Wednesday, June 09, 2004

MTV Jamban

I don't see the point of shows like MTV Jams. Seriously, I was like what the fuck? If they're gonna play shit like chingy and j-kwon, fuck that, what's the use of confining a show to a certain genre, in this case hip hop if you're gonna play pop for 90% of the fucking show. If you wanna play hip hop, play hip hop, that's what people expect of a show that's dedicated to hip hop, if you're gonna play the same old shit, than why not just put "non stop hits" on loop and kids will be happy. Fuck if you're pointing out the show also cater to rnb, funk and soul, lick my balls lah, alicia keys was the only real rnb or soul that actually gets play, I don't see no other. Idiots. And fuck you if you think I should turn my t.v off if I don't like it cause I made a decision to fucking whine while leaving the t.v on. Idiot. Peace..

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