Friday, June 27, 2008

edit posts

oh yeah anybody know this blog where the girl wrote about things she was scared of and it included frogs? i dunno i kinda left a comment there, and then i forgot what blog it was cause i kinda liked reading it and even though i usually put blogs i liked reading immediately in the links (or cunts) section in this blog i kinda forgot to put this one on it? like fuck. anyone? help.

oh and yeah, i'm fucking scared of frogs, petrified.


green apple said...

aku penah makan katak okkkkk.
tapi sebab diperdajalkan oleh orang, kalau nama aku nak makan buta-buta gitu, sangat kirim salam la.

penyangak said...

aih. camna leh diperdaya? kau gi adventure cam indiana jones ke lalz.