Sunday, January 30, 2005

Kung Fu Love

I just watched Kung Fu Hustle on dvd. Hmm, honestly it's a good action movie. But I still miss Chow Sing Chee.

The old cheap, and sex maniac Chow Sing Chee. Hahaha. Remember Royal Tramp? Where he ended with 4/5 wives, that was the shit. Miss that kinda shit.

But then, Kung Fu Hustle is still a good movie. It does have some Chow Sing Chee Humour 10% of the time and real fucking cool actions, if it wasn't directed by him people wouldn't have had their expectations fucked up, cause it was generally a good movie.

I have a feeling that Stephen Chow is trying to make up for the loss of great HK peoples crossing over to Hollywood. He's still fighting the good fight, he's still trying to get through to the US on his own, his own fucking work, with what he wants to do. Nothing can ever fuck up good movie prospects like Hollywood, imagine the amount of remakes Hollywood has made that sucked compared to the cult originals, which apply mostly to european and asian movies.

I salute him for that, he's a good director. He's also obviously a kung-fu lover.

But we miss the asshole most, bring him back.

I also watched Eiffel I'm In Love, and liked it.

I thought it was funny. Yeah. I mean if this is what you can call Indonesians' stupid teeno movies, than good, cause I liked it.

Reminds you of their music too, I mean if S07 is what you can call their stupid pop music, then whatever, cause it's still good music.

Or maybe I have low expectations cause I live in Malaysia, a stupid teeno movie, urgh. Fuck it, don't let me think about it.

It's all about standards. Nelly is a commercial rapper in the US, Dizze Rascal is a commercial rapper in the UK.

Back to the movie. Hmm, yeah I thought it was funny. The guy was lying 90% of the movie to get the girl, the girl is blurry and whiny and dumb, but very, very cute. They were fighting over stupid shit 80% of the time, even when they were already supposedly in love.

Perfect setting for a love movie, I've watched it twice.

I like it how they trust the two young actors chemistry to be together for a long long time in the movie, long long scenes, that's something. It might be boring to some people, I guess, it's also very slow paced and fucking long, but somehow I liked it. Not perfect, but I liked it.

The girl was fucking cute though, her facial expressions were really funny. The guy was very awkward, which suits his character, a softie trying to act hard.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Atheist - air
Death - spirit crusher
Death - voice of the soul

Uuh. Lalala. Fuck this fuck that.

I wonder if saying fuck is a sin, since it could mean anything, it could mean "Stop", like, "Fuck what you're doing, get over here", or it could mean "Having sex", like, "People usually fuck on the first night of the wedding", or or, it could mean "Ouch", like, "Fuck".

I've had perceived cusswords discussions with my mom (Believe it). And she also agrees, that it's all about perspective.

I mean if we all had a paradigm shift, and don't look down on the word "Puki" or "Pantat" (Vagina). Doctors won't have a hard time trying to explain shit, like say instead of saying "Errr, uhh alat kemaluan awak nih ada masalah lah", he could go "Pantat kau ada masalah". To me, that doesn't sound offensive, maybe to some people.

And it's such a shame. I can't see any difference between someone saying "Penis" or "Dick", or "Alat kemaluan lelaki" or "Konek". Some people do, I mean most. It's a fucking shame (Shame of great magnitude).

I'm confused. Must I really care about people, what people think, sometimes I do, it's only natural, but sometimes I just won't feel like it, and I don't expect to feel bad, maybe I would, it's only natural, but at least, I should know, that I didn't have to.

"Fuck" is a censored word. Pity, cause it's a cool word.

But I can also say, that's one of the biggest factors that contribute to it being cool.

A pop group that plays good music can be uncool and safe just because the radio plays it every day.

Fuck is something that's always on the edge of something.

Being a confused guy, I hope someone writes a book about my religion's perspective on words based on Al-Quran and Hadith Sahih. That is something I can't question.

People and what they think is proper or not? Fuck it.

Okay fuck this. Peace.

Friday, January 21, 2005


Radiohead - street spirit
Iron Maiden - infinite dreams
Teddy Pendegrass - turn off the lights
Jurassic 5 - jurass finish first
Carol King - will you still love me tomorrow
Chino XL - water

I want pussaayyyyyy for frayyyyyy.

I never go into HIATUS, but if I was a true-and-true "blogger", I would have gone into a lot of those, I guess I'm a typical male, I don't know what I have this blog for, to type shit, yeah that's it, to type shit.

You gotta watch the TripleNoize to believe it, believe me.

I just watched Finding Nemo over download, late yet again. Very nice.

I guess I really dig Pixar movies, ones I've watched : Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles. All of them were good.

I guess I hate Dreamworks movies, ones I've watched : Shrek, Shark's Tale, Shrek 2 (Maybe more I can't recall). All of them were nehhhhhhhh. I didn't even finish shark's tale, abandoned it on cd2, only thing good on it were the jamaican jellyfishes. Booooring, nexttttt.

I was sick, yeah I was sick for a while, still a bit sick. I'm hungry right now, I need to eat before taking medication.

I can't hate TripleNoize, I'm not sure if they really mean to do all those things, it's too cruel to do stuff like that to yourself. Urgkh.

I'm flashbacking to days when this then cool guy who wore the then cool "alternative" thick-framed glasses manned the school speakers, at the end of the term, where people make dedications and stuff. This was long long ago. And was the first time I heard this song, this very nice song.

Radiohead - street spirit.

From the school speakers. Fadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee outttttttt againnnnnnnnnnn. It was something. I'm sorry but after OK Computer, Radiohead sounded like crap to me, well to me, I know some might dig it, but I just don't, I liked OK Computer, that's the only Radiohead album I had (Still actually my Sepultura-lovin' friend gave it to me because he thought it was too slow and blowed). But after that, all that experimental shit, I don't know, whatever, never listened to the albums anyway, fuck fuck fuck.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Roc Your Body

I saw Triplenoize - roc your body video.

I pity Singaporeans, I feel sorry for the mass embarrassment.

I'm grateful we have Too Phat, they're not bad, I hate Ruffedge but you gotta see the Triplenoize video to believe it.

And the title "Roc your body".

Don't people ever get bored.

What's wrong with some of you people.


Let's toast an ais kosong to clowns who don't know they're clowns.