Friday, December 03, 2004

Tribute to Man Utd's new Signings

KASI LAYAN :- Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes - i miss you (Dedicated to Cantona).

It's been a rocky season but the recent revival has been a relief, whatever it is at least Sir AF has been totally on point with the signings this time around. Well it's december, and there might be more signings during the January transfer window (Unlikely though), here are this season's signings so far, and why they're good.

Alan Smith (AM/FW RC) (My most recent fav Man Utd player)

I enjoyed watching him play with Leeds, if I had to choose a fav player at Leeds it would be him, now he's here, I'm just too fucking happy, I know a lot of Man Utd fans have been skeptical, but it took only one match for the turnover. Now everyone loves him, he's a cult figure. He doesn't have the best technical abilities or the most beautiful skills, but he's a warrior, he gives 110% every match (This is a very common phrase to describe him). Plus he's a fucking thug, I-don't-give-a-fuck-who-you-are, you know what, even if it was Schmeichel fucking him up he ain't gonna be pulling punches. He's a fucking warrior.

Gabriel Heinze (D L/C)

Another warrior-type figure. Another player, who came in with skeptics all over him. It's all because of his devotion to his country, he came here late, but kept same devotion, that DL position is officially his from his first match, didn't take long just like Smith. He's a very strong player, always wins headers and a natural defender, he guards the half with impulse at times.

Wayne Rooney (AM/FW RLC)

No skeptics for this one, we all know what he's capable off, I must say he's quite a bargain, he's only 19, and after Euro, his club was really playing up his price. He brings a new dimension to the attack, he's like the continuity to Ronaldo, adding to the squad flair and skills, he's a also an excellent finisher, just look at his goals, cool as fuck, has been unlucky not to score more, always tries his best. Needs to learn from Smith on how to be a smooth thug.

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