Monday, February 28, 2005


Aphex Twin - xtal

I'm listening to electronic music. Unme.

What I want now. Hmm maybe a decent nice-ass monitor headphone. And loads of hard disk space. Fuck I got the dough for all that, thanks to doing a few shit and also saving loads of fucking money by not having a girlfriend. All I need now, is the willpower to actually spend and shop, no I'm not good at that, I guess it goes with the gender, while shopping is therapeutic for the female or the feminine (Mountains of difference there), in my case, it's phobic, unless it's for stupid things that you will never see again like cybercafe time, or whatever whatever, oh well at least it won't fucking mess up the closet, which ain't no walk-in.

I wanted to download spanglish. And I did. Well I did download something with spanglish as its filename, turns out it's not. It's actually a british teen movie called Virtual Sexuality, and no it's not porn, it's not bad at all. Seen hot chick? Well this movie is more or less like it, girl in a man's body, same concept, though I think this movie came earlier and it's much better in many ways. First off in hot chick you get the standard hollywood template bullshit, something happens-learns lesson-end. This movie you don't know what's gonna happen, you just keep waiting, and anyway, it won't be as good if we're not used to the bullshit hollywood keeps selling though, I guess. But it's kinda funny, not bad at all, plus it does have a few twists. And I don't feel like I'm actually writing all this because I want to, I don't know, fuck a blog you know what, I need some femme pusse for fre.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Arguement Clinic

I only drink plain water. I don't got no SOUL.

I get headaches after a shampoo. Not to mention itchy shoulders. (Note to self : use dove instead of shampoo on pubics).

I don't play enough action pc games. I don't got no SOUL.

I just couldn't get that gengaro or gangako (It's actually Ganguro) whatever girl to sleep with me. I suck.


I've been watching too much 70s show, if I get exposure to a social life (Been at least a month since this), I might just sit down like hyde and talk like eric.

And since I'm really, really bored, I've decided to write a transcript of Monty Python's argument clinic.

AC = Arguement Client
AT = Arguement Therapist
Wakhrahkhgka = aku tengah gelak besar, malas nak document gelak gelak kecik.

(Knocks on the door)
AT : come in!
AC : is this the right room for an argument
AT : I've told you once
AC : : no you haven't
AT : yes I have
AC : when?
AT : just now
AC : no you didn't
AT : yes I did
AC : didn't
AT : I did
AC : didn't
AT : I'm telling you I didn't
AC : you did not!
AT : uh sorry, is this a 5-minute argument or a full half hour?
AC : oh! uh, just the 5-minute one
AT : fine..... thank you
AT : anyway I did
AC : you most certainly did not
AT : now let's get one thing quite clear, I most definitely told you!
AC : you did not
AT : yes I did
AC : you did not
AT : yes I did
AC : didn't
AT : yes I did
AC : didn't
AT : yes I did
AC : look this isn't an argument!
AT : yes it is
AC : no it isn't, it's just contradiction
AT : no it isn't
AC : yes it is
AT : it is not
AC : it is! you just contradicted me
AT : no I didn't
AC : oh you did!
AT : no no no no no no
AC : you did, just then
AT : no no no nonsense
AC : oh look this is futile!
AT : no it isn't
AC : I came here for a good argument
AT : no you didn't, you came here for an argument
AC : well argument is not the same as contradiction
AT : can be
AC : no it can't! an argument's a collective series of statements to establish a definite proposition
AT : no it isn't
AC : yes it is, it isn't just contradiction
AT : look if I argue with you I must take up a contrary position
AC : but it isn't just sayin "no it isn't"
AT : yes it is
AC : no it isn't!


AC : arguing is an intellectual process, contradiction is just a automatic naysaying of anything the other person says
AT : no it isn't
AC : yes it is
AT : not at all
AC : now look..

(AT rings bell)
AT : thank you! good morning!


AC : what?!
AT : that's it! good morning
AC : I was just getting interested
AT : sorry, the 5 minutes is up
AC : that was never 5 minutes just now!
AT : I'm afraid it was
AC : no it wasn't!
AT : sorry I'm not allowed to argue anymore
AT : if you want me to go on arguing you'll have to pay for another 5 minutes
AC : but that was never 5 minutes just now
AT : .........
AC : oh come on! this is ridicilous
AT : I'm very sorry, but I told you I'm not allowed to argue unless you pay

AC : oh allright (AC hands AT some cash for another 5 minutes) ..there you are

AT : thank you
AC : well?
AT : well what?
AC : that was never 5 minutes just now
AT : I told you I'm not allowed to argue unless you pay
AC : I just paid!
AT : no you didn't


AC : I did
AT : no you didn't
AC : I did
AT : no you didn't
AC : I did
AT : ...
AC : look I don't wanna argue about that
AT : well I'm very sorry but you didn't pay
AC : A-HA! well if I didn't pay why are you arguing, gotchu!
AT : no you haven't
AC : yes I have..

AC : if you're arguing I must've paid

AT : not necessary,


AT : I could be arguing in my spare time!


AC : I've had enough of this!
AT : no you haven't
AC : oh shuttup.

(AC leaves room)


Korang kena download nih, kelakar gila doh, Monty Python legends doh. Carik je "monty python arguement clinic" kat p2p tuh mesti jumpa punya. lagi lagi sketch yang kelakar - dead parrot, biggus dickus (dari movie diaorang), job interview, ministry of silly walk dan banyak lagi lah.

Third Person

Melly - bercintalah denganku

Keep this up. The less you update, the more macho you become. Yeargh!

Bercintaaaaaaalahhh deeeeengankuuuuuu.

Men tend to philosophize a lot, and women, they just like to tell you what they've done during the day. And I'm generalizing, well let's just say, that's the unspoken norm. Maybe it's because, women like to tell you everything they've done during the day, and men, being caring creatures, like to ask a lot, just to please them, and this often practiced questioning will eventually lead to a philosophical questioning of life and everything mind-boggling embedded into our minds subconciously. Now why the fuck did I write all that?

You do have the potential to have motivation, but you are too lazy to get it, because it doesn't seem fun allthough in truth, it is the purest of fun. The thing is, the fakest of fun, is funner to you. And why the fuck am I talking in third person, or fourth, or whatever.

I've been here before. Do any one of you realize that it's so fucking hard to get bored of boredom. I don't know what that means but it makes sense to me, how could you ever get bored of boredom. Oh wait. Argh.

Remember the days, when you hate, but you still tune in? Okay, when I said "You", I meant me, and anyone else who agree with me. Well, those days, are over, cause the deejays suck. Remember the legendary morning crew? No more of that. Sigh, mixtapes are the shit now. Can't sleep without a cd writer. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I need to play computer games, I mean I need to start, there's no one much to chat with me, I'm as bad with girls on the internet as in real life, and that's pretty bad, very very bad, ultra magnificiently bad, thousands and thousands of badness. That's what you get when you try to not use the magic words. I could have just said so fucking bad and shut up. Peace.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


A Tribe Called Quest - electric relaxation

Ooh, valentine in 2 days, it's really a stupid thing but it's also reminder to all the singles that you're fucking lonely and you ain't shit. So any hot damn beautiful and interesting girls out there, if you dig an uninteresting big fat ugly bastard who listens to hip hop. Ring me up.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


What O'shea was saying when he chipped the keeper with ultimate perfection.


Okay I'm sorry to say this, Arsenal players are fucking faggots. Just around 5 minutes into the game Ashley Cole got blown by the wind and fucking fell down, I was like what the fuck?! Wenger needs to wear spectacles, it's not the first time his players did these lame dives, remember Vieira and Pires, what? they fucking tripped on a blade of grass that the turf man forgot to trim? I mean what the fuck?! Too fucking obvious and too fucking disgusting. Yeah sure, the last match Rooney fell suspiciously, but he had Sol Campbell's long ass legs infront of him, what the fuck you do? Lick it? And Wenger was furious having a go at Rooney. How bout someone post up an hour's video of Ashley Cole's "fall" repeating itself again and again every week to remind the muthafuckah.

It was a fucking disgrace, what makes it worse is this is a normal practice for Arsenal players. You gotta watch it to believe it, Keane didn't even make a tackle, he just stopped before pulling out a leg, and automatically, the asshole get blown by the wind.

And yeah, it seems as if they can't take a fucking tackle, everytime there's a tackle, disregarding whether it was the ball, they're moaning to the ref. This is the EPL muthafuckah. And I remember clearly Reyes complaining about being bruised and shit after the last game, what the fuck? Ronaldo get tackled more than he does, does the lad complain? Grow some balls bitch.

Or like Rooney gestured to Pires, grow some fucking beard, wkahrhkahkgahkghka.

Okay enough about that, I was a bit worried about the Man Utd players though, Rooney and Ronaldo showed a lot of inexperience, I mean in terms of behaviour, they were a bit too harsh at times, especially celebrating the goal. Well, they are young'ns, and they need to learn, well at least they're not fucking fags.

Silvest was really stupid too.

Forget about it, the team played really well overall, the attacks were swift and menacing, the three-man attack squad Giggs-Rooney-Ronaldo were running everywhere all the time, if I'm not mistaken our first three fast paced goals were all conjured by them. I think we played particularly well in the second half, defence was more tight, less mistakes, Heinze who's mistake led to the first conceded goal turned in a perfect performance. Bla bla bla really.

But that O'shea goal, fuckingcredible. He must have been posessed by Zidane. And the celebration, was like, cocky bullshit, I'm guessin' he was surprised or something though. Whatever.

Had a good morning, I waited all night for the match, paid off. Peace.