Friday, December 17, 2004

Naruto's OC

^ Arghhhhh *slurp*slurp*

Just finished watching the OC season 2 episode 5. It's kinda like a teaser, trying to take away the two main cast from the two new okay babes, I mean no way man, Ryan has just escaped from the pretentious slut that is Marissa and you expect him to go back to her over a not bad nerdy girl. I don't like Marissa, I don't understand her significance, all she does is do those pity-me faces, she looks fucking strange, and she's a slut, for the whole fucking first season all she does is fucking flirt, not that I'm against people flirting but when you have no sense of fucking judgement, it's fucking annoying. Fuck her.

But her mom, Julie, is the fucking muthafucking mamacita, she's fucking hot, so is the Cohen mom and her sister, fucking [ fino ], lots of MILFs in here. Actually the adult casts are the better ones in this allthough it's not focused on them. Peter Galagher is a very good actor, he's the best character in here, as the Cohen dad, he's funny as fuck. Ryan has slowly transformed into a nerd in this new season, that's pretty good, he looks more comfortable in this position since I'm sure he's a nerd in real life. And now he looks less like Eminem in 8 mile, more facial expressions.

I can't really stand Cowen, he's just a second choice funny guy, he gets overshadowed by his dad, but oh well, that's why that's his dad, he hasn't graduated to grandmaster smooth yet, plus he's a fucking geek who talks too much, but he's okay, I guess, he gets the girl who looks kinda nice but had a fucking freak haircut, now she's suddenly changed and looks much nicer, man, dykes have ugly haircuts. His last GF, she looks nicer and nicer everytime I look at her. Oh well. Fuck it, the mamas are still first class. Julie. Droooooool.

Then there are the new guys, the fucking gardener who's too unlucky to fall in love with Marissa. And then there's some guy who looks and talks like Ben Aflleck, that's okay, cause I don't hate Ben, the only movies I only remember he was in were the good ones like Dogma, or Chasing Amy or Good Will Hunting, good for him, I don't watch his "safe" movies.

In Naruto there's a lot of characters so most of the time the story does stray away from Naruto, I mean how long can you stand the annoying and extremely loud Naruto, hahaha, I liked Naruto's stories, they're pretty sad, but you know, gotta take a break for a while. However, Sasuke and Sakura are two very boring fucks, I'm just not feeling the both of 'em.

I wrote that ^ without warning didn't I?! Whatever, let's get on.

It's only appropriate that I'm digging the two characters that I can relate to most, the lazy fuck and the fat ass. Shikamaru has had his moment and it was really nice, how he revealed his true potential and eventually be the only one to be promoted to Chuunin status, he's the leader of the pack, and he's a fucking good one, they wouldn't be nowhere without him.

Now it's time for his best friend Chouji, it's fucking sad man, no he's shown his true potential, he's strong as fuck. Yeah, I know pills and all, but it was only for the chakra, the techniques were pretty cowabunga. Been a while since the series got me into it, thanks to the over focusing on sasuke-sakura and those dull-ass filler episodes where even Naruto lost his soul. Can't wait for the next fucking episode, and I hope it's not a sad one.

Oh well I take T.V series too seriously, and I don't even watch them on T.V, it's just too fucking funny.

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