Monday, June 26, 2006

Scrambled Eggs

Iron maiden - killers (Live somewhere)

Huhu. What's better than Iron Maiden playing killers live? Another version of Iron Maiden playing killers live. Har har har di har.

Have you ever eaten a cheese sandwich, stared at a desk fan, and wondered what it would be like if someone put a cicak (Gecko) into the spinning blades. I did, before finishing the sandwich, I don't really like cheese sandwiches, but I was hungry.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Black Combs

Why don't you imaginary readers let Mr. Penyangak sidetrack a bit from his usual blogging topics so he could write about current affairs! Like when KL was dubbed one of the rudest cities. All if not a part of all I have to say is, rude = cool, ever seen the cartoon Rude Dog? The dog was cool, so why are you bitches whining? Man get with the times nigz. I'm socially awkward so sometimes I appreciate a saleshuman not bugging you too much, you came in to buy something, ask a few specific questions, get a few specific answers in flat monotone, buy that shit, say welcome, and get out of there, you dropped your papers, nobody is helping you pick 'em up, good, some say it's rude, some say it's letting people be independent, some say it's not being a busybody, some say it's not wasting energy, and I will always appreciate anyone who go out of their way to not waste energy, you walk into a lift or whatever, nobody smiles nobody says a thing everybody looks at exactly somewhere completely different from each other, no small talk, no nothing, you walk away happy and all smiley. Okay, I'm kidding, it breaks my heart to not get seven star treatment everywhere I go in the city :( just kidding. Rude drivers on the other hand, should be bullied by other rude drivers, sorry I should be more creative and bad ass, they should be.....Errrr....Blood....Human waste....Goree....Whatever. Peace.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oats & Cereals

What cup gets a man's attention more than a C?! World, of course! Lame joke but if I actually gave a fuck that it was I wouldn't post it in the first place. Okay to the curious ones (Bunyik cengkerik dalam hutan), I support Argentina, not that I have anything against Brazil, but I grew up with two things :- Madonna, and Maradona. Plus, I was born in Argentina, just kidding. But spiritually I'll support any team that plays good attacking football. Argentina is the shit because of TEAMWORK, yes, I know there's no Argentina in Team, but err, yes they have great teamwork, and the passing is great, not to mention they have two maradonas in the subs cause they're not 100% fit (Messi and Tevez) Ready to fuck you up, I mean other World Cup teams. Okay that's all for now biatchez, peace.

Actually that's not all for now biatchez, unpeace, I kinda watched this Chris Rock sitcom in the plane and it was the shit! At last, a decent sitcom, it's kinda like wonder years meets negroness. I'm downloading season one as we speak. Peace.

I Am Obviously A Jock

What I want so badly right now - No, not an alligator that could take a piss standing up like the common male human or the occasional gifted female human, but jeah :- Elder Scrolls Oblivion

The last time I played a game in the Elder Scrolls series, I wasted half a day of my days, ignored nearly a hundred percent of my uni classes, forgot there's a world outside with actual people who don't carry battleaxes and have blue skin complexion, cursed my old pc and bought a new one......And other assorted self decaying qualities etcetra etcetra.

A lot of people tend to think RPGs = Final fantasy, not really, that's among loads of typical linear Japanese RPGs, I've never touched that - you're part of a storyline, Elder Scrolls is an open ended LOTR-injected RPG, where the storyline is just a canvas for you to fuck over thus making it "ROLE PLAYING" (For you kids think GTA with loads of customisable shit and a world influenced by LOTR, and remember LOTR existed way before the movie, I'm not saying I myself knew this cause I don't, apologies o' wise book pplz). The last one was Morrowind, it was amazing, it rekindled fond memories of losing sleep during school days over Ultima 7 (An old legendary D&D / LOTR influenced PC RPG game), but then Morrowind had a lot of flaws which were ignored due to the beautiful world bestowed upon the RPG nerd fluently caressing the mouse and keyboard.

After reading some reviews, like dayum, they rectified those flaws and made a much much much better game than Morrowind. Tak percaya? Check this shit out homes :-
Orale carnal! To the boneesssssssss

So basically I'm fucked. I'm not much of a game player, I used to be because it was kinda trendy during those early IT days of this country, now I only pay attention to shit like GTA which is the shit, some football management games and currently I'm wasting precious time on stupid games like Street Soccer 2 on the PS2, and the PS2 is my sister's, I have a laptop that does not like to be played games on, before buying the laptop I didn't realize the heavy work I usually do on my old fucked PCs are not too applicable on the laptop, the laptop is for carrying around surfing internet on small tables at cafes with chairs not built for me. So basically I'm fucked (Ulangan), cause one weakness this game has is - It's double barrel machine gun + BFG on the other hand fucking graphic heavy, not that that's a bad thing to your senses, only to your reality - You're fucking poor and devoid of a dreamy game machine, I mean I'm.

I have two choices - Buy a desktop PC or buy the X-Box 360, I'm going to instantly denounce X-Box 360 (What an inappropriate use of the word denounce but it sounded cool) Since I'm not a hardcore gamer, and it wouldn't pay off as most games for shallow non-hardcore gamers with super attention deficit disorder and a hard-on for footie are on the PS2 anyway, so fuck the X-Box for now, The desktop PC would be nice since it's a multi-tasking muthafuckah, and I need to do a lot of work which requires the ultimate heat absorbing powers of a desktop PC, but that's just like, what, side shit, work only cover a teenie weenie bit of my life, even so, it's sharing a single bed room with studies, the rest is all FUN! Shying away from the real world FUN! Not showering in the morning FUN! Having a bedroom alter-ego FUN! Not having a material girlfriend FUN! Facing one way for hours FUN! Slashing crocodile + yeti hybrid monsters FUN!

Fun not usually associated with a perfectly normal socially adept human being.

My point is, if you have an extra 5K to give away, call me asap, tq ttyl ok byez.

(I also changed my header image, oh I also just came back from another country, oh and I also finally watched Gubra, good movie! Worth damaging a culture over, oopsie daisy).

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tepung Perisa Putih

Sempena semalam aku stuck dalam jam selama 2-3 jam di ldp aku teringat satu cerita masa aku kat j.b, aku tengah lalu jalan skudai tuh, sekali jam gila, aku dengan sorang member nih, so memang jam gila lah jalan tuh, tension nih.

Jadi aku dah macam "Something really really cool better be happening in front causing this jam, if not this stupid fucking jam won't be worth it", cakap b.i lah pulak, jadi maka, memang aku mengharapkan macam lori terplelanting pastuh dia macam cucuk jalan dan berdiri tegak, ataupun ada awekz eksiden, pastuh masa awekz tuh nak keluar dari kereta baju semua serentak terkoyak, teros tinggal baju dalam je, pastuh semua orang berhenti, takpun ada female nudist demonstrasi ke, takpun ada awek yang bogel tengah jalan tanpa sebab, bende bende mulia macam tuh ah, dan aku juga menambah yang "Aku akan bengang kalau sejam aku traffic jam kat sini, sekali tengok depan tuh polis ke jpj ke tengah buat road block, memang tak berbaloi, dan memang bodoh, tak praktikal, dan sangat inconvenient, serta tak berapa best yeehaa"

Dan setelah hampir sejam dalam traffic jam, aku sampai ke tempat yang menyebabkan jam.

Tak, memang bukan polis tengah buat road block, kalau tak, dah tentu aku bengang.

Ye, aku lagi bengang dari bengang.

Elok-elok aku sampai je kat tempat tuh, polis baru habis buat road block, dia tengah angkat angkat kon dengan slow motion. ARGKhhkgkhghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Aku rasa kalau kena road block pun ada lah sedikit lapisan berbaloi walaupun sehalus kapas. Aku nak je keluar pastuh cakap kat polis tuh "bang tolonggglah tahan saya bang, tolonggggglah, kasilah berbaloi sikit saya tunggu berjam jam dalam jam nih, arghhhhhh tolonggg ahhhh tolongggg, tadi sambil drive saya main sms, pastuh pulak, saya pakai seat belt, tapi tak buckle, sebab tak muat, tolongggg ah tahan saya tolonggg ah, saya pemandu tak berhemah bang, kadang-kadang masa kat tol kat penchala link tuh, saya buat wheelie dua tayar, lepas tuh passenger saya keluar dan seret helmet dia kat lantai sampai berapi bang, tak caya saya buleh tunjuk sekarang, tapi kena amik step dulu ah, apa-apa tolonglah jadikan insiden trafik jam nih berbaloi buat saya"

Argkhhhhhhhh. Maghah, maghah.