Monday, September 20, 2004


Someone linked me to a picture showing a girl in her hijab holding what looks like a glass of beer (My theory was that it was A FUCKING GLASS OF APPLE JUICE, who knows though). It was at a chatroom and everybody seems bewildered by the fact that a girl in her hijab was drinking alcohol, who the fuck cares? Is it THAT shocking? Is it that if a girl wears hijab and drink beer it makes much of a difference compared to a fucking nudist doing it? The only difference I see is that she's wearing the hijab so she's at least fulfilled one of her duties as a Muslim while the nudist is a fucking nudist, do the math yourselves. The only thing about girls in hijab is they probably look much sexier when they're having sex cause we're so used to nude porn which gets a tad too repetitious. A girl in her hijab does not mean that oooooh the society is bad nowadays, fuck that, all these ignorant fuckers need to be welcomed to the real world, the society has always been bad, they had nations full of faggots back in the days thousands of fucking years ago didn't you know? People even bury their daughters back in the days thousand and fucking thousands of years ago you fucks. It's the ignorance that worries me more, which also makes it not-so-surprising that society is bad. Fuck that. People should transfer the judgements they put forth on other people towards themselves, man that would be the day.

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