Friday, April 30, 2004

Movie Reviews

Harituh aku beli dua CD dan menontoninya, meh gua review sikit :-


Oh well, typical comic movie but it's cool, I'll try to use star wars to describe. You got the asshole with a heart ala Han Solo superhero (Hellboy), you got the lovable, humble and extremely clever nerd ala C3PO (That fishy guy), you got the nice guy ala Luke Skywalker (That new guy), you got the old wiseman ala Yoda (That old wiseman), and you got a chick who looks concerned all the time ala Princess Leia (That girl who has fire on her hands). Well, it's not like I covered the whole universe of Star Wars character but this piece is not an epic-movie so to me, that's all you need for a good old good-vs-evil movie.

The storyline is simple, I didn't bother to think too much during the movie (Like I usually think anyway). To me this is just like an X-Men 2 which is better then X-Men 2, to me X-Men 2 sucked a bit because they didn't include two characters : Gambit and Beast. Yeah, Hellboy as a superhero is cool and macho just like a mixture of Wolverine and Gambit whilst the fish guy reminds me of Beast. In a way, a nice touch to the comic is the irony of Hellboy who is a demon being a superhero, has a mystical approach to it, but to me, it's just like any other comic movie except that it's cool and I enjoyed it, I'd just like to say FUCK SPIDERMAN MOVIES. I hate Spiderman, and enjoying Hellboy reminded me of just that, how does a superhero get to be so annoying, Hellboy is ultra-cool though, cause he's an asshole (The good asshole) with a character, not forgetting a crush for the fire babe, pretty neat for a comic movie. I'd recommend this for simple and mindless pleasure. Plus Selma Blair looks pretty cute in this one.

Kill Bill : Volume 2

I watched Kill Bill : Volume 1, and I can't say I enjoyed it too much, well it was fun as long as it lasted since what QT was trying to do was fuse concepts of his biggest influences into a picture, and me being one who's not too diverse when it comes to movies get to see the many elements that is pretty new to me. And you'll have to agree with me, when it comes to modern hollywood crap, this approach is unique.

Need I remind that despite the reason I watched this movie being I'm a big fan of QT (I'm not much of an action movie buff), I am not going to base my judgements on my fanatic love for his old pictures simply because this movie is not made to reminisce on typical QT trademarks but more towards focusing on his overall quality as a director. And yeah, the dialogues, compared to Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction suck anyway, everybody sounds or seem like they are going to come out with something clever before uttering bullshit, mind you I don't really care about bullshit but warn me about it first. So, this is an action movie, so be it.

You could say that this volume is definitely duller compared to the first, the first boasted its action and violence while the second more towards dialogue and character. David Carradine is cool as Bill, but that's just as far as it goes, just cool, just, when it's QT, you expect it to be more than cool, you expect it to be a muthafuckah, oh well, Michael Madsen too is underused in a way while the one-eyed chick is real hot, I'd bone her given the chance, plus it's pretty ironic the best scene in the movie is a duel between two blondes, oh shit. The storyline, uhm, nothing engaging about it, just as it was meant to be. What's interesting though is the action scenes, yeah, they're pretty neat, simple, not as grand as the "88" massacre from the last one, but just nice. Another thing I like is the influence of exploit movies being still present, one interesting touch is the Master Pei Mai scenes, incorporating standard old school kung-fu movies stereotypes, be it the cameraworks or the characters, and that guy is freaky, cool. All in all, just another movie, quite creative, but I'm still hoping for another movie in the sharp-wit and black comedy vein of QT's two earlier works (Fuck Jackie Brown) Plus the surrealness of some of his involvements (NBK, FDTD).

Oh before I forget, holla at my boy wu tang abbot The RZA, he laid it down nicely on the scores, in both volumes. Word up.

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