Sunday, June 22, 2008

mierda hedionda

tonight i could've started a revolution. the fuel prices are hurting everyone. i must go to the city and start a riot, let those mufuckaz on top know, mufucka. however when i reached petronas' maybank atm all of it was out of service, my wallet had just enough money for dinner, not enough petrol to even get to the city. so i drove home, bought some take away mamak food. and am now substituting revolution for potential friction later on with the help of amateur porn.

this country is built on blatant racism and classism. everytime i go through a road block i'll see a lineup of cars stopped on the side, all the drivers being chinese or indian. back when i drove a cheaper car i will always get more stares. now that i drive a not so luxurious but bigger car i don't get that stare that much anymore. once i was on my way to hartamas and got caught up in that road block in that road that not many cars pass by. as i got to the block the police was questioning some chinese dude in a wira in front of me. it took quite some time. so i was a bit anxious, and nervous. when the dude was finally let off and it's my turn, the policeman dude barely used his torch light, he just smiled at his friend while signalling for me to move on.

although i did start this shit with writing about racism and classism, and both could've been solid factors (chinese, wira) there are two other possible theories why this happened:

- the policeman was gay and thought i was cute so he smiled and let me off without checking anything at all.

- i was blasting "4u2c - kembalilah fiona" loudly. he must've heard it somehow and was nostalgic and all and was looking at his friend, smiling, going "yo kau ingat bila kita cover lagu nih masa kat talentime sekolah dulu?" (yo remember when we covered this song back in school talentime?). and because he felt warm and fuzzy inside he wasn't in the mood to interrogate the source of all those feelings. and as i drove away swiftly enough, i escaped the part where he and his friend realized back then when they performed that song they were booed off stage, got thrown random food, and since then were bullied by the dominative specimens for every school season they had left (which is why they ended up becoming policemen later on in life).

although hip hop came later in my life as a kid some of it had always kinda had an impression on me, namely shit like 4u2c, do the bartman, fresh prince, kriss kross, naughty by nature, public enemy, and beastie boys. maybe because they were pretty popular back then. one day in boarding school i was walking by the corridor connecting the hostel and the dining hall, i saw a small football poster with the slogan "fight for your right". the first thing that came to mind was beastie boys dope ass song YOU GOTTA FIGHT! FOR YOUR RIGHT! TO PARRRTEYYYYYYYYYYYYY. so i was like, someone in this school digs beastie boys, kewl dewd.

turned out it wasn't beastie boys and i should've expected, i wasn't schooling in kl or any other bigger cities. it was actually acab's (skinhead band) song fight for your right. the famous version being a ska flavoured badly grammared brit accented catchy tune. everybody was humming it nearly everyday. oh well, should've known. still, it was dope how underground music was really prominent in my school. still, it would've been pretty dope to have a friend who liked rap, who listened to ratm like i did, but at the same time, it felt unique to be the only one in my batch who listened to ratm.

when i was a child i was naughty as fuck. i used to get number one all the time in class and ask the teacher to appoint me as something, class head or prefect, but they never did. when you were a child you don't know you're naughty, i know i didn't, i wasn't being naughty, i was just being me. i only realized why the teachers never gave me any sort of responsibility despite my super cleverness when i was older and calmer and the direct opposite. one day during a reformasi/reformation rally or something i met my old principal, he told me back then i always had to be called up to his room and caned, lalz. daym. there's a reason for everything, and all this fat, baby, it made me nice.

they put heroin in fast food. how else can we explain the addiction. it doesn't even taste nice. it's like when you were a child and kfc was divine. the mashed potato i used to eat it all day until the fam went to england and i tasted actual mashed potato, and fish and chips, and all that, fuck. i mean nowadays, everytime after i eat kfc i feel dirty, it's like as if i masturbated to a picture of my girlfriend's best friend or something. i always get the crave but after fulfilling it it doesn't feel good anymore. i realize it sucked. but i keep coming back. exactly like drugs, after the whole ecstasy endorphin shit you start to come down and it sucks (not that i've tried any, just info from friends), and you start to regret, but you keep coming back. so all i have to say is, i repeat, they put heroin in fast food, and i want them to switch to marijuana.

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