Monday, February 28, 2005


Aphex Twin - xtal

I'm listening to electronic music. Unme.

What I want now. Hmm maybe a decent nice-ass monitor headphone. And loads of hard disk space. Fuck I got the dough for all that, thanks to doing a few shit and also saving loads of fucking money by not having a girlfriend. All I need now, is the willpower to actually spend and shop, no I'm not good at that, I guess it goes with the gender, while shopping is therapeutic for the female or the feminine (Mountains of difference there), in my case, it's phobic, unless it's for stupid things that you will never see again like cybercafe time, or whatever whatever, oh well at least it won't fucking mess up the closet, which ain't no walk-in.

I wanted to download spanglish. And I did. Well I did download something with spanglish as its filename, turns out it's not. It's actually a british teen movie called Virtual Sexuality, and no it's not porn, it's not bad at all. Seen hot chick? Well this movie is more or less like it, girl in a man's body, same concept, though I think this movie came earlier and it's much better in many ways. First off in hot chick you get the standard hollywood template bullshit, something happens-learns lesson-end. This movie you don't know what's gonna happen, you just keep waiting, and anyway, it won't be as good if we're not used to the bullshit hollywood keeps selling though, I guess. But it's kinda funny, not bad at all, plus it does have a few twists. And I don't feel like I'm actually writing all this because I want to, I don't know, fuck a blog you know what, I need some femme pusse for fre.

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