Friday, August 22, 2008

"tapi saya tak suka yang well done" - kata asmidar kepada ali setan a.k.a. some shit i've watched

i'm really refreshed nowadays, which in turn helps my attention span. it is cured, in a way, or to a certain extent. i must admit i still have a bunch of films in the vault i must yet haven't visited, but i have watched more in these 40 or so days than the other months this year combined (an exaggeration). i have managed to enjoy films i have been meaning to watch, randomly obtained, needed to re-watch (or not), and even some relatively new ones. i'm going to review some of them one by one, and by review i mean blog-style bimboistic conversationalistic (by the standards of a normal human being who does not sound like a walking roger ebert article) anti-literature comments.

monster's ball (a "movie" re-watch, as opposed to "a certain scene" re-watch, you would know what i mean if you've seen the movie)
i endured the cinema taped vcd for this one. and now i remember why, it's kind of a nice movie. and not just because i'm biased towards billy bob thornton, halle berry's tits, and their 'unification'. also not just because mos def and the late heath ledger were in it. (don't make me mention puff daddy, shit i already did. fuck. actually he was kinda okay as an actor, i mean he's no tupac or mos def, but he wasn't bad).

grosse point blank (randomly obtained)
a really funny cusack flick. has his cute sister in it. jeremy pivens, and some familiar 90's spillover 80's faces. an established assassin goes back to his hometown to reluctantly attend a high school reunion. yes, chaos ensues, and it's funny.

the big lebowski (obligatory monthly (daily) rewatch)
i'm sorry i did not need to re-watch this one but i just had to (again times infinity). the last copy i had had some kind of timing error towards the end. i will find all sorts of excuses to re-watch "the dude" and synchronizingly deliver dialogues with him especially during the "opinion" part. i mean we don't have to do homework anymore how else more dignified could i fulfill my sinful desire to give out excuses.

groundhog day (randomly obtained)
just like grosse point blank, another one of those old 90's movies that i don't remember knowing anything about. when i read the plotline on imdb i thought it was going to be boring gimmicky shit typical of movies made when i was still listening to 4u2c but it wasn't. it was more typical of romantic comedies back when romantic comedies were romantic and comedic.

clerks, chasing amy, mallrats, jay and silent bob strike back, clerks 2 (the kevin smith flashback)
i think i'm missing dogma here. oh well i did get bored of it after re-watching the vcd too much. jersey girl, sorry i don't intend to watch that at all. erm. okay let's see, jay and silent bob strike back i watched on vcd when it came out. i discovered clerks through randomly buying dvds. chasing amy i discovered through specifically buying dvds. mallrats and clerks 2 obviously through internet download. jason lee and jeff anderson are my heroes from the view askew universe. kevin smith paired them up with whiny smug arsecunts (ben affleck, and that ugly white dude with the beard). and these arsecunts were the main focus of their respective films (except for mallrats, which was awesome just because jason lee was given more screentime). fuck them. jason lee and jeff anderson 4 lyfe. porch monkey 4 lyfe.

ghost world (much needed re-watch)
when i first watched this shit it was on vcd (just came out) and i didn't know it was critically acclaimed and scarlett johanssoned. the vcd was a cinema copy and you just can't watch ghost world in this circumstance. i believe i didn't even finish it. years later which is incidentally this year it was time for a re-visit. very nice movie. now i know, ever since she was a teenager scarlett johansson couldn't act for shit but is hawt. nice movie. btw, the otha chick who was also in american beauty in this movie, had one of the nicest body a woman could have (she apparently gained some weight for the role), us redneck malays would refer to it as 'berair' (watery), or 'mantap' (no translation could ever do this one justice).

Trading Places and Coming to America (nostalgia pillaging re-watches)
had to just pile these two together. two trademark gimmicky eddie murphy that you enjoyed as a kid and should be left that way. no they don't age well, yes i should have known better, yes i shouldn't have poked the bee hive of movies-that-don't-age-well nostalgia.

the new guy (like ghost world, a re-watch from the vcd era)
i enjoyed this when i first watched it. it actually kinda sucks.

mean girls (randomly obtained, lindsay lohan pre-crack whore has nice tits)
pretty decent. and lohan is kinda hawt.

you don't mess with the zohan (don't you check out billboards, duh obviously new shit)
back in uni, nearly everytime me and my friends skip morning class, we would waste those hours away watching happy gilmore. adam sandler was kind of like a hero of sorts. but he kinda sucked so bad after that. the i'm too shy to talk voice he uses to woo women pisses me off. but this movie kinda surprised me, he was bearable. maybe cause he had to sport a thick jew accent. i thought this movie was kinda decent. and what better way to compliment us muslims than to cast the badass spike lee staple john turturro as a palestinian.

k-pax (a re-watch, i think?)
if it's not a re-watch, it's that fucking fucked up quality on the vcd back in the days. i must've skipped this one cause of that, but remembered some of my friends enduring the cinema taping and liking it. so a re-visit. it is kinda nice. the dude (jeff bridges) is in it, and he will forever be the dude i mean awesome. kevin spacey is in it and he is awesome as always.

mean machine (re-watch)
it's okay. it's not that great. vinnie jones needs more leading roles in better movies.

notes on a scandal (randomly obtained)
i don't know why this feels so british. i know it's a british film and yada yada yada but i think only the british could execute something like this. btw, it's not bad at all.

lucky louie (tv) (randomly obtained through a recommendation)
really love the old school sitcom feel. really goot unconventional sitcom. i say this because most unconventional sitcoms don't subscribe to the sitcom mood anymore and therefore might not even want the sitcom label. but this one still does, albeit a more old school 80's 90's feel, which is really dope.

it's always sunny in philadelphia (tv) (randomly obtained through a recommendation)
crazy white people. that sums it all up. not too bad. quite nice actually. although i enjoyed the first season more than the others. somehow when penguin arrived shit got too crazy and hectic and shit and the characters seem to have lost some of their, urm, characteristics. the theme song is classic.

persepolis (been wanting to watch?)
i always approach the idea of watching animation with caution no matter how critically acclaimed it could be. i call this irrational fear, or maybe just pure blind hatred for cartoons. especially considering the fact that i have never been letdown, infact it has always left me inspired, or touched (and not in a by a priest (or myself) sort of way). i watched this one just now after days of much unneeded deliberation, a movie based on the autobiographical graphic novel of the same name by marjane satrapi. this film reminded me of pixar and studio ghibli ones in terms of emotional effect despite the glaring contrast animation technique-wise. notably how they were able to make me really feel what the character is feeling and what is conveyed by the story. one major quality of modern animation that has begun to actively rival and overpower most corny live action contemporary offerings. to tell you the truth, not too dynamic of a plot to unveil here for someone not foreign to the subject but the way this shit was done, pretty goot. quite an achievement for animation consisting mostly of flat 2-d flash comic-like illustrations. well done.





on another note. the hollywood remake of my sassy girl has surfaced. ergh, blasphemy. haha. sorry but i happen to think that the korean original is probably my favourite romantic comedy ever (so far). haha, fucked up right, that's just the way i are bitches, fuck you, i love this movie, it made me laugh and later on piss my eyes. and fuck hollywood.


abdul ghaffar said...

weh kau tengok ah cerita carlito's way rise to power... lagi kaku p. diddy belakon.

amir fififudin said...

cipet.. aku terpost under bapak aku punya account

magenta said...

yupe yupe, good list. loved clerks and big lebowski. man, groundhog day , i remember watching that when i was a kid. as it turns out i'm searching for movies to d/l yeah ghost world looks, i mean, sounds interesting. scarlett jo, yum yum.

penyangak said...

takdo kojo nak tengok cerita itu, baik tengok carlito's way je cukop. terkejut aku kejap nama gempak keluar hahahaha.

for sho', those two movies i have rewatched too many times. i don't remember anything about groundhog day really eluded me. jyeah ghost world is pretty dope. but i needed a second viewing to realize that, fuck cinema copies argkh. scarlett mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (homer drooling icon).