Wednesday, April 21, 2004


This shit has been bugging me for months. NO, David Beckham is not one of the reasons Man Utd are not playing well this season, and most of the people who say this most probably don't watch Man Utd matches. Last season, beckham most definitely didn't play well, Solksjaer who took his place most of the time, played EXTREMELY well. I watched 95% of the matches last season and pretty much the same this season, of course I know. Beckham was definitely underperforming, he played well in no more than a dozen matches, maybe he played damn well in the big matches, but that won't take him anywhere cause as a player it's about playing well in every match.

I'm not taking away anything from Beckham though, he's a good player, he's hardworking, delivers fine ass free kicks and all that, I would have to not mention corners (Last season man utd scored NO goal from corners, and Beckham takes most of them), but just don't overrate him or blame Ferguson for selling him.

If y'all noticed, this season Solksjaer was injured, a long term serious injury, so obviously that right wing was heavily exposed, and the width balance was in jeopardy, Ferguson twiddled with the player choice in that position a lot. He couldn't go with Cristiano Ronaldo (Trust me this guy is mad talented) because the fella is still too young, it would be a risk, so too much rotation took place I guess.

And another thing, Man Utd played well up until the point they lost their defence leader who is Rio Ferdinand. Wes Brown is a good player but he needs a few matches to get back his form, I mean he came back from an extremely serious long-term injury, and these "few matches" were very critical ones and he just fumbled. That's my opinion on this matter.

Another issue is Cristiano Ronaldo, a lot of Man Utd haters hate this guy for no reason, yeah when he first came out he did dive a lot, and too much stepovers, but y'all obviously don't watch Man Utd matches, the kid has definitely cut down on all that, he hardly dives for no reason and stepovers only some times, and he's showing mad skills! And the pundits agree with me, watch the match, he gave too many chances to Ruud but Ruud just couldn't capitalize. And the thing about Ronaldo is he's not just all-flash, his skills amount to something, and he'll pass the ball when it needs to passed, keep it when it needs to be kept. If you watch matches you'll see what I mean, he really is a threat to the rivals' defence. But there's always a vast room for improvement, and he's still young, for now he's shown great signs of learning, yes I bet he learnt a lot about the english game. Peace..

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