Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oats & Cereals

What cup gets a man's attention more than a C?! World, of course! Lame joke but if I actually gave a fuck that it was I wouldn't post it in the first place. Okay to the curious ones (Bunyik cengkerik dalam hutan), I support Argentina, not that I have anything against Brazil, but I grew up with two things :- Madonna, and Maradona. Plus, I was born in Argentina, just kidding. But spiritually I'll support any team that plays good attacking football. Argentina is the shit because of TEAMWORK, yes, I know there's no Argentina in Team, but err, yes they have great teamwork, and the passing is great, not to mention they have two maradonas in the subs cause they're not 100% fit (Messi and Tevez) Ready to fuck you up, I mean other World Cup teams. Okay that's all for now biatchez, peace.

Actually that's not all for now biatchez, unpeace, I kinda watched this Chris Rock sitcom in the plane and it was the shit! At last, a decent sitcom, it's kinda like wonder years meets negroness. I'm downloading season one as we speak. Peace.

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