show that day, WOOT?! It was ILL AS FUCK allthough none of y'all probably know who he is, yes, I'm a bit arrogant myself but I had a few of his songs on mp3 and I know he did a song for Linkin Park in Reanimation, and collabo-ed with Altimet and Joe Flizzow on TTC's first album. The show was so fucking energetic, AMP LIVE played his beats live on his machine and the boom bap was so fucking banging while DEUCE and ZION rocked the crowd with their fucking fine deliveries. It was so fucking inspirational.

But what really pissed me off was that most of the crowd were not really giving a fuck about the best hip hop performance to ever land locally. Most of them came for the stupid Ghetto Heaven which is a hitz.fm night disguised as hip hop. So right after the crew finished their last song, suddenly the in-house DJ continued the beat with one of the most disastrous and stupid songs ever in hip hop history (Fuck ice ice baby, this is worste, "Tipsy". To me it is a disrespect for the Zion I crew who were known as independent hip hop heroes, especially after they were (There was an interview session earlier) talking about not conforming to the industry and just doing your own thing (It must be really painful for some of the industry artists to hear this during the forum. whkaraghkahkga, and some of them were in the front row. wakhrkahga again).

It's a fucking disrespect, what's more annoying are these fuckers started cheering to tipsy, sigh, I just went out pissed. Anyway, the crowd in Malaysia is like this lah no doubt, I've heard once a local DJ for an infamous local club complaining to his friends about the crowd and how it's heartbreaking to him as a DJ who appreciates music. He's played in a lot of other countries like Indonesia and Thailand and the crowd there are just awesome, not afraid to indulge in new music. DJ's in Malaysia are better off putting hitz.fm on the console, sit down then have a teh tarik, fuck, maybe that's why club managers in Malaysia can be of the perception that "DJing is the easiest job in the world" (Reference - Tech's blog), WRONG, it's the easiest job HERE where people don't care if you loop "Where iz d luv" from night to morning. Idiots.

Monday, September 13, 2004


Oh lagi satu aku lupa, Man Utd hari tuh seri je, itupun nasib baik. Silvestre kemak buat 3 kesilapan yang tak perlu langsung. Tapi yang bagos Heinze, dia buat perangai member seArgentina dia Sorin, main bek kiri tapi tiba-tiba bila tengah attack dia tengah happy je tunggu kat tengah-tengah penalty box nak tanduk ke hapa, goal dia pun, dia tendanga daripada betul-betul tengah tuh, macamlah dia striker, wkahragakhakghka, hebat.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Belanjawan, aku ingatkan semua orang concerned lah sangat dengan belanjawan negara tapi sebenarnya semua concerned pasal harga rokok je. Hahaha. Kemak perangai. Bayangkan kalau aku hisap rokok pastuh ada awek, pergh mesti dikikis gila babi, mesti tak mampu nak makan mcd, pergh, seksa hidup, pastuh, bayangkan kalau aku ada dua awek, pergh, lagilah gila, lepas tuh bayangkan kalau ada tiga awek! Berlipat ganda kena kikis, lepas tuh bayangkan, aku suka hisap dua batang rokok sekali layan! Macamana tuh? Mesti rasa macam disalut merkuri, ada lagi?! Ada, cuba bayangkan kalau awek aku yang tiga orang tuh pulak hisap rokok tapi tak nak beli rokok pastuh harapkan aku beli rokok?! Macam nih macamana pulak? Lagi teruk kalau setiap awek tuh suka hisap dua batang sekali pam, sekali pam! Bukan sekali layan, maknanya kalau sekali layan dalam sepuluh lebih pam, berapa? Kira sket. Pergh, nasib baik aku tak hisap rokok dan takde awek. Tapi kalau ada awek best jugak, tak rugi, asalkan dia tak menyusahkan kepala aku, lepas tuh dia banyak duit so dia buleh call aku sambil aku goyang kaki, dream on, warkh warkh warkh. BAAGA.

Aku dah run out of benda nak kutuk ah. Cipet, dah lama tak tengok/dengar benda-benda loser macam TV ataupun radio. Tertengok Busta Rhymes nye vid sikit kat Freestyle, lagu WOOHAH WOOHAH! Cun gila doh, lagu lama tuh, dalam vid dia ada A Tribe Called Quest dengan Onyx, fuh best gila ah dulu-dulu, babi ah, fuck fuck fuck. Fuck Y'all.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Anwar and Malaysian Idol


Arsonists and Non Phixion - 14 years of rap (BANGER GILA BABI DOH)

NAS - second childhood (9th wonder remix) (FAV SONG AKU SEKARANG, DOWNLOAD DOH)


Outlandish - aicha (best doh)

I guess men are just not made for blogs. Or lazy no-life men. Whatever. Urgkh.

Anwar is freed. Ya, dibebaskan, and I think it's real stupid and kesian lah. Kalau korang tak nampak "INJUSTICE" then it's either stupidity or ignorance, I can forgive ignorance though. Bayangkan, berapa tahun, dia dicap sebagai PELIWAT, dekat TV keluar, semua orang tuduh macam-macam without proof, point fingers "ITU PELIWAT". Berapa tahun itu impression yang cuba dibuat terhadap dia, kalau fitnah tuh bunuh, dah berapa kali dia kena bunuh. And then, rayu kat mahkamah persekutuan, setelah beberapa tahun, barulah dapati yang pendakwa takde kes. Very funny. Kenapa semua ini tak setel masa kat court dulu? Tak tahu ah (or maybe aku tahu, hahaha, dan korang tahu, fikir sendiri ah). Berapa tahun dia dianggap peliwat over nothing, nasib baik dia sabar, bayangkan kalau korang kena? Ada jadi gila? Ada jadi pembunuh? Jadi peliwat betul-betul pun ada aku rasa doh. Kemak. Kalau tak faham lagi, nak explain apa yang dah jadi kat court beberapa tahun dahulu (Walaupun terang-terang court sendiri dah buat decision sekarang) gi kat website Mat Jan, click here for the entry, it's based on facts, baca dari mula sampai habis, cause it's fucking based on facts, and NOT sentiments. And remember, AKADEMIK, bukan POLITIK. Aku setuju dengan dia, bila kita nampak sesuatu yang salah, kita buat apa? We point it out, along the way, apa yang kita ketengahkan, sama dengan sesuatu pihak, itu bukan bermakna kita sokong ataupun sebahagian daripada pihak itu, itu maknanya, pihak tuh juga nampak apa yang salah tuh. Susah sikit mentaliti sosial nih, kita kena faham, what's RIGHT is RIGHT and what's WRONG is WRONG, face it. Jangan menegakkan konek yang tak terangsang. Urkhgh..

Okay. BTW. Post bawah nih, malas nak sambung, blogger cibai, time aku rajin nak tulis, dia buat kemak, aku dah lupa pun apa aku nak tulis.

Sekarang mengenai Malaysian Idol. Best doh. Bukan apa, aku tak suka pun nyanyian, dari zaman American Idol dulupun aku cuma tengok part awal-awal je nak tengok orang bodoh kena kutuk. Tapi Malaysia punya memang RAW gila, lantai set pun macam lantai perhimpunan sekolah rendah aku, audience macam penyokong amateur wrestling, set ala-kadar, asal bole' je. Cun doh. Pastuh judge tak kesah apa orang cakap, dia akan cakap apa yang dia nak cakap, well except Fauziah Latiff, tapi dia bukan judge tak, dia nak fill in the space je kot, lagipun dia CUN GILA, pedulik hapa aku, does a better job than Paula if you ask me, dia macam takyah fikir pun apa dia nak cakap, dia main cakap je, lagipun aku bukan sedar pun apa dia cakap, aku tengah imagine uhuk uhuk humping humping. Cun doh dia, tua pun tua, tadahal, err, stim pulak. Anyway, hahaha, pastuh Paul dengan Roslan tak habis-habis gaduh, crowd kejap tepuk untuk Roslan, kejap untuk Paul, Hahaha, best doh aku suka, lepas tuh masa final 7 tuh, dah tentu 6 yang pertama semua hampeh, and semua kena kutuk. Hahaha. Best best best. Itulah bagos, that's reality, itulah dia manusia, kejap camnih kejap camtuh, tak semua agree, and definitely no sugar coating.


Bukan ke Final 7 harituh - ROCK WEEK? Rock? rasa aku lagu rock JAC sorang je yang nyanyi, yang lain lagu pop je, itupun dah hancur, bayangkan kalau diaorang kena nyanyi lagu rock betul-betul, Roslan dengan Paul tak gaduh pasal disagreement lagi dah, gaduh sebab tension macam pukimak contestant. Tapi JAC cun, okaylah, maybe kalau nampak kat tepi jalan ke rumah kedai ke takde ah headturner, tapi masa tengah nyanyi, pasal dia confident, suara pun cun, tuh pasal nampak hot, not bad lah kan, taste lah kan. Warhkahkga. Anyway. Peace..