Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i just came back from taking a shit. guess what, after i finished shitting i stared at my shit for a long while. 'fuck, this looks exactly like a big bag of weed'. i was about to grab that shit, cut it and smoke it, while listening to quasimoto (make you eat a lot, maybe go get some nookie)


quasimoto (we flyin' through your neighbourhood at hyper speed)

..when i realized that i don't smoke, so instead, i flushed that shit. plus it smelled like shit anyway.

today, after doing a few shits, i just wanna sit on the sofa and watch the by-election news. the old dude who overpowered some young dude in a national sodomy galore is supposed to win. because if he doesn't, i'll have to hail us redneck malays as geniuses.

before the by-election, us redneck malays made young dude who got overpowered by some old dude in a national sodomy galore swear in a mosque that he was overpowered by some old dude in a national sodomy galore, gave out tonnes of money to election state locals, witnessed our boombastic leader swear in the election state local mosque about an almost a year old allegation, reduced oil price despite saying we weren't gunna till september, - and claimed it all had nothing to do with the permatang pauh by-election. us redneck malays are smooth people. we're like that dude in that eddie murphy joke (not the shaggy song), our girlfriend could be witnessing us cheating on her with her own eyes and we'd be like 'it wasn't me' and our girlfriend'll be like 'okay' cause we make her go GAARGKKKKHHHHHHHHH when we fuckin' and we also hate chinese and indian people, but we guarantee you that we represent all races.

it's raining heavily. we had like about what one or two month of okay weather then it's all back to this.

come on baby, let's go get wet........

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