Saturday, December 25, 2004

Spiderman Sucks

Tempered Mental - honestly
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Project AK - bring it back 2 back

I just finished the The Incredibles DVD I just bought. It was fucking ill!

The characters remind me of R2D2 and C3P0, why? Because R2D2 is a fucking sliding cylinder while C3P0 can't move a shit on his face, yet, you won't realize all that, because they have more character than human actors in most movies. Just like the Incredibles were just fucking colours moving.

This movie to me, is perfect, some people said it was boring, what the fuck? I don't get that, one of my friends said it was TWO THUMBS UP, he was right 100%. I was totally in awe because the only time I've watched good movies like this recently were like, throwback titles. This is a masterpiece, earlier viewing got me totally impressed with the animation, yes, they're not actually realistic, everything was clearly cartoonish yet I won't have it any other way, everything seemed so smooth and beautiful.

Having said that, you don't expect good storylines, good characters, etc etc to follow, since we've been fed with too many bullshit like the new Star Wars trilogy (And countless other craps), well, you'll be dissapointed, everything was so good. Brad Bird has worked with Disney (Who he ran away from cause they started to suck milk or in his words "Were like master chefs cooking hot dogs") and The Simpsons, so obviously he had the capabilities to get everything spot on, especially the family theme. I liked the laidback drama atmosphere throughout the build-up to the actions, I liked the dialogues, they were witty and entertaining. And uh, I'm not a fan of action but well, only mindless action, this movie is filled with brilliantly setup action, each with its cause, each with a sense of desperation since you really felt for the characters.

Well, a great movie, really. Hmm, I know I'm late, but I'm always late, plus, I don't go to the cinemas much so I just wait for the crystal clear DVD from your friendly neighbourhood piratemen. Oh btw, I think this is the best comic revival movie I've seen so far.

Okay, next I'm desperate for some Chow Sing Chee, Kung Fu Hustle comin' up.

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