Friday, April 06, 2007

World Peace Day

man i just came back from warming down after the war

i was in a war man, but i was late for it, i was in all black, dawg, i was the shit, i sniped muthafuckaz with the crossbow, nilla what?!

i was the shit, the queen loved me, she gave me a medallion so i could go in and out the castle as i please.

that's what you get for sleeping 12 hours from evening to morning

can't help it i didn't sleep the night before cosa some girl, her name was uefa champs league

i went to work half concious, and it was a 1 and a half hour drive

i set my alarm to when i'm supposed to be in work place so that once i get to car park, i could just sleep for a while, for a while

got in, boss still not in, went to take a nice ass shit

it's not unusual for me not to sleep on a work day, but i think it's because when i was taking a shower i didn't take a shit, usually i needed to shit, but this day i didn't need to shit, so i had to shit at the work place, a nice shit, nice one, washed the face

today's a long day at work, and by long day i mean half day to you normal working people whaukukhgkuea

got home, surfed for a while, fetched the sista, and i was off to war..........

don't you dudes think that ebony bullshit on fly fm's morning show is lame?

not only do i not see the difference between normal speaking and ebonics other than "brace yourself foo" or "pimp" here and there, it was just awkward, they always get the shit wrong. like for instance when they ebonified "fly fm is the best station" or something like that theyll just use the same sentence and add pimp tight or brace yourself foo what the fuck what, the right phrase should be "fly fm is the fucking shit........................nahhmean?! cleopatra in the casinos, nahmsayin?!". like wut-e-va.