Sunday, January 30, 2005

Kung Fu Love

I just watched Kung Fu Hustle on dvd. Hmm, honestly it's a good action movie. But I still miss Chow Sing Chee.

The old cheap, and sex maniac Chow Sing Chee. Hahaha. Remember Royal Tramp? Where he ended with 4/5 wives, that was the shit. Miss that kinda shit.

But then, Kung Fu Hustle is still a good movie. It does have some Chow Sing Chee Humour 10% of the time and real fucking cool actions, if it wasn't directed by him people wouldn't have had their expectations fucked up, cause it was generally a good movie.

I have a feeling that Stephen Chow is trying to make up for the loss of great HK peoples crossing over to Hollywood. He's still fighting the good fight, he's still trying to get through to the US on his own, his own fucking work, with what he wants to do. Nothing can ever fuck up good movie prospects like Hollywood, imagine the amount of remakes Hollywood has made that sucked compared to the cult originals, which apply mostly to european and asian movies.

I salute him for that, he's a good director. He's also obviously a kung-fu lover.

But we miss the asshole most, bring him back.

I also watched Eiffel I'm In Love, and liked it.

I thought it was funny. Yeah. I mean if this is what you can call Indonesians' stupid teeno movies, than good, cause I liked it.

Reminds you of their music too, I mean if S07 is what you can call their stupid pop music, then whatever, cause it's still good music.

Or maybe I have low expectations cause I live in Malaysia, a stupid teeno movie, urgh. Fuck it, don't let me think about it.

It's all about standards. Nelly is a commercial rapper in the US, Dizze Rascal is a commercial rapper in the UK.

Back to the movie. Hmm, yeah I thought it was funny. The guy was lying 90% of the movie to get the girl, the girl is blurry and whiny and dumb, but very, very cute. They were fighting over stupid shit 80% of the time, even when they were already supposedly in love.

Perfect setting for a love movie, I've watched it twice.

I like it how they trust the two young actors chemistry to be together for a long long time in the movie, long long scenes, that's something. It might be boring to some people, I guess, it's also very slow paced and fucking long, but somehow I liked it. Not perfect, but I liked it.

The girl was fucking cute though, her facial expressions were really funny. The guy was very awkward, which suits his character, a softie trying to act hard.


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