Sunday, June 22, 2008

ronaldo must go

this entry was made about two years ago, after the world cup. when cristiano ronaldo started to flirt with real madrid. i'm like fine, faggot, fucking go already.

to quote a little bit just to show how pissed off i was:
"But fuck Ronaldo, the bitch wants to run, fine, sell him for a fucking fortune and get some muthafuckaz who can actually play (Ribery? Mascherano? Torres? Why Fucking Not?) football without having bad skin complexion, stupid looking gel heavy hairstyle, running like he's on a treadmill with not enough rubber, cries like a bitch when confronted by Ruud - who the fuck would cry because of Ruud other than to stop from laughing at the odd construction of his facial bone, does stepovers that could very well prove fortune tellers might not be lying when they say they can predict your future as everyone seem to know he's going to do it before he does"

i was pissed off as a piss kidney alright.

however, he did not go, man utd managed to convince him to stay. and guess what, he fucking blazed the epl for two seasons, the first one was dope as fuck, and the one that just ended, he was the fucking top scorer, everyone was licking his balls and smooching his pimples.

and now, he wants to go, again.

and guess what? i don't give a fuck. who gives a fuck if he was crazy in those two seasons. i still carry the same sentiment, go bitch, go, you fucking portugese hair changing every day faggot. okay i know your ass is good, youze a good player, but you're a fucking douchebag. you could very well have the potential to be better than my idols giggs or cantona, but you can never be even 1/69th of the men they are. you nut muncher, everybody thinks you're a faggot no matter how good you play. oh your team got kicked out of euro 2008 by the hitlers, boo hoo hoo. cry bitch cry, that's all you ever do, other than score goals, err oh eh yeah mm fuck you.

who gives a fuck really. i don't know why fergie loves this boy so much. yo dawg, you could get fucking 70mils for the cunt. how many young players can you buy for that money, a whole fucking lot, if wenger had 70mil, he would build a new team altogether, with 22 players who will pass the ball around like it was a whore with a bag of weed.

sell that bitch already. he plays like a football goddess but who gives a fuck anyway, he's still a douche and everybody else still thinks he's as gay as a long scarf. yo fergie, you remember what this team was built on? you should, it was built on muthafuckaz who will play their guts off without having to take a shower in the morning or dry england's supply of hair gels. about muthafuckaz who will not piss off the gaffer, shut up and do as the gaffer do and never fucking cross him. no one, not even roy keane, who was the MAIN MAN in my opinion, was above the club.

this faggety fag certainly isn't. and he needs to go.

come on fergie, remember beckham? he was a fag right? you used him up and you fucked him off. we've already used up ronaldo in my opinion, he is starting to develop a big ego which will destroy his ass. you've used him already trust me, we've won both the fucking champs league and league last season, what the fuck else you need, sell that slore.

everybody say it with me now, "the fag has to go!".

70 fucking mils! world fucking record! i'm pretty sure if we kept him for another season that shit'll drop cause faggots can't prosper, the age of diving is going down, real men are coming back, facial hair, uncombed hair, territorial pissing, testicle grabbing, revenge tackles, it's all coming back in the next decade! there's no room for fairies and their asshole looking fancy boots.

70 fucking mils...............

just take the piss and buy the whole argentina and brazil youth teams.

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kutuk beckham lagi.