Thursday, December 09, 2004

Worst Come To Worst My Peoples Come First


TI - bring 'em out
Dilated Peoples - worst comes to worst
Dilated Peoples - right and exact (I fucking love this beat, Alchemist Rules!)
Dead Prez - it's bigger than hip hop

Oh and ^ is the theme from Dave Chapelle show. Can't believe someone hosting a popular mainstream show would use Dead Prez' beat as the theme, hahaha, especially when Dead Prez is banned from performing in NY for burning an american flag once (If I'm not mistaken).

I love that show BTW, other than being so fucking funny (As opposed to the dumbass Tom Green and Will Ferrel SNL), Dave is also a true and true New Yorker with mad love for Hip Hop, you can see he's tight with people like Mos Def and The Wu Tang, he gets them in sketches, plus he chooses his weekly guess musical artist very carefully, he's not too bent on milking the commercial bullshit, it's as if he just wants the music he loves on his show (Most cases if not all).

Ohoo. Saw this rapper TI's video on MTV, not bad eh, best dirty south emcee I've heard since Ludacris. Most dirty south emcees are crap (Nelly, Chingy, J-kwon (is he? well if he isn't south then he's crap anyway)). Hahaha. So it's nice to hear some who bring justice to the hype crunk shit dirty south producers like to blast out. And it's nice to see emcees like Ludacris and T.I focus more on their flow then trying to overemphasize their fucking accent thurrrrrr. Accent is the way they talk not catch phrases used to make you sound like an idiot.

Anyway, I've officially abandoned the fucking GTA because of that mutha of all dumbshit idea pilot license bullshit, anyone know a cheat hit me up, it's stupid to me because I can't do that shit, you know, I can stand racing missions, I can stand doing it over and over again to a certain extent, but flying a fucking airplane? What for? Humans haven't learned to fly so I have nobody to run over, fucks. Talk about racing, I'm playin' NFS Underground 2 and stuck with it right now, that's a surprise, I've never really got into racing games, well except when I was 6-7 when I played this old Test Drive game, but that was understandable since that was the only decent game I had on the old fucking school pc which used the big B drive as its fucking OS. Oh yes, I've never really focused on a racing game cause I hate racing, I hate it hate it hate it, I hate pressure, but maybe the airplane bullshit on GTA made me realize that it's not bad after all, plus GTA forces you to drive a lot so I've got the hang of it. I think the Nissan SX2 (Whatever it's name is) is a very good car in the game, I could use for the whole game if I wanted too despite all the new cars (This is one you get among the first batch), then I stumbled upon Audi TT which slightly better anyway, oh well, until I get the big ones. But people say those two cars are good enough for the whole game. I'm playing on medium though, most people start with easy, finish the whole game, then try hard. Well, whatever.

I watched The Terminal. It's very good, ignore the loopholes in the plot. It's sad and funny. Tom Hanks is very good, well we all know that, but yes, he is. He can carry a whole movie with his character, he had to play someone from an unknown country, couldn't speak english well, likes to mumble in bulgarian language, and to think some actors only have to play idiots who ride harleys and date bimbos. You know I have a lot to write, but I've usually either written it on my mind or talked about it to somebody else, the sort of stuff you just have to release, and by the time I get here, I either don't bother writing about it anymore, or completely forgot. No that's not an excuse, I mean it's not JUST an excuse, it's a very good one. Have a nice day. Peace.

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