Friday, April 30, 2004

Movie Reviews

Harituh aku beli dua CD dan menontoninya, meh gua review sikit :-


Oh well, typical comic movie but it's cool, I'll try to use star wars to describe. You got the asshole with a heart ala Han Solo superhero (Hellboy), you got the lovable, humble and extremely clever nerd ala C3PO (That fishy guy), you got the nice guy ala Luke Skywalker (That new guy), you got the old wiseman ala Yoda (That old wiseman), and you got a chick who looks concerned all the time ala Princess Leia (That girl who has fire on her hands). Well, it's not like I covered the whole universe of Star Wars character but this piece is not an epic-movie so to me, that's all you need for a good old good-vs-evil movie.

The storyline is simple, I didn't bother to think too much during the movie (Like I usually think anyway). To me this is just like an X-Men 2 which is better then X-Men 2, to me X-Men 2 sucked a bit because they didn't include two characters : Gambit and Beast. Yeah, Hellboy as a superhero is cool and macho just like a mixture of Wolverine and Gambit whilst the fish guy reminds me of Beast. In a way, a nice touch to the comic is the irony of Hellboy who is a demon being a superhero, has a mystical approach to it, but to me, it's just like any other comic movie except that it's cool and I enjoyed it, I'd just like to say FUCK SPIDERMAN MOVIES. I hate Spiderman, and enjoying Hellboy reminded me of just that, how does a superhero get to be so annoying, Hellboy is ultra-cool though, cause he's an asshole (The good asshole) with a character, not forgetting a crush for the fire babe, pretty neat for a comic movie. I'd recommend this for simple and mindless pleasure. Plus Selma Blair looks pretty cute in this one.

Kill Bill : Volume 2

I watched Kill Bill : Volume 1, and I can't say I enjoyed it too much, well it was fun as long as it lasted since what QT was trying to do was fuse concepts of his biggest influences into a picture, and me being one who's not too diverse when it comes to movies get to see the many elements that is pretty new to me. And you'll have to agree with me, when it comes to modern hollywood crap, this approach is unique.

Need I remind that despite the reason I watched this movie being I'm a big fan of QT (I'm not much of an action movie buff), I am not going to base my judgements on my fanatic love for his old pictures simply because this movie is not made to reminisce on typical QT trademarks but more towards focusing on his overall quality as a director. And yeah, the dialogues, compared to Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction suck anyway, everybody sounds or seem like they are going to come out with something clever before uttering bullshit, mind you I don't really care about bullshit but warn me about it first. So, this is an action movie, so be it.

You could say that this volume is definitely duller compared to the first, the first boasted its action and violence while the second more towards dialogue and character. David Carradine is cool as Bill, but that's just as far as it goes, just cool, just, when it's QT, you expect it to be more than cool, you expect it to be a muthafuckah, oh well, Michael Madsen too is underused in a way while the one-eyed chick is real hot, I'd bone her given the chance, plus it's pretty ironic the best scene in the movie is a duel between two blondes, oh shit. The storyline, uhm, nothing engaging about it, just as it was meant to be. What's interesting though is the action scenes, yeah, they're pretty neat, simple, not as grand as the "88" massacre from the last one, but just nice. Another thing I like is the influence of exploit movies being still present, one interesting touch is the Master Pei Mai scenes, incorporating standard old school kung-fu movies stereotypes, be it the cameraworks or the characters, and that guy is freaky, cool. All in all, just another movie, quite creative, but I'm still hoping for another movie in the sharp-wit and black comedy vein of QT's two earlier works (Fuck Jackie Brown) Plus the surrealness of some of his involvements (NBK, FDTD).

Oh before I forget, holla at my boy wu tang abbot The RZA, he laid it down nicely on the scores, in both volumes. Word up.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Pahal Kau?

KASI LAYAN - Butterfingers - delirium

Anyway. Bosan doh <---- ayat generic untuk kita guna hari hari kalau tengah bosan, habis nak guna apa lagi bodoh. Sucka. Wey, aku rindu koleksi mp3 lama aku yang sudah entahkemana, ada satu lagu butterfingers nih aku minat gila, dari album 1.2, tajuk dia "oh me", suka doh. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Aku bengang gila doh dengan, errrrrr, lupa pulak, aku nak bengang dengan apa ah? Aku paling pantang! Errrr, pantang apa? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okaylah, senang cerita aku menyampah gila kat! Errrrr, shardaps betullah. Anyway, aku memang tak termampu nak cerita pasal hidup aku! Hahaha. Anyway, aduh, apa aku cakap nih, serabut betul lah. Anyway, ermmm, berapa banyak anyway daaaaaaaa. Best doh cerita pendekar bujang lapuk, especially part kat sekolah buta hurup, bujang lapuk kasi gelak kat orang tua tuh baek nya, Hrakghkahkgahkghkaghkahkga, sekali camtuh ha jang, macam puki berapi. Anyway, sepatutnya hari nih aku pergi supermarket beli cerita hellboy untuk dilihat. Tapi karang korang bosan pulak pasal aku budget cerita hellboy nih best, lain lah kalau aku beli cerita bodoh, boleh aku kutuk kat sini.

Anyway, erm aku tengok balik cerita lama (Member aku donlod, aku kasi burn) nama dia SPACEBALLS, hahaha, bodoh punya cerita. Ada satu part tuh orang jahat nak search desert so president cakap kat general, "Go comb the desert", maksud dia search desert tuh lah kan, pastuh general tuh suruh askar-askar sikat desert guna sikat-sikat besar, wharahkghkaghkahkgkha, memang bodoh tahap van nistelrooy main midfield. Whkarhahkga. Tapi paling best gila assistant general tuh cakap "Errr, sir, don't you think we're being a bit too literal?" Whkarhkakghkagka, Wkahrkahhkga, Wahkghkaga.

Kalau bosan, kasi write satu audio cd hip hop baekkkkkk nya lepas tuh pergi mcd drive thru beli filet-o-fish dan vanilla shake enjoy sambil drive round round. Latest yang dibakar :-

Audio CD : Hip Hop Collection Volume 6

A Tribe Called Quest - keep it rollin'
Afu-Ra - caliente
Beastie Boys - sure shot
Deltron 3030 - memory loss
Deltron 3030 - time keeps on slipping
Deltron 3030 - virus
Freestyle Fellowship - when the sun took a day off
Hieroglyphics - cab fare
Hieroglyphics - oakland blackouts
J-Live - don't play
J-Live - like this anna
J-Live - the best part
Pete Rock with CL Smooth - all we got is us
Soul Position - mic control
Souls of Mischief - 93 'til infinity
The Roots feat. Mos Def - double trouble
Ugly Duckling - opening act

Kepala Hotak Kau

See? Saya ada layout baru. Whkarhkahkgahkgahkgkhaga. Peace..

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Mari kasi layan beberapa lagu yang tengah saya layan :-

(Sejak guna Soulseek banyak lagu rare dapat donlod)

G-Unit - wanna get to know you
(Mamat first verse young buck best doh suara, sampai part 50 cent, hancur lagu)

Jay Chou - kai bu liao kou
Jay Chou - tornado
Jay Chou - xing qing
(Layan doh mamat nih cik edah lah nih)

Necro - dead body disposal (Rap pasal cara-cara nak dispose dead body mamat kau baru lepas bunuh. Hahaha)
Necro - light my fire (Wahkrhkahga, come on baby light my fire! Suck my dick! Hahhaa)

Maroon 5 - this love

Nas - one time 4 your mind (Lagu lama dia doh, album hip hop classic ----> illmatic)

Pack FM feat. Extended Famm - fuck you I rhyme better (Kelakar doh lagu nih lagi lagi intro dia)

Skyliners - since i don't have you (Lagu lama doh, ingat Guns n Roses ada buat balik lagu nih)

and last sekali

Robyn - do you really want me

Best doooooo minah Robyn nih, dulu aku minat gila kat suara dia, cik edah ah ingatkan aku kat dia, mannnn apa jadi kat minah Robyn nih, comel gila doh suara dia, best pada most pop girls right now. Fuhhh, tapi ku tetap angaukan Hanaaaaaa oh Hanaakuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Peace..


Hahhaa. Takde ah, hari tuh tolong member shooting event product launch ada sorang model nih nama dia hana. Fuhhhh fuh fuh fuh malas aku nak explain pasal memang tak leh explain, memang aku tengah angau, sama lah dengan member-member ku yang lain, ohhh hana ku angaukan mu..

Friday, April 23, 2004

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


This shit has been bugging me for months. NO, David Beckham is not one of the reasons Man Utd are not playing well this season, and most of the people who say this most probably don't watch Man Utd matches. Last season, beckham most definitely didn't play well, Solksjaer who took his place most of the time, played EXTREMELY well. I watched 95% of the matches last season and pretty much the same this season, of course I know. Beckham was definitely underperforming, he played well in no more than a dozen matches, maybe he played damn well in the big matches, but that won't take him anywhere cause as a player it's about playing well in every match.

I'm not taking away anything from Beckham though, he's a good player, he's hardworking, delivers fine ass free kicks and all that, I would have to not mention corners (Last season man utd scored NO goal from corners, and Beckham takes most of them), but just don't overrate him or blame Ferguson for selling him.

If y'all noticed, this season Solksjaer was injured, a long term serious injury, so obviously that right wing was heavily exposed, and the width balance was in jeopardy, Ferguson twiddled with the player choice in that position a lot. He couldn't go with Cristiano Ronaldo (Trust me this guy is mad talented) because the fella is still too young, it would be a risk, so too much rotation took place I guess.

And another thing, Man Utd played well up until the point they lost their defence leader who is Rio Ferdinand. Wes Brown is a good player but he needs a few matches to get back his form, I mean he came back from an extremely serious long-term injury, and these "few matches" were very critical ones and he just fumbled. That's my opinion on this matter.

Another issue is Cristiano Ronaldo, a lot of Man Utd haters hate this guy for no reason, yeah when he first came out he did dive a lot, and too much stepovers, but y'all obviously don't watch Man Utd matches, the kid has definitely cut down on all that, he hardly dives for no reason and stepovers only some times, and he's showing mad skills! And the pundits agree with me, watch the match, he gave too many chances to Ruud but Ruud just couldn't capitalize. And the thing about Ronaldo is he's not just all-flash, his skills amount to something, and he'll pass the ball when it needs to passed, keep it when it needs to be kept. If you watch matches you'll see what I mean, he really is a threat to the rivals' defence. But there's always a vast room for improvement, and he's still young, for now he's shown great signs of learning, yes I bet he learnt a lot about the english game. Peace..

Monday, April 19, 2004

Lawak Lay

laydiefa: camne nak carik dok
laydiefa: *doh
penyangak: dok?
penyangka: nih bukan kadir dan doyok dongggggg
laydiefa: tu ar typor laaa
laydiefa: *typo!!
penyangak: typor?
penyangak: whkarhkahkghkaghkakga
penyangak: typ or what?
penyangak: wahkrhkahkgahkghkagka
laydiefa: dah la tu gelakkan aku
penyangak: wkahrkhahkgkakgha
penyangak: wakhrahkghkagahkgahkgkahkgagakghkahkga
laydiefa: shadapt yu!!
penyangak: shadapt? adapter ke? wahkrhkahkga adapter apa? hairdryer? ke printer?
penyangak: wakhrhkahkgahkghkaghkaghkhkaga..

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Topik Lah Topik

Kasi layan - The Stylistics - hey there lonely girl.

Hahaha. Korang pernah tengok orang tua buat hal? Hahaha, aku baru lepas balik dinner conference apa tah, bapak aku ikut benda tuh. So macam doktor doktor nih semua buat hal lah, ada yang naik atas stage nyanyi lagu brian adams lah, hahaha, ada sorang mamat nih dari scotland, dia boleh buat lawak bodoh, ada dua organizer menari sambil dia main violin yang diperbuat daripada kayu apa entah dengan penyapu diiringi minus one yang takde bunyik violin pun. Warkhakhhgka. Pastu ada competition 4 orang dari tiga different nation nama dia battle of the band, diaorang mainkan lagu rock, pastu diaorang kena berlagak macam band rock, vocalist pegang pisang, gitaris pakai penyapu, bassist guna mop, dengan drummer guna benda bersihkan jamban tuh, wahkrhkahkghkaga, psycho macam puki doh, whkarhkaghkaghka, tak tahan doh aku dengan orang-orang tua bila diaorang dah buat hal. Whkarkaghkakhga. Aku hari nih kan (Ke semalam?) Bangun tidur kul 5 petang, hahaha, tidur kul 5 pagi. Macam puki dah lama tak tidur cantuh, dah tuh takde orang kacau pun, kalau tidak adalah suara-suara sumbang yang dengki tengok dengkuran merdu ala-ala falsetto aku doh.

Dah lama doh tak baca blog leez. Hahaha, si pondan yang dengan senang boleh dapat laki, cam cipet je, apa dah jadi dengan lelaki kat Malaysia nih? Semua dah tak cukup layanan mesra dari perempuan agaknya, tapi cam tipu je cerita leez tuh (Wow beef blog nih, hahaha). Anyway, Peace..

Friday, April 16, 2004

Alicia Keys

KASI LAYAN - The Delfonics - spell on my mind (Lagu nih dah put a spell on mind aku doh).

Cipet ah minah nih, video clip dia semua amik emcee-emcee power jadi pelakon, mula-mula Mos Def (You don't know my name) pastu Method Man (aku tak tahu lagu apa). Tapi memang dua-dua emcee nih style doh, lagi lagi Mos Def, power doh berlakon. Anyway, tulah cipet ah alicia keys, amik ah rapper rapper bodoh tahap longkang macam nelly ke chingy ke ja rule ke baru aku boleh menyampah. Fucker..

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Warhkahkghkahkga. Tadepape. Lama tak apdet eh penyangak? Gua bosan doh, bosan teramats, kalau ada kekosongan di jabatan bosan aku lah pekerja terbaek. Anyway ermm, apa aku nak bitch about hari nih, haa, aduh, entahlah, oh hari tuh adik aku beli cerita lama "Clueless", hahaha, dulu aku ada, member aku pinjam pastuh tak pulang (Wow satu senario yang jarang terjadi, my ass). Cerita nih best ah, hahaha, wat-e-verrrrrrrrr, errghhhhh, assss iffff! Aku suka tiru diaorang buat cantuh, wahkrhkahkga, best gila doh, hellloooo?!!!!! Anyway, baru akhirnya aku tengok x-men 2, biasa jelah, best gak ah, aku bukan apa, aku tak baca komik tapi tengok kartun, pastuh dua character yang aku memang minat takde, beast dengan gambit, fuh, beast favourite aku ah, tak tahu napa, gambit pulak paling cool, baling card melotup, apo kono eh. Asal takde ah? Pastu balak rogue tuh macam apons je, macam puki berair lah senang cerita, lagi power mamat sorang lagi tuh yang asik pegang lighter, ganas gila doh, kasi bakar semua orang, kasi panggang.

Kadang-kadang tuh aku masuk phatforum, budak-budak nih asyik complain sebagai hip hopperz mereka selalu didiskriminasi, hahaha kena kutuk dengan mat rock, punk dan macam-macam, diaorang nih bukan apa, cuma ada penyakit "Idiot". Bak kata member aku, diaorang yang diskriminasi diri sendiri, lagipun macamlah hip hop nih satu cult or something, it's just a street culture, jangan ah nak macam cibai, habis kalau dah pakai baju macam pukimak, cakap macam pukimak, dengan tangan merata-rata, slang nigga tak jadi, mana tak kena diskriminasi, bukan pasal kau tuh hip hop, tapi pasal kau tuh badut. Hahaha. Aku hip hop gak, aku dengar hip hop setiap hari, aku buat hip hop dengan kawan-kawan aku setiap minggu, dan baru hari tuh aku perform hip hop, pedulik apa aku apa orang cakap, budak rock dengan punk nak bising, pedulik apa aku, aku dulu dengar music diaorang jugak, turns out aku lebih sayang pada hip hop, aku dulu pergi gig koffin kanser dengan sil khannaz jugak, aku pergi gig hc first stance records kat jb jugak, apa aku nak kecoh, tak kesah ah, it's only music you fucking idiots. Diaorang semua yang nak bahagi-bahagikan genre nih memang sekor-sekor poser, serious doh. Kebanyakan mamat hip hop aku kenal pon lebih tahu pasal rock and punk then these so-called rockers or punksters, so don't fucking front on them. Anyway, aku pun takdelah hip hop sangat, it's all in my mind, the rest, it's just me, hip hop you're the love of my life..

Kasi layan - The Roots feat. Common - love of my life (live version best gila)

Roh serta Ritma dan Kebiruan Sekolah Lama

Hahhaa. Aku bosan, aku download apa-apa mp3 yang patut dan buat volume 1 old school soul and rnb aku. Nak tengok? Meh tengok :-

Delfonics - didn't i blow your mind
Delfonics - for the love that i gave to you
Delfonics - sincerely
Delfonics - spell on my mind
Delfonics, Dramatics, The Chi Lites - be my girl
Earth Wind And Fire - After The Love Has Gone
Marvin Gaye - what's going on
Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - ain't no mountain high enough
The Chi Lites - break up to make up
The Chi Lites - oh girl
The Chi Lites and The Stylistics - have you seen her
The Platters - smoke gets in your eyes
The Stylistics - betcha by golly, wow
The Stylistics - hey there lonely girl
The Stylistics - means i love you
The Stylistics - side show
The Stylistics - stone in love with you
The Stylistics - you are everything
The Stylistics - you make me feel brand new
The Stylistics and The Chi Lites - kiss and say goodbye

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Claudio Ranieri

Comel doh mamat nih. Siapa tengok chelsea arsenal semalam? Tengok tak claudio ranieri punya happy macamana? Comel gila doh, serious gila. Wakhrahkhkgkga. Best doh dia, tak kira cara dia cakap setiap kali interview "our team, ummm play well, but ummm opposition play better, so ummmmm so we bla bla bla". Wahkrhkahkga. Tapi pagi tadi ah masa dia celebrate, happy ah untuk mamat tuh, pasal dia baik doh, dah lah dia jadi mangsa keangkuhan orang lain yang nak pecat dia, mentang-mentang dia takde reputation, tapi dia diam je, buat je kerja dia, ingat dulu masa chelsea takde star sangat pun dia boleh okay, itu luahan peminat chelsea ah bukan aku, hahaha, aku man utd, aku pun tumpang happy keangkuhan arsenal jatuh gaung. Whkarahkghkahghkaga. Peace..

Monday, April 05, 2004

William's Hanging

Hahaha. I bet nobody realized this, WILLIAM "DUMBASS" HUNG is the commercial music industry's way of saying that you listeners, mtv suckers and trend-whores are IDIOTS. It's their way of saying you fuckers will take whatever we shove up your ass no matter how fucking whack it is, and I fucking bet Will Hungover is some kind of experiment and it's a success, he's a fucking bad singer, he's ugly, and who actually gives a fuck about a dumbass, but with proper promotion and all that bullshit, he's a fucking STAR! Thanks to idiotic bandwagon jumping humans who will take anything up their ass. And stop defending the dumbass, who cares about his will what what courage whatever, if it's dumb then it's dumb, he reminds me of another idiot who burnt his ass trying to put out a fire with his bare ass cause he thinks he can, yeah courage, idiots are idiots in whatever package they come in. Word life. I hate will hung. Peace..

I Love

A song came up just now I was in the car and it brought back memories, it was counting crows - long december. When first started they just played music continuosly, no dj, no commercial ads and all that (Maybe it was much better this way don't you think), and that song was one of the heavy rotations. It was okay back then I guess, or I was just still pop. But hitz fm was the station I listened to everyday and introduced to all of my friends when I got into boarding school, ironically turns out right now I hate the fucking station. I remembered after spm one of my friends who was kampung back then but at that time has been transformed into a hitz generation being curious about why now I hate them. Wahrkhkaga.

Nolah, I don't hate, it's just that the station gives me headaches. I always have 92.9 on my first channel but end up switching to 5 (fav number) for 105.7. See when I open the radio there's always gonna be an overdone pop disguised as hip hop, or maybe one of the half-assed post grunge bands, or one of them boyband punks, or just some bullshit they call music. Hahaha, it's true man, hip hop is so fucking misrepresented on radio, it hurts, hip hop used to be treated like a queen, now like a bitch (listen to common - I used to love h.e.r for more commentary). And rock bands played on radio are so fucking boring, their riffs all sound the same, sure sometimes they compose good music, but their delivery is so fucking stale, makes me miss all the classic rock bands, man allthough they had to make love songs to make it in the commercial scene, they did it perfectly, know what I mean?! And don't let me start with the boyband punks, why not just stick to singing ballads, that's all they are good for, and I still don't understand why the fuck simple plan had so many guitars, the riffs suck, it's so fucking boring, rancid sounded like an orchestra compared to them but use much less guitars. Dumbasses.

Nowadays only sometimes lah my head won't hurt, jason mraz is not bad, he's a good songwriter, either that or his songs had nice lyrics, and he's a strange guy, check out his vc. Kanye west's not bad for a first try at rapping, he's a well-known producer though, and his song through the wires is real good, and personal too if you understood the lyrics, I love the drums too. Yeah there are a few more good ones of course lah kan but I don't listen much to, just occasionally, so I wouldn't know of good new hits. Thank God for the internet and mp3s and fucking cd-writers. Please do start playing good music. What's all this chingy, nelly ja rule bounce bounce bullshit, I don't mind bounce mind you but some emcees just give me headaches with their fucked up voices and mindless lyrics, if people know what hip hop stands for and how much it means to a proper listener then these emcees should be kicked in the nuts by them. Well who cares anyway, just giving a lecture. Fuck you.

Anyway, is so fucking late y'all should know. I remembered having the real slim shady and stan like 3-4 months in my hardisk, the songs already basi, I thought this kinda shit will never see the light of the day, but somehow one day started playing them, and bandwagon jumpers started singing along and all that and eminem became big. Warkhahkhga. It's fucking funny, how a lot of people won't even dare to play those same mp3s on my hard disk back then but are now crazy as fuck about the fella, it's fucking funny, peeps need to learn to explore music instead of feeding off the corporate dicks who made a mockery of all y'all, don't believe me? I'm gonna write something about WILLIAM HUNG right after this one.

BTW, I'm sure as fuck someone's gonna think like if you hate so then shut if off and stop whining, you must be an idiot, that same thought would have stripped the same right for you to whine about my article. So fuck off. William hung's hanging is next..

Friday, April 02, 2004

Lawak Edah di Malam Hari

Edah : buat apa hari ni
Edah : selaman orang pegi karaok tau
Penyangak : so what do you think of the audio?
Penyangak : karaoke sucks
Edah : *mesalam
Edah : fuck
Edah : *semalam
Penyangak : wahkrhkahkgakgkagaghkaghkaghkaghkaghkaghkahkghkaga..

Wanita Hari Ini

Aku tengah tengok wanita hari ini sekali teringat pasal satu benda. Hahaha, dulu ada sorang member aku nih, tak pernah lanchap, pastuh satu hari dia mengaku kat kitorang yang dia telah memulakan kelakuan itu, pastu sorang member aku cepat-cepat salam dia pastu cakap "Welcome to the club". Wkarhkahkghkahkgahkghka..