Sunday, November 07, 2004

Just In Case We Fuck It Up And I Don't Write No More

Wahoo. Tonight is a derby match Man Utd and Man City. I must say that one of the reasons I don't blog is because of defeat. Hahaha. Yes it's true, whenever shit happenes to my team, I won't visit and till the next match, it's sad, it's sad, I'll even have bad moods sometimes, it's kinda like PMS, yeah, footie is the male specimen's PMS.

Mm. And Naruto 107 is out and the Naruto series is finally picking up after a few (Quite a lot too) stupid filler episodes that has nothing to do with anything, if it does though, it seriously sucked, it's kinda like jump fiestas, it should be separated so I won't have to have anything to do with it. Yes, finally picking up and I'm finally back to enjoying watching Naruto, Shikamaru has been promoted to Chuunin, he's one of the best character in this anime, and now he has the fucking Chuunin vest, looks cool as fuck, plus he is after all Naruto's best friend (Not really, but he should be), I mean they're always chillin' together, they look comfortable together since they're both pretty much the same - underdogs, Shikamaru is maybe the only guy who doesn't look down (Actually he doesn't care) on Naruto, and plus, they're both the corotest back in their class with 0 marks in paper exams, Naruto is an idiot, Shikamaru is a lazy fuck, but they impressed most in the end. "You're yourself, and I'm myself". And I'm impressed by this Shikamaru cartoon character, who doesn't give a fuck about people (Or anything at all), who doesn't judge or compare people and don't like to. Never would have thought cause at first, he seemed like the dullest character, he never smiles, never fails to say "how troublesome", acts like any other boring guy, infact I hated him, this guy shouldn't be here, he's always complaining with this fucked up I-don't-give-a-fuck look on his face. Oh well. Then shit happened to test him, and yeah, gotta see it to know it.

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