Monday, June 30, 2008


some young dude accused anwar of sodomizing him.


okat let's do some simple science here.

a 60 year old fuck, who is probably lacking a lot of energy due to him being busy as fuck and is not in his prime in terms of health, tried to sodomize this young man, supposedly active dude, and the 60 year old fuck SUCCEEDED?

if that is true, then seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?

isn't the crime here that young man's inability to not be weak and lame?

shouldn't this young dude just turn himself over to the police on the basis that he is the apex of lame? it's not like wan azizah and nurul izzah was holding him up against the wall prison style while anwar is cruising down his hershey highway.


seriously somebody tell me what the fuck is going on here.

argh i can't even scratch my balls right.


i don't care if this is a frame or not, who gives a fuck if anwar is a batty bwoy, at least we know for sure now he's the fucking butch now right?

this is super lame.

this malay government is full of fucking bullshit.

and no i'm not getting out of this country, you get out of this country dirty stinking cunt malays.

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broken_nigina said...

itu kisah komedi sebenarnya.