Monday, April 05, 2004

William's Hanging

Hahaha. I bet nobody realized this, WILLIAM "DUMBASS" HUNG is the commercial music industry's way of saying that you listeners, mtv suckers and trend-whores are IDIOTS. It's their way of saying you fuckers will take whatever we shove up your ass no matter how fucking whack it is, and I fucking bet Will Hungover is some kind of experiment and it's a success, he's a fucking bad singer, he's ugly, and who actually gives a fuck about a dumbass, but with proper promotion and all that bullshit, he's a fucking STAR! Thanks to idiotic bandwagon jumping humans who will take anything up their ass. And stop defending the dumbass, who cares about his will what what courage whatever, if it's dumb then it's dumb, he reminds me of another idiot who burnt his ass trying to put out a fire with his bare ass cause he thinks he can, yeah courage, idiots are idiots in whatever package they come in. Word life. I hate will hung. Peace..

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