Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New Jock Swang

Portishead - strangers
Ralph Tresvant - sensitivity
Green Jelly - three little pigs

Oh I've been downloadin' some 90's memory lane shit. Anyone remember GREEN JELLY? Yes that mysterious band, you never knew who they were, they don't come out the radio that much, but nearly all of your friends have their album. I still don't know who these fucks were. Their music were mostly fun lyrics sung in the most parodying metal ways, but they were pretty good.

Urgkh, and uh, never thought I'd see the day rappers rhyme using the word "HAAA", what the fuck is that, too desperate to rhyme, must-rhyme must-rhyme must rap, if not how can we ride the fucking hip hop bandwagon to sound cool and fucking get this on the radio. Fucking assholes. Ruffedge is a bad excuse for NEW JACK SWING disguised as HIP HOP. I have no problem with new jack swing, you know what to expect with that, I can excuse the fucked up rapping cause it's new jack swing, and rnb fuck can't rap in the first place anyway, it's just to be there, but then you when you try to ride the HIP HOP bandwagon, I don't give a fuck, I'll expect either tight ass boom-bap beats or lyricism, instead I get crap like ruffedge, the kind of crap I'll never let out of the country, if some foreigner from NY who breathes and bleeds hip hop ever listen to it I'll say it's the latest bullshit from some other country just to save Malaysia's ass.

I'm just pissed off some muthafuckin' drivers don't know how to fucking use the fucking signal. Then that faggoty dj on xfresh starts talking, fuck, whoever invented the CD PLAYER, KU-muthafucking-DOS. Respect! Peace.

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