Friday, November 05, 2004

Some Catching Up To Do

*Insert redundant nobody-reads-my-blog I-hate-updating rant here*

Okay that's done, now. Hmm. Tahu tak? Roti John Bakar layan gila doh. It's like you know, it's like popiah you know, the chocolate goreng one not the basah one, but it's big, yeah real big, can't even fit in my mouth but I still try too, and it's very layan, I wonder if they sell this outside of Ramadhan. Hmm.

My biological clock is upside down, I can't sleep around 2-3 AM anymore because I'd rather stay up for sahur and sleep after that, and it sucks, I miss night sleep, remember when you were 13 and you sleep around 10 (I like to sleep early), wake up around 6 feeling sleepy, what a fucking loser, you can't sleep at 10, wake up at 6 feeling sleepy, that's 8 hours of a good night's sleep idiot, yeah, we were losers when we were kids. But that type of sleepy can never match the sleep during day sleepy, that type of sleepy is lazy sleepy, this type of sleepy is demented sleepy. I must get rid of this vampire behaviour. I know everyone does it, it's a college thing, but I don't know. I'm crapping and I realize it, it's funny how you realize you crap, you even admit to it, yet you're still doing it, because crapping is a way to say something without really meaning it, I don't know, it's like playing it on the safe side, it's like you have an opinion, but well, you're not so sure about your opinion. Arfgh.

"Fuck it" - the dude.

My streamyx fucked me up a few days ago. Thank God it's okay now. It left me paranoid. First it started with the upload speed, it was terrible, dropped down so low. I thought it was my system, I formatted it, nothing happened, I scanned for viruses, got rid of 'em all, scanned for spywares, got rid of 'em all, still, nothing happened. Then everything started slowing down especially browsing speed, slowly but surely, till that period where I can't surf at all, yet my p2p speed is brilliant, up to 100kbps. It was torture, I was paranoid, I didn't know what caused all this, I can't even assume it was streamyx, I did a lot of things, reset my modem, change this and that IP, bla bla bla. At last, one sunny day, I was sleeping, my sister was turning on the pc, she downloaded something, and wanted to print it, oh wait I was sleeping, how come I know all this? Oh well it's because my pc (It's actually my sister's though) is quite a bitch and loves freezing randomly, I don't know what's wrong, and my sister will randomly go "alah", "isk", "aduh", and I will wake up randomly swaying to the tune of it. And I will notice, wow, she managed to download something and open it. When I finally woke up, the connection was all swayzee (The fuck is this word?). I tested my upload speed at testmy and it was a-ok. Wow. So I just downloaded what my sister wanted to download (Since she gave up on the pc's freezing and no one is as patience as I am when it comes to dealing with this pc), printed it and gave it to her, actually it's mrsm spm trial papers, yes, my sister's doing her spm. Oh and all this streamyx incompetence was due to their upgrading works, all 512 are upgraded to 1mbps.

Now Spm, back then I was one of the most likely candidate to get pangkat dua in my school. Don't blame them, from 4 trials, 3 was SAP, only one was pangkat satu, and that was borderline, and I actually went to two teachers to beg them to change their marks, they did, cause I'm so charming. Wkahrkhahkga. Yes, you suddenly become charming when you want marks, you don't know why, one day you're sasuke, the other you're naruto. No, naruto's not charming, but he's loud, well that's close. Why did I beg for marks when I know trials mean nothing, I don't know, just got tired of calling my parents and saying I got SAP, failed 7 papers bla bla bla, at least I gave them a bit of a relief, and thank God I didn't get pangkat dua, infact, I wouldn't dream of getting what I got during spm, I always thought aggregat 24 is enough for me and my effort, infact that itself was wishful thinking, but I got 10 aggregats less, to the dismay and annoyance of some of my friends who has never had lower aggregats than me during trials. Well, trials don't count, trials will separate the elite from the dumb, but it doesn't count.

I do have a few things to blog about, here's a reminder, to blog about that period in my streamyx life, where I did nothing but download things and watch. Here's what I should blog about in the near future :- Naruto, The OC first season, and the movies that I've watched. Just my review and shit. I asked my friend to buy GTA : San Andreas for me, I hope I won't get sleepless nights with this shit, oh wait, my nights are already sleepless nights, I meant entertaining sleepless nights. Oh well, everytime right after I write a long blog, I'll expect me to blog regularly from then on, that never happens. Oh well, after this entry, I'll write about a few things you have to have when you have streamyx. I guess. Peace.

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