Monday, September 20, 2004

Good Times Bad Times

Kasi Layan - New Edition - i'm still in love with you

Exercising feels good. SO DOES EATING!!!!!


Anyway, I went to ZION I's show that day, WOOT?! It was ILL AS FUCK allthough none of y'all probably know who he is, yes, I'm a bit arrogant myself but I had a few of his songs on mp3 and I know he did a song for Linkin Park in Reanimation, and collabo-ed with Altimet and Joe Flizzow on TTC's first album. The show was so fucking energetic, AMP LIVE played his beats live on his machine and the boom bap was so fucking banging while DEUCE and ZION rocked the crowd with their fucking fine deliveries. It was so fucking inspirational.

But what really pissed me off was that most of the crowd were not really giving a fuck about the best hip hop performance to ever land locally. Most of them came for the stupid Ghetto Heaven which is a night disguised as hip hop. So right after the crew finished their last song, suddenly the in-house DJ continued the beat with one of the most disastrous and stupid songs ever in hip hop history (Fuck ice ice baby, this is worste, "Tipsy". To me it is a disrespect for the Zion I crew who were known as independent hip hop heroes, especially after they were (There was an interview session earlier) talking about not conforming to the industry and just doing your own thing (It must be really painful for some of the industry artists to hear this during the forum. whkaraghkahkga, and some of them were in the front row. wakhrkahga again).

It's a fucking disrespect, what's more annoying are these fuckers started cheering to tipsy, sigh, I just went out pissed. Anyway, the crowd in Malaysia is like this lah no doubt, I've heard once a local DJ for an infamous local club complaining to his friends about the crowd and how it's heartbreaking to him as a DJ who appreciates music. He's played in a lot of other countries like Indonesia and Thailand and the crowd there are just awesome, not afraid to indulge in new music. DJ's in Malaysia are better off putting on the console, sit down then have a teh tarik, fuck, maybe that's why club managers in Malaysia can be of the perception that "DJing is the easiest job in the world" (Reference - Tech's blog), WRONG, it's the easiest job HERE where people don't care if you loop "Where iz d luv" from night to morning. Idiots.

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