Thursday, June 19, 2008

aku hidup dalam blue

do not be alarmed if i am different than how i write. if you see me and you hear me using different words arranged in different ways. if i even look different than what i might make you think. do not be surprised. me writing is not me out there. i am not me, me am not i. there is another me that i keep, we co-exist, we are two different beings but we co-exist. we divide and conquer, or divide and get to that shit. one is the one doing all the work, the other is the one sleeping and fucking super models inside the mind. i'm not talking about thoughts or anything. i'm talking about an actual me. i am inside my mind, i'm looking through the eyes. the eyes = one big projecter screen nearby my bed. i am chilling here only watching if i feel like it, whenever i don't feel like it the other me continues doing whatever needs to be done to continue being me consistent or not. but if i feel like coming out i will come out. and let the other me rest in my mind, chilling, fucking supermodels, or normal wimmin, you know, "i don't discriminate, i regulate every shade" /size/shape "of the ass". i can control me like i control a game character, click of the mouse, i can do that, all while sitting on the sofa, the other hand occupied by a karipap. nyum nyum nyum. i am not a regular human being, i am built like one, but operated like a robot, the most advanced robot you will ever get to know about or see. you don't know all this, although i have just informed you, you will forget all this right about .. now.

and so i wake up with the last dreamy escapade still occupying my mind. stumbling about here and there. vision blurry as fuck. looking for the edge of the bed. what happened? the bell rung, but no one was there, because the bell did not ring. a tinge of sonic hallucination did. a sense of urgency and confusion developed in a split second, out of nowhere, for no reason. get me out of this phantasm quick i move every limb of mine physically or meta-physically i wasn't sure but it works. if only this and reality could form a coalition and weed out their faults to create an ideal world. if you ever reach the 7th dimension you would see what i see. the journey might take some time but once you reach there, there is no limit to what crazy shit you can see or experience.

malangnya tadi aku dapat tidur 1 setengah jam jeh tak sempat sampai. fuck. baru nak masuk alam mimpi dah terbangun dengan kepala dan bontot berat. berak pagi mungkin buleh settle kan dua dua keberatan.

sekali-sekala tampar diri sendiri dua kali apa salahnya.


Banyak Songeh said...

Sangat keji okay kasi controversi cam gitu in the beginning. Hahaha!


green apple said...

ko ada split personality ek?