Saturday, June 19, 2004

A Few Pissoffers

Yeah, people who don't signal piss me off, there's two times when you don't have to signal, when there's no one around, and when you decide to piss me off. Really, can't they just have a little courtesy to signal, sometimes people just wait for nothing at a junction cause an asshole doesn't signal, what's so hard about it, it's so easy sometimes I use my limited jedi power to signal, fuck, I even do it with style, yeah I do, I mean what better way to do something that most people seem too asshole to do by then doing it with style and grace, yeah, I signal muthafuckah, and I do it with an attitude. Fuck you non-signalling assholes.

Also, my littlest sister and her cousin, whenever they go around the house, they like to sing/hum, yes they do, I have no idea how they do it so effortlessly, yes, I get bugged by how little girls can piss me off so effortlessly, fuck it, it's so effortless once I caught them singing without moving their lips, and they just love to come around my room when I'm asleep, it's okay if they just stay there and watch my other sisters playin' the pc or something, but they come and go, yes, nothing more annoying than LALALALALALALALLAA --------silence-------- LALALALALALALLALALALA -----silence----- LALALLALAAHMMMMMMMMM. I think by the time they reach their 20's they've already covered every note and rhythm in the world, fuck it, every song. Anyway. Peace..

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