Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New Jock Swang

Portishead - strangers
Ralph Tresvant - sensitivity
Green Jelly - three little pigs

Oh I've been downloadin' some 90's memory lane shit. Anyone remember GREEN JELLY? Yes that mysterious band, you never knew who they were, they don't come out the radio that much, but nearly all of your friends have their album. I still don't know who these fucks were. Their music were mostly fun lyrics sung in the most parodying metal ways, but they were pretty good.

Urgkh, and uh, never thought I'd see the day rappers rhyme using the word "HAAA", what the fuck is that, too desperate to rhyme, must-rhyme must-rhyme must rap, if not how can we ride the fucking hip hop bandwagon to sound cool and fucking get this on the radio. Fucking assholes. Ruffedge is a bad excuse for NEW JACK SWING disguised as HIP HOP. I have no problem with new jack swing, you know what to expect with that, I can excuse the fucked up rapping cause it's new jack swing, and rnb fuck can't rap in the first place anyway, it's just to be there, but then you when you try to ride the HIP HOP bandwagon, I don't give a fuck, I'll expect either tight ass boom-bap beats or lyricism, instead I get crap like ruffedge, the kind of crap I'll never let out of the country, if some foreigner from NY who breathes and bleeds hip hop ever listen to it I'll say it's the latest bullshit from some other country just to save Malaysia's ass.

I'm just pissed off some muthafuckin' drivers don't know how to fucking use the fucking signal. Then that faggoty dj on xfresh starts talking, fuck, whoever invented the CD PLAYER, KU-muthafucking-DOS. Respect! Peace.

Monday, November 29, 2004


I always listen to Xfresh. Sure they play bullshit most of the time. There's so many good local music, yet they prefer to fill in a lot of gaps with shit like Ruffedge. Urgkh. And what's with that Misha Omar song, that's classic, one of the most annoying songs ever, and it's not because of Misha, she's fineeeee mafaka, it's because of that walkie-talkie dude going "aight" "whatever" "okay" "bla bla bla" at the background, he's fucking whack, what is this? Another attempt to fucking milk the hip hop breast?! Yes, very typical, put 8 bars of mindless rap, and your song is finally "hip" or "in".

And what's with all the bullshit just-there-to-be-there malay rap bullshit, it's just another revival of an old era, looks like the commercial scene in Malaysia hasn't progressed since what?! Fucking 1992?!

I hope AhliFiqir gets their play and fucking make everyone realize how we've been fed with too many bullshit. Remember how Indon bands did that to us, yet we still haven't learned enough.

Okay back to xfresh fm. WHY THE FUCK, does the male deejays have to sound like faggots? No, I'm serious, they sound like faggots, or at least they try to be. Last time I checked, a DJ is not a CHEF or a fucking HAIRDRESSER, what's with the fucking faggot ways?! Is it because you're conversing in BM?! I don't fucking think so, mat rempits talk in BM, what's the fucking problem? Can't these DEEJAYS just fucking sound fucking NORMAL?! It's pissing me off. What's with the fucking gay gestures and all that. Urgkh, or is it that Djs nowadays HAVE to sound like faggots to get the job?! If y'all don't believe me, tune in to Xfresh.fm, hear it for yourselves.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

San Andrea Corr

Yeah I just got GTA : San Andreas a few weeks ago. It's fucking good muthafuckah, of course I'll have to get used to the so-not-in-control ps2 gamepad, but oh well, at least you pc fucks have to wait till spring 2005. Yes, sleepless nights of course, during the fasting month, I just stayed up playing it until sahur, after that will play for a little bit more then off to sleep. Of course now I've slowed down, maybe because of the FUCKING STUPID AIRPLANE BULLSHIT. I hate any mission involving stupid airplanes, especially toy ones, who the fuck finishes those sort of missions anyway, assholes I would've guessed, it pissed me off down to my fucking bacterias, fucking airplanes. How the fuck does one control one, fuck it. Okay, I'll be back with reviews of old new shit I've been watching.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Just In Case We Fuck It Up And I Don't Write No More

Wahoo. Tonight is a derby match Man Utd and Man City. I must say that one of the reasons I don't blog is because of defeat. Hahaha. Yes it's true, whenever shit happenes to my team, I won't visit soccernet.com and manutd.com till the next match, it's sad, it's sad, I'll even have bad moods sometimes, it's kinda like PMS, yeah, footie is the male specimen's PMS.

Mm. And Naruto 107 is out and the Naruto series is finally picking up after a few (Quite a lot too) stupid filler episodes that has nothing to do with anything, if it does though, it seriously sucked, it's kinda like jump fiestas, it should be separated so I won't have to have anything to do with it. Yes, finally picking up and I'm finally back to enjoying watching Naruto, Shikamaru has been promoted to Chuunin, he's one of the best character in this anime, and now he has the fucking Chuunin vest, looks cool as fuck, plus he is after all Naruto's best friend (Not really, but he should be), I mean they're always chillin' together, they look comfortable together since they're both pretty much the same - underdogs, Shikamaru is maybe the only guy who doesn't look down (Actually he doesn't care) on Naruto, and plus, they're both the corotest back in their class with 0 marks in paper exams, Naruto is an idiot, Shikamaru is a lazy fuck, but they impressed most in the end. "You're yourself, and I'm myself". And I'm impressed by this Shikamaru cartoon character, who doesn't give a fuck about people (Or anything at all), who doesn't judge or compare people and don't like to. Never would have thought cause at first, he seemed like the dullest character, he never smiles, never fails to say "how troublesome", acts like any other boring guy, infact I hated him, this guy shouldn't be here, he's always complaining with this fucked up I-don't-give-a-fuck look on his face. Oh well. Then shit happened to test him, and yeah, gotta see it to know it.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Streamyx Necessities

For the benefit of your system. Here's a few things you could call condoms for the PC.

Mozilla Firefox - Good anti-spyware browser
Antivir - A good antivirus, free, and easy on the resources
ZoneAlarm - A free firewall for your system
Adaware - Spyware scan-and-destroy
Spybot - Spyware scan-and-destroy

To download, simply go to http://download.com and search for it.

These are a few softwares that you need to keep your PC cool, smooth and all that. They're all free, and they're easy on the resources. You see when you have broadband, all kinds of thing get into your system, and it's useful to have all these helpful tools. I acquired all these during my paranoia state, thanks Streamyx, for your incompetence, it has been very educational. Yeah I'm serious, I spent a lot of time trying different softwares, browsing for advices, and this is what I got.

BTW. I was chatting to IDAH (Bukan nama sebenar) about Malaysian Idol (I kinda lost the log), so we were talking about the judges and she was complaining about Roslan being real cold and all that, then suddenly she went "Fauziah Ahmad Daud jugak relax je" (Well, something like that). And I went blur, okay, trying to recall past episodes, did Ogy came as a guest judge or something, hmm, so I just said "Apa nih tak faham", then she went "Alah, judge perempuan tuh yang lawa tuh, Fauziah kan ke apa nama dia".

Okay, that was my cue to laugh. Wakhrahkghkakhga. I laughed endlessly.

Some Catching Up To Do

*Insert redundant nobody-reads-my-blog I-hate-updating rant here*

Okay that's done, now. Hmm. Tahu tak? Roti John Bakar layan gila doh. It's like you know, it's like popiah you know, the chocolate goreng one not the basah one, but it's big, yeah real big, can't even fit in my mouth but I still try too, and it's very layan, I wonder if they sell this outside of Ramadhan. Hmm.

My biological clock is upside down, I can't sleep around 2-3 AM anymore because I'd rather stay up for sahur and sleep after that, and it sucks, I miss night sleep, remember when you were 13 and you sleep around 10 (I like to sleep early), wake up around 6 feeling sleepy, what a fucking loser, you can't sleep at 10, wake up at 6 feeling sleepy, that's 8 hours of a good night's sleep idiot, yeah, we were losers when we were kids. But that type of sleepy can never match the sleep during day sleepy, that type of sleepy is lazy sleepy, this type of sleepy is demented sleepy. I must get rid of this vampire behaviour. I know everyone does it, it's a college thing, but I don't know. I'm crapping and I realize it, it's funny how you realize you crap, you even admit to it, yet you're still doing it, because crapping is a way to say something without really meaning it, I don't know, it's like playing it on the safe side, it's like you have an opinion, but well, you're not so sure about your opinion. Arfgh.

"Fuck it" - the dude.

My streamyx fucked me up a few days ago. Thank God it's okay now. It left me paranoid. First it started with the upload speed, it was terrible, dropped down so low. I thought it was my system, I formatted it, nothing happened, I scanned for viruses, got rid of 'em all, scanned for spywares, got rid of 'em all, still, nothing happened. Then everything started slowing down especially browsing speed, slowly but surely, till that period where I can't surf at all, yet my p2p speed is brilliant, up to 100kbps. It was torture, I was paranoid, I didn't know what caused all this, I can't even assume it was streamyx, I did a lot of things, reset my modem, change this and that IP, bla bla bla. At last, one sunny day, I was sleeping, my sister was turning on the pc, she downloaded something, and wanted to print it, oh wait I was sleeping, how come I know all this? Oh well it's because my pc (It's actually my sister's though) is quite a bitch and loves freezing randomly, I don't know what's wrong, and my sister will randomly go "alah", "isk", "aduh", and I will wake up randomly swaying to the tune of it. And I will notice, wow, she managed to download something and open it. When I finally woke up, the connection was all swayzee (The fuck is this word?). I tested my upload speed at testmy and it was a-ok. Wow. So I just downloaded what my sister wanted to download (Since she gave up on the pc's freezing and no one is as patience as I am when it comes to dealing with this pc), printed it and gave it to her, actually it's mrsm spm trial papers, yes, my sister's doing her spm. Oh and all this streamyx incompetence was due to their upgrading works, all 512 are upgraded to 1mbps.

Now Spm, back then I was one of the most likely candidate to get pangkat dua in my school. Don't blame them, from 4 trials, 3 was SAP, only one was pangkat satu, and that was borderline, and I actually went to two teachers to beg them to change their marks, they did, cause I'm so charming. Wkahrkhahkga. Yes, you suddenly become charming when you want marks, you don't know why, one day you're sasuke, the other you're naruto. No, naruto's not charming, but he's loud, well that's close. Why did I beg for marks when I know trials mean nothing, I don't know, just got tired of calling my parents and saying I got SAP, failed 7 papers bla bla bla, at least I gave them a bit of a relief, and thank God I didn't get pangkat dua, infact, I wouldn't dream of getting what I got during spm, I always thought aggregat 24 is enough for me and my effort, infact that itself was wishful thinking, but I got 10 aggregats less, to the dismay and annoyance of some of my friends who has never had lower aggregats than me during trials. Well, trials don't count, trials will separate the elite from the dumb, but it doesn't count.

I do have a few things to blog about, here's a reminder, to blog about that period in my streamyx life, where I did nothing but download things and watch. Here's what I should blog about in the near future :- Naruto, The OC first season, and the movies that I've watched. Just my review and shit. I asked my friend to buy GTA : San Andreas for me, I hope I won't get sleepless nights with this shit, oh wait, my nights are already sleepless nights, I meant entertaining sleepless nights. Oh well, everytime right after I write a long blog, I'll expect me to blog regularly from then on, that never happens. Oh well, after this entry, I'll write about a few things you have to have when you have streamyx. I guess. Peace.