Saturday, June 24, 2006

Black Combs

Why don't you imaginary readers let Mr. Penyangak sidetrack a bit from his usual blogging topics so he could write about current affairs! Like when KL was dubbed one of the rudest cities. All if not a part of all I have to say is, rude = cool, ever seen the cartoon Rude Dog? The dog was cool, so why are you bitches whining? Man get with the times nigz. I'm socially awkward so sometimes I appreciate a saleshuman not bugging you too much, you came in to buy something, ask a few specific questions, get a few specific answers in flat monotone, buy that shit, say welcome, and get out of there, you dropped your papers, nobody is helping you pick 'em up, good, some say it's rude, some say it's letting people be independent, some say it's not being a busybody, some say it's not wasting energy, and I will always appreciate anyone who go out of their way to not waste energy, you walk into a lift or whatever, nobody smiles nobody says a thing everybody looks at exactly somewhere completely different from each other, no small talk, no nothing, you walk away happy and all smiley. Okay, I'm kidding, it breaks my heart to not get seven star treatment everywhere I go in the city :( just kidding. Rude drivers on the other hand, should be bullied by other rude drivers, sorry I should be more creative and bad ass, they should be.....Errrr....Blood....Human waste....Goree....Whatever. Peace.

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