Wednesday, August 27, 2008

anwar wins permatang pauh by-election

okay first of all i have to get this off my chest. if anwar really did sodomize saiful, i would have to say that he has extremely bad taste. i finally got to see what saiful looked like when the swearing video surfaced, and he looked like a faggot. why would anwar wanna sodomize a faggot? (see what i did there, i am so ironic). but real talk, no homo - if i was/am a notorious perpetrator of sodomy and lust i wouldn't hit that, infact i would rather hit one of the keadilan chicks. if you let me put this in a different way, erm - i'm straight, but i would rather fuck a guy than fuck a chick the equivalent of saiful.


not that dude is straight ugly or something, it's just that he looks like a soulless empty faggot, if he had a pussy it would probably be devoid of any form of clit and vaginal discharge making it a soulless empty hole of nothingness incapable of fulfilling any sort of pleasure at all - be it carnal, not carnal, or orale carnal!. if you put your dick into that pussy, it would be like putting it inside atmosphere, which you are already doing right now anyway so what's the point? so anwar, if u truly love sodomy, please have better taste, you're a man of power, you could acquire for yourself any form of male possible. how about this dude (on the right) for example:

or you could crossover this side and start recruiting 'coffee boys' that look like these lovelies:


and no disrespect intended to saiful. it's just a personal opinion, for all i know he's an interesting person who you could have endless conversations about art and shit and shit with. lalz.

ok now on to the topic at hand. why do i always have to start with some unrelated shit. krgkh i hate myself. no i don't. hey! okay .. yesterday night i managed to sit on a sofa and enjoy the permatang pauh by-election. except that the enjoyment didn't stem from the tv as most channels were quite reluctant to show shit, especially tv3, actually in tv3's case they are reluctant to show anything anwar even today when all is done and dusted. they were instead more focused on umno members and how wild and violent pkr supporters were during the election although it was the umno members who threw stones at an umno office requesting payment which is strangely something that also happened when i worked with them during the general elections minus the stone throwing. what do pkr supporters know, most of them do it for free, fuck most of them prolly paid to do work. what a bunch of naive losers, aren't they familiar with these two terms - C.R.E.A.M., and F.U.P.M.- cash rules everything around me, and fuck you pay me. this is why they're not the leaders of this great nation, they don't throw stones demanding for payment, what a bunch of barbarians.

here are a few notes on this by-election:

- our boombastic dpm and other various great umno leaders were right when they conceded defeat claiming "democracy 'was still alive' in the country and was not being manipulated as claimed by certain quarters".

SCOFFS, fucking pkr leaders. don't you know that if you win, that means we didn't try to cheat not even one bit? SCOFFS AGAIN. hello it's simple logic DUH. only if we win, you could claim democracy wasn't alive and is being manipulated, but if you win, DUH i can't concentrate on writing just thinking about how devoid of logic these opposition sheeps are.

- phantom voters? SCOFFS. those voters were permatang pauh residents especially the indonesians. SCOFFS check your history, back in 1998 many permatang pauh residents had to move to indonesia for a while because anwar is gay and then they came back but decided to live in some other place other than permatang pauh because anwar is gay. so they have to come back to vote here since they didn't change their addresses. and those from melaka, they came here to campaign, didn't you know? melaka is a different time zone, sure spr said no campaigning after 12 midnight but in melaka the time zone is different so they campaign much later cause anwar is gay and a sodomite. plus, although we sent them, what guarantee is there that they're not voting for anwar? huh? gotcha.

and also, of course the police had to capture that dude that tried to stop those busses allegedly carrying phantom voters. didn't you see him? the police definitely had to rough him up a bit too, he was obviously indian.

and all those inconsistencies spr ever had about voters list bla bla bla yaba yaba yaba please don't bother me with boring shit, get your shit together pakatan rakyat, or should i say, pakatan zakar ke dubur? (laughs).

- the polling day being a working day, the saiful and najib swearing in the mosque, the fuel price amendment before the announced amendment which was september, and etc etc etc all had nothing to do with the by-elections. it was just a coincidence that the election came when those things happened. and the dna thingy too, how would we know that before we rushed the dna bill we would need dna from anwar, sheesh you opposition donkeys, you speculate too much, nobody could predict the past!

- did i mention pkr supporters were wild and violent? this one guy threw a fit and started throwing bottles somewhere and all. although the rest didn't do the same i'm pretty sure they had it in them somewhere, what a bunch of barbarians.

- khairy jamaluddin is now sporting a nice looking beard. KJ FOR PM! although najib is also an explosive contender.

- look, some people are saying us umno-ers were too focused on personal attacks when campaigning for votes. sodomy this swearing in the mosque that this that anwar is gay and corrupt and likes to sodomize blabber blabber blabber. don't be daft, we need to tell everybody that anwar is a sodomite because we don't want a sodomite winning this election and (probably) leading the nation. let me ask you a rhetorical question, if you're in the middle of kuala lumpur city centre and you're hailing a cab to go home, would you like it if your taxi driver is a sodomite? exactly.

economy and the state of the nation? sheesh details details details, the rakyat want tales of sodomy, we give them tales of sodomy. if the rakyat don't want tales of sodomy. fuck them, they don't know what they want, what they want is tales of sodomy, and we give them exactly that.

- anwar to this day still hasn't sworn in the mosque, he's too occupied with trying to do it step by step like go to mahkamah syariah bla bla bla (whatever that is) sheesh, people, details details, why don't you just get on with the swearing. we'll give you time, we will assume you're innocent until a certain time limit, faggot.

- najib has already sworn that he didn't know altantuya. i think the courts shouldn't interfere with his life anymore. for fuck's sake he has sworn get off his case already you heathens. the maintenance of lawyers and judges and rule of law whatever whatever is a burden towards this country's economy. and anwar wants to better and maintain all this AND subsidize petrol, both at the same time? SCOFFS, someone tell this jester of a man how clueless he really is about economy. he lost a debate to our minister of information, how much would a minister of information know about economy? SCOFFS, apparently more than anwar, according to unbiased media like utusan malaysia.

- i agree with mahathir, the malaysian pm who unlike pak lah, has at least never controlled the media like a communist or accuse someone of sodomy before that someone has even started going to the courts, when he said that most permatang pauh voters didn't even wanna vote for pkr - they just didn't want to vote for bn. try watching tv3, those people in the footages don't carry any pakatan rakyat flags at all. when i watched tv3 all i could see over there are bn flags, everyone was bn, bn here and bn there. tv3 is a reliable unbiased source of news, so this proves that everyone there were actually bn supporters who didn't want to vote for bn, they don't even know what pakatan rakyat or pkr is.

- lastly, anwar did not deserve to win. our candidate had the heart of a rakyat, our candidate could speak fluent chinese. would anwar ever love the people enough to do what our candidate did? for fuck's sake our candidate could speak fluent chinese, even lim kit siang couldn't do that.

wait. our candidate could speak fluent chinese? fuck, no wonder we lost. tell that ching chong cheng blabbering douche to go back to china.


NeEM™ of Suicide Park said...

Anda telah dicalonkan.

A. Aini said...

maybe we should get the lot of them to sumpah against each other and see who gets struck by lightning first. now thats good tv. i wonder if tv3 would broadcast that and if its umno members being fried. they'd prolly blame it all on anwar for drawing those pesky invisible bullseye on their backs.

green apple said...

boleh tak kalau ko dicalonkan sok aku buat usul tak percaya?

Coolit babi said...

ko ni lawaklah..melayu alim...weii so funny....dalam hadith ada bob dyldo..muahaha..syabas ko berjaya menggabungkan hudud dengan orgasm dan penetration...

Yes... porn porn juge..quran quran juge..kan

macam anwar ibrahim, bontot tibai juga..allahu akbar tak lupa..

syabas melayu moden islamik...inilah islam kau yang sebenarnya...dapat menarik dan mengabungkan lucah barat dengan islam..

ko patut dapat world peace...award

Macam PAS.. benci Inul...eeeee seksi..dan avril lavigne...eee pussy..tapi buggery... allahu akbar...hehehe world peace bro!!!

Coolit babi said...

a. aini PAS tu parti anti pompuan..
semua tibai bontot lelaki cun je..tau...ko selamatlah..tak menyelerakan dia orang langsung.

PAS tu kena kilat dulu sebab parti homoseks..gua garanti.. muahaha

Coolit babi said...

a. aini PAS tu parti anti pompuan..
semua tibai bontot lelaki cun je..tau...ko selamatlah..tak menyelerakan dia orang langsung.

PAS tu kena kilat dulu sebab parti homoseks..gua garanti.. muahaha

penyangak said...

gelabah gila mamat nih haha. syuh syuh.