Sunday, August 29, 2004

Smith Hero

Wow. Very tired. I was on my way back from the downsouth, I was chasing the 8:45 Man Utd game, oh well at least I thought it was 8:45. Around 5 KM before the Senawang exit, it was jammed as fuck I don't know why, lucky me it jammed though, I took advantage of the stall to sms my cousin asking the real kick-off time for the match, turned out it was 7:45, thankfully I had a backup plan, this heaven called Taipan Senawang. Yeah, I discovered it with my cousins during last year's eid, it's a beautiful hang-out place, out of the Senawang plaza toll you just go straight on for around 4-5 KM until you see Giant and Mcds, then you'll see a big town-like place that doesn't look like Malaysia and most especially does NOT look like Seremban, first time I discovered the place, I thought I was in twilight zone, or another country. Nice hang-out place, puts Hartamas to shame, allthough I suspect it also has a LOJI nearby, oh well, the shophouses are nicely designed, it's kind of a hidden treasure since if you go down the road you would expect to reach a rainforest.

Okay now back to the real topic, so I got to watch the Man Utd vs Blackburn match. Okay match, Man Utd were trailing most of the time, I think Saha's addition during the second half gave much needed firepower, I do prefer the tried-and-tested 4-4-2. I must say they were unlucky to be trailing, loads of shots on goals, Brad Friedel was awesome (also man-of-the-match). Fuh. But what was so WOW! was, at around 30 seconds before the end of the match at 94 minutes, long pass, ball bounced off Saha, Smith was there, BLAOW, goal! Fuh, he saved Man Utd's balls this time. Phew. Argh, my pc keeps FREEZING, I'm pissed off as fuck. I think I'll call it a blog entry here, ARGH fuck you PC give me a break, this is all TNB's fault, they blacked out that day, after that, ARGH, fuck, first JKR fucked things up by fucking up the MRR2, now TNB fucked up my PC. Y'all better make amends idiots..

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