Friday, November 05, 2004

Streamyx Necessities

For the benefit of your system. Here's a few things you could call condoms for the PC.

Mozilla Firefox - Good anti-spyware browser
Antivir - A good antivirus, free, and easy on the resources
ZoneAlarm - A free firewall for your system
Adaware - Spyware scan-and-destroy
Spybot - Spyware scan-and-destroy

To download, simply go to and search for it.

These are a few softwares that you need to keep your PC cool, smooth and all that. They're all free, and they're easy on the resources. You see when you have broadband, all kinds of thing get into your system, and it's useful to have all these helpful tools. I acquired all these during my paranoia state, thanks Streamyx, for your incompetence, it has been very educational. Yeah I'm serious, I spent a lot of time trying different softwares, browsing for advices, and this is what I got.

BTW. I was chatting to IDAH (Bukan nama sebenar) about Malaysian Idol (I kinda lost the log), so we were talking about the judges and she was complaining about Roslan being real cold and all that, then suddenly she went "Fauziah Ahmad Daud jugak relax je" (Well, something like that). And I went blur, okay, trying to recall past episodes, did Ogy came as a guest judge or something, hmm, so I just said "Apa nih tak faham", then she went "Alah, judge perempuan tuh yang lawa tuh, Fauziah kan ke apa nama dia".

Okay, that was my cue to laugh. Wakhrahkghkakhga. I laughed endlessly.

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