Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Atheist - air
Death - spirit crusher
Death - voice of the soul

Uuh. Lalala. Fuck this fuck that.

I wonder if saying fuck is a sin, since it could mean anything, it could mean "Stop", like, "Fuck what you're doing, get over here", or it could mean "Having sex", like, "People usually fuck on the first night of the wedding", or or, it could mean "Ouch", like, "Fuck".

I've had perceived cusswords discussions with my mom (Believe it). And she also agrees, that it's all about perspective.

I mean if we all had a paradigm shift, and don't look down on the word "Puki" or "Pantat" (Vagina). Doctors won't have a hard time trying to explain shit, like say instead of saying "Errr, uhh alat kemaluan awak nih ada masalah lah", he could go "Pantat kau ada masalah". To me, that doesn't sound offensive, maybe to some people.

And it's such a shame. I can't see any difference between someone saying "Penis" or "Dick", or "Alat kemaluan lelaki" or "Konek". Some people do, I mean most. It's a fucking shame (Shame of great magnitude).

I'm confused. Must I really care about people, what people think, sometimes I do, it's only natural, but sometimes I just won't feel like it, and I don't expect to feel bad, maybe I would, it's only natural, but at least, I should know, that I didn't have to.

"Fuck" is a censored word. Pity, cause it's a cool word.

But I can also say, that's one of the biggest factors that contribute to it being cool.

A pop group that plays good music can be uncool and safe just because the radio plays it every day.

Fuck is something that's always on the edge of something.

Being a confused guy, I hope someone writes a book about my religion's perspective on words based on Al-Quran and Hadith Sahih. That is something I can't question.

People and what they think is proper or not? Fuck it.

Okay fuck this. Peace.

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