Monday, November 29, 2004


I always listen to Xfresh. Sure they play bullshit most of the time. There's so many good local music, yet they prefer to fill in a lot of gaps with shit like Ruffedge. Urgkh. And what's with that Misha Omar song, that's classic, one of the most annoying songs ever, and it's not because of Misha, she's fineeeee mafaka, it's because of that walkie-talkie dude going "aight" "whatever" "okay" "bla bla bla" at the background, he's fucking whack, what is this? Another attempt to fucking milk the hip hop breast?! Yes, very typical, put 8 bars of mindless rap, and your song is finally "hip" or "in".

And what's with all the bullshit just-there-to-be-there malay rap bullshit, it's just another revival of an old era, looks like the commercial scene in Malaysia hasn't progressed since what?! Fucking 1992?!

I hope AhliFiqir gets their play and fucking make everyone realize how we've been fed with too many bullshit. Remember how Indon bands did that to us, yet we still haven't learned enough.

Okay back to xfresh fm. WHY THE FUCK, does the male deejays have to sound like faggots? No, I'm serious, they sound like faggots, or at least they try to be. Last time I checked, a DJ is not a CHEF or a fucking HAIRDRESSER, what's with the fucking faggot ways?! Is it because you're conversing in BM?! I don't fucking think so, mat rempits talk in BM, what's the fucking problem? Can't these DEEJAYS just fucking sound fucking NORMAL?! It's pissing me off. What's with the fucking gay gestures and all that. Urgkh, or is it that Djs nowadays HAVE to sound like faggots to get the job?! If y'all don't believe me, tune in to, hear it for yourselves.

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