Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Here's something funny. I don't watch t.v much, so I was just bored and just got up and took a bath, so my head is like, very very funny. Hahaha. So I turned on the t.v, channel v or shit, and then comes this very amateur looking video of four guys, wahkhrkahkgkha, turns out their name is NORTH, most probably a boyband, wakhrakhgkha. And they were singing Chicago's glory of love if I'm not mistaken. Warhakhkgaghhka, I've seen boybands and how stupid they go, wahrhkahkga, but not this obvious. It's obvious they don't really care much about the music, since they're just remaking a catchy old hit, and I'd rather listen to Peter Cetera, however annoying he is.

The thing I never understood is how lousy these guys are, and yet they get their amateur looking video played on channel v, I've seen New Boyz videos that looked more proper. Wahrkkahgkahga. I mean, what the fuck's up with the singing? Try listening to Az Yet and how they improvised on another Chicago hit, that's what I call music. I never understood boybands, they're just cheap imitations of RNB groups. I mean the world is better of if you give nice sounding hits to Boyz II Men since they can't seem to get their act together right now but truthfully, those guys can sing.

The fucking music industry is fucking us up the assssssssssssssssss. And NORTH?! What the fuck kind of name is that, NORTH, what a creative name, seriously, it's fucking brilliant, I would never have thought they were a boyband, it's nice to have a name that doesn't sound like a boyband, I wonder why groups like WESTlife and EAST 17 never thought of that when they came up with their names. Arghhhhh. It's so obviously insulting to your intelligence it hurts. I mean just look at their video, there's all the standard boyband poses : "looking down with a thinking face", "looking seriously into the camera, lips not moving as if you're singing from your eyes", "concerned look as if the lyrics mean something to you". Wahrahkhkga I can go on, and then there's the white outfit, oh and there's the one guy who looks like a faggot, oh wait, they all look like faggots. Okay, I need pills.

On a more personal note. I don't understand why some people lie so easily, no guilt eh? People just never learn. They don't care about the feelings of the people they lie to. No, I don't think so. There's no justification, you lied, you fucking lied, pay for it muthafuckah. Trust me you will. You just never learn, well life WILL force you to learn. Peace..

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