Monday, April 05, 2004

I Love

A song came up just now I was in the car and it brought back memories, it was counting crows - long december. When first started they just played music continuosly, no dj, no commercial ads and all that (Maybe it was much better this way don't you think), and that song was one of the heavy rotations. It was okay back then I guess, or I was just still pop. But hitz fm was the station I listened to everyday and introduced to all of my friends when I got into boarding school, ironically turns out right now I hate the fucking station. I remembered after spm one of my friends who was kampung back then but at that time has been transformed into a hitz generation being curious about why now I hate them. Wahrkhkaga.

Nolah, I don't hate, it's just that the station gives me headaches. I always have 92.9 on my first channel but end up switching to 5 (fav number) for 105.7. See when I open the radio there's always gonna be an overdone pop disguised as hip hop, or maybe one of the half-assed post grunge bands, or one of them boyband punks, or just some bullshit they call music. Hahaha, it's true man, hip hop is so fucking misrepresented on radio, it hurts, hip hop used to be treated like a queen, now like a bitch (listen to common - I used to love h.e.r for more commentary). And rock bands played on radio are so fucking boring, their riffs all sound the same, sure sometimes they compose good music, but their delivery is so fucking stale, makes me miss all the classic rock bands, man allthough they had to make love songs to make it in the commercial scene, they did it perfectly, know what I mean?! And don't let me start with the boyband punks, why not just stick to singing ballads, that's all they are good for, and I still don't understand why the fuck simple plan had so many guitars, the riffs suck, it's so fucking boring, rancid sounded like an orchestra compared to them but use much less guitars. Dumbasses.

Nowadays only sometimes lah my head won't hurt, jason mraz is not bad, he's a good songwriter, either that or his songs had nice lyrics, and he's a strange guy, check out his vc. Kanye west's not bad for a first try at rapping, he's a well-known producer though, and his song through the wires is real good, and personal too if you understood the lyrics, I love the drums too. Yeah there are a few more good ones of course lah kan but I don't listen much to, just occasionally, so I wouldn't know of good new hits. Thank God for the internet and mp3s and fucking cd-writers. Please do start playing good music. What's all this chingy, nelly ja rule bounce bounce bullshit, I don't mind bounce mind you but some emcees just give me headaches with their fucked up voices and mindless lyrics, if people know what hip hop stands for and how much it means to a proper listener then these emcees should be kicked in the nuts by them. Well who cares anyway, just giving a lecture. Fuck you.

Anyway, is so fucking late y'all should know. I remembered having the real slim shady and stan like 3-4 months in my hardisk, the songs already basi, I thought this kinda shit will never see the light of the day, but somehow one day started playing them, and bandwagon jumpers started singing along and all that and eminem became big. Warkhahkhga. It's fucking funny, how a lot of people won't even dare to play those same mp3s on my hard disk back then but are now crazy as fuck about the fella, it's fucking funny, peeps need to learn to explore music instead of feeding off the corporate dicks who made a mockery of all y'all, don't believe me? I'm gonna write something about WILLIAM HUNG right after this one.

BTW, I'm sure as fuck someone's gonna think like if you hate so then shut if off and stop whining, you must be an idiot, that same thought would have stripped the same right for you to whine about my article. So fuck off. William hung's hanging is next..

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